50 + Health

Staying Active As You Age

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that life has to slow down. People who stay active or who become more active when they get older are stronger and more flexible. They are able to walk up stairs or carry groceries with ease. Overall, they report a better quality of life. Research [...]

Growing Older

Has anyone ever said to you, “Don’t worry, diabetes isn’t very serious for older people?” Although they may be trying to make you feel better, it isn’t very good advice. Most people not only want to live long but they want to live well. Taking care of your diabetes and [...]

Planning For The Golden Years

When people reach middle age, they often think about how to spend their Golden Years. Most of us picture those years as a time when we get to do all the things we enjoy but don’t have time to do when work, family and other day-to-day tasks keep us busy. Planning for your Golden Years is something [...]
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