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    Experts used to believe that sugar-free products with zero-calorie sweeteners could make you want to eat more. The thinking behind this was that zero-calorie sweeteners raise the blood glucose levels and affect the hormone levels that lead your body to crave carbs. A recent study, however, has found that zero-calorie sweetened drinks have no more affect than water on hormones. What Are [...]
  • water-water-285x190
    HOW MUCH SHOULD I DRINK (AND EAT)? Our bodies are all different, and the amount of water we need may be different too, depending on where we live, our age and health, how active we are and other factors. There is no one amount of water that is perfect for everyone. What is the same is that about 60% of our body weight is water (74% in newborns). This means the body is made up of more water than [...]
  • oral-health-diabetes-285x190
    If you have diabetes, you probably know that you are at an increased risk for problems with your eyes, feet, skin and nervous system. Did you know that diabetes can also cause problems in your mouth? Take Care Of Your Teeth Poor blood glucose control lets bacteria grow easily in your mouth. Having lots of bacteria in your mouth lead to plaque buildup on your teeth. When this happens, your gums [...]
  • exercise-healthy-foods-e1401988152791-285x190
    You may have heard how exercise is good for your health in many ways, including helping you to lose weight and to keep your heart strong. But, did you ever think that working out could make you desire healthier foods? A recent study of the brain scans of healthy men found out that those who exercised were more likely to desire low-fat foods after a workout than fatty foods. Therefore, if you add [...]
  • 78423903_WomanEatingSalad-285x190
    If you have been told you have high cholesterol, you most likely want to take action. If you are already on medications to control diabetes, you may be looking for natural options to avoid additional medications. The good news is that cholesterol, for many individuals, can be managed through diet and lifestyle changes.  Although this approach takes some work, in three to six months, you [...]
  • avocado-285x190
    Who knew that this scrumptious, easy-to-find and multipurpose fruit was also a powerhouse of good health? Well, probably the Aztecs. It is believed that they began to grow this “fruit of kings” as early as 291 B.C. Much is known about the health benefits of avocados. They are a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), the heart-healthy fat that lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol and [...]

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