CardioSmart – How Can I Earn Points?



All CardioSmart users earn points for their activity on the site. These points never expire and are redeemable for prizes in the CardioSmart Store.

Here are all of the ways in which users can earn points:

  1. By registering: 100 points
  2. By designating area(s) of interest: 100 points (1 time)
  3. By signing up for the TXT QUIT or TXT PREVENT text messaging campaigns: 100 points (1 time)
  4. By adding medication(s) to the Medication Manager: 100 points (1 time)
  5. By adding the names of clinicians, family and friends to your Care Team: 100 points (1 time)
  6. By coming up with questions to ask your doctor on the next visit: 100 points (1 time per calendar month)
  7. By signing up to receive CardioSmart’s eNewsletter: 100 points (1 time)
  8. By entering and saving blood pressure reading: 10 points (maximum 1 entry per day)
  9. By entering and saving weight or waist circumference: 10 points (maximum 1 entry per day)
  10. By entering and saving physical activity: 10 points (maximum 1 entry per day)
  11. By calculating body mass index (BMI): 10 points (maximum 1 entry per day)
  12. By calculating cholesterol risk: 10 points (maximum 1 entry per day)
  13. By calculating heart disease risk: 10 points (maximum 1 per day)
  14. By joining monthly challenges: 100 points per successful completion of each challenge
  15. By referring a friend to CardioSmart (click on yellow bar on bottom of any page): 10 points per referral


Note: This is a help topic from the CardioSmart website, republished here for our users’ convenience.
The original help topic page can be found here.

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