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    It is common to feel stress and anxiety when things are out of our control. Living in the time of this current pandemic is an unknown to all of us. We don’t know what to expect in one week, one month or in three months. We have no experience to draw upon. Anxiety and stress can make diabetes a bit more challenging to manage. Some symptoms of anxiety can be similar ... Read More
    Published on Monday, March 16, 2020
  • Diabetes and the Immune System
    This is an uncertain, unprecedented time for everyone. Those of living with diabetes may have more questions, concerns, and fears than others. We’ve been told all our diabetes lives that we have a higher risk for illness because our immune system is compromised. Consistently elevated (high) blood glucose levels, or blood glucose levels that bounce around a lot can have a negative impact on our ability to fight off sicknesses like colds (viruses), bacterial, and ... Read More
    Published on Monday, March 16, 2020
  • Coronavirus & Quarantine: Food Tips & Resources
    Coronavirus & Quarantine: Food Tips & Resources I hope you are staying healthy and staying sane during this crazy new pandemic world we are living in. I have been gathering resources and compiling them to share with you about coronavirus disease related to food, nutrition and health – everything from stocking up your kitchen, trying to eat healthy and keep up with… ... Read More
    Published on Monday, March 16, 2020
  • CBD Oil for Dogs – 5 Things You Should Know
    CBD Oil for Dogs – Could this supplement help your favorite furry friend see relief from pain, anxiety, and inflammation? Discover 5 important things you should know about the use of CBD oil for your dog and explore what CBD products and treats are best for you and your pet. This post has been sponsored ... Read More about CBD Oil for Dogs – 5 Things You Should Know The post CBD Oil for Dogs ... Read More
    Published on Monday, March 16, 2020
  • The Healthiest Pantry Staples to Keep In Stock for Emergencies
    The healthiest pantry staples to keep in stock for emergenciesDoes anyone have a recipe for turning cauliflower into toilet paper? Did that get you to laugh? I hope so, because we can all use a good laugh right now … and laughter boosts the immune system too. If you are in lockdown mode during Coronavirus preparation, you may be feeling a little nervous and unsure of what to buy. The hoarding of toilet paper ... Read More
    Published on Sunday, March 15, 2020
  • Ultimate Recipe Round Up for Easy Meal Planning
    Easy Meal Planning We’ve compiled a list of our recipe compilation blogs. Why? Because meal planning can be overwhelming. There are so many recipes to choose from out there on the internet, and many of them are just plain complicated! We like to keep meal prep simple by keeping our recipes simple. We have a lot of recipes on our website, but to make things even easier, you don’t have to ... Read More
    Published on Sunday, March 15, 2020
  • How to Meal Prep for a Stress Free Week
    One of the biggest questions I get from clients is,  “how can I reach my goals when things are always so busy? I feel like I have no time for anything!”  To meet your nutrition goals with a busy lifestyle, whatever they may be, being prepared is key. One way to be prepared is to talk about ways to plan your meals and how to meal prep! Meal planning allows us ... Read More
    Published on Sunday, March 15, 2020
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