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Susan B. Dopart, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., is a nutrition and fitness expert in private practice in Los Angeles, CA. Susan views her clients and their physicians as her partners in wellness. Her expertise is in treating the nutritional aspects of diabetes, heart disease, weight management, cancer, pregnancy, infertility, PCOS and exercise nutrition. Susan received her B.S. in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics from UC Berkeley and her M.S. in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine from California State University, Hayward. She is certified as an Exercise Test Technologist from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Susan is passionate about looking for lifestyle solutions that anyone can use to improve their health and happiness. She is the author of, A Recipe for Life by the Doctor’s Dietitian – a nutrition guidebook, resource, and teaching tool with cutting-edge nutrition information; Healthy You, Healthy Baby: A Mother’s Guide to Gestational Diabetes; and A Healthy Baker’s Dozen: Gluten-free low sugar cookies with real ingredients – treats designed for those with diabetes. You can find her books by visiting her website,

Fair Trade-Off: Manage Your Choices for Diabetes Control

How often are you out with friends who order and eat whatever they like? Appetizers, a few slices of bread, a glass of wine and dessert – so tasty, and all gone. Meanwhile, you’re being good and watching every bite but thinking to yourself, “It’s not fair. Why can everyone else eat whatever they want but I can’t?” [...]
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