Diabetic Friendly Foods to Buy at Costco


We recently asked Amanda Hernandez, a registered dietitian, experienced brand partner, recipe developer, and the owner of, to write about her experience shopping for food items at Costco.  For those of you who haven’t visited her site yet, The Nutritionist Reviews specializes in product reviews, giveaways, family posts and healthy recipes. Below is the opening paragraph the review she wrote:

I love working with different grocery stores exploring the healthy options that they have available. I have worked with Aldi and Sam’s Club showcasing my favorite products that they sell. I had the opportunity to check out Costco for healthy items. I am not a member of Costco currently but had a blast finding out the awesome items that they sell.

To read the full article, click on this link: The Nutritionist Review – Diabetic Friendly Foods to Buy at Costco


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