Overcoming Obstacles to Insulin Injections

Overcoming Obstacles to Insulin Injections


When it comes to diabetes management, insulin injections provide many benefits. However, there are obstacles for many people with diabetes.

Some are afraid of needles, and others have physical challenges that make it difficult for them to inject; however, if people avoid insulin, when their health care providers recommend it for them, this can lead to diabetes complications, such as amputation, dialysis, blindness and heart disease1. Fortunately, there are new insulin injection tools that can help people with diabetes better manage their condition and live healthier lives.

Fear of Needles

Many people with diabetes associate needles with pain, but due to advancements in technology, today’s needles are smaller, thinner and sharper than ever before. Unifine® Pentips® Plus pen needles offer a wide range of sizes to help people with diabetes find the size that meets their needs best, including one of the smallest sizes available (32G x 4mm). These pen needles are designed to maximize patient comfort, with DiamondPoint™ Technology and anti-coring treatment shown to decrease penetration force by up to 30 percent2. Unifine Pentips Plus also has Optiflow™ Technology to help improve drug flow with low delivery force2.

Dexterity Challenges and Visual Loss

Two common challenges for people with diabetes are loss of vision and loss of dexterity. These can make it hard to inject insulin. Unifine Pentips Plus pen needles feature an ergonomic shape ideal for those with dexterity issues. The larger container is designed to provide greater grip and control, making it easier to attach and remove pen needles. For those with vision loss, Safety Click Technology® ‘clicks’ to indicate the used pen needle is locked in the chamber. In a comparative study, 86 percent of users indicated changing of pen needles as easy or easier with Unifine Pentips Plus pen needles, with 68 percent of users attributing the device to reduced needlestick injuries3.

Disposal without a Sharps Container

Insulin injections offer more flexibility in when meals are taken4, but not where. When sharps containers are not convenient or available, Unifine Pentips Plus pen needles feature the world’s first built-in remover for the ultimate in On-the-Go® convenience. These pen needles have a built-in locking chamber designed to hold used needles until they can be disposed of safely. Sixty-one percent of patients preferred Unifine Pentips Plus versus their current needle, citing ease of use, convenient disposal and safety as primary benefits. This remarkable device has also been shown to have a significant impact on patient needle changing behavior, revealing a 58 percent increase in patient changing pen needles every time versus their prior needle3.



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By the Cdiabetes.com Staff


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