Tips For Keeping Your Sanity When Dealing With Diabetes

Tips For Keeping Your Sanity When Dealing With Diabetes

Keeping A Calm Mind Is Just As Important
As Exercise And Healthy Eating.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Millions of people have some form of diabetes, and the resources are endless.

  • Start with what you know about yourself and go from there.
  • What do need to know? Be honest with your healthcare team and seek the answers you need.
  • Your doctor can help by either answering your questions or researching the answer. New developments are being made each year. Don’t suffer in silence.
  • Find an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) that you trust. Listen to those with experience such as your pharmacist, trainer, or podiatrist, so you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Hurry Up and Wait

We all dread the never-ending wait at the doctor’s office. By the time you see your physician, you are hungry, tired and cranky.

Schedule an appointment early in the day before the wait time grows. Once you arrive at the office, ask the receptionist what the approximate wait time is, so you have an idea of how long you can expect to wait. If you don’t like the answer, reschedule for another day.

Plan Your Meals

Enlist the help of a dietitian or a friend that loves to cook for healthful ideas that follow your individual needs.

When you plan out meals that you enjoy, you no longer feel trapped by your dietary restrictions.

The Internet offers endless recipes that can break you out of a food rut. Try new and exciting ingredients to liven up your dishes.

Love, Sex and Diabetes

One of the first things people
worry about after they are
diagnosed with a disease is how
it will impact those they love and
their sex life.

The key to keeping your
relationships running well is to
maintain your blood glucose
with as little trouble as possible.

Nothing can ruin a romantic
evening out faster than passing
out due to unstable blood glucose.

Simply taking a snack or an
insulin pen with you — in case
of a long wait for a table at a
restaurant — can prevent your
date being canceled or cut short.

Carefully monitor your glucose
levels after drinking an alcoholic
beverage, as alcohol causes
levels to drop quickly.

Men and women who notice
a difference in their sexual
experience often hide the changes
from their partner and do not ask
help from their healthcare provider.

Don’t fall into this trap! Some
men have trouble with erections,
and women might suff er from a
decreased libido and notice that it
is more difficult to have an orgasm.

Your doctor might be able to
offer a solution to all of these
problems, so simply ask.

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