Video: Diabetes Travel Tips

Diabetes doesn't keep David from traveling. But he makes sure he plans ahead when he takes a trip. Learn about some of David's tips for traveling with diabetes. [...]

Video: Managing Type 2 Diabetes – Sorcy’s Story

Sorcy Apostol was initially diagnosed with gestational diabetes while she was pregnant with her second daughter. She was unaware that contracting the condition meant a lifetime risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. When she was finally diagnosed with it in 1986, she called a family meeting to discuss it seriously. The doctor had told her that her daughters also had a lifetime risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. [...]

Video: Making Changes Isn’t Easy. But it’s Worth It!

Making changes in how you care for your health is a matter of trying and learning. It's all about choosing a goal and working toward it. Making a plan and taking the first step will help you reach your goal. These videos can help you get started! [...]
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