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5 Reasons to Eat More Yogurt

March 16, 2014

Do you like yogurt but wonder whether it's wise to eat it regularly? Good news: As long as you choose the right type, yogurt can be a great addition to your diet. In fact, consuming a serving every day provides many benefits. [...]

Menopause and Weight Gain

March 16, 2014

One of the most common complaints of menopausal women is weight gain. While their lifestyles, eating habits and exercise levels have not changed, they cannot seem to keep weight off. Often, what has worked in the past doesn't work in this stage of life. Although weight gain in general cannot be blamed on menopause alone, the hormonal changes can be linked to a change in how – and where – we store fat. [...]

Diabetes Prevention and You

March 16, 2014

Prediabetes is when your blood glucose level is higher than normal, but not high enough to be considered diabetes. Having prediabetes means that you do not yet have diabetes, but you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. [...]

A Tasty Way to Manage Stress

March 16, 2014

What role does stress play in affecting your blood glucose level? Stress is the physical and mental reaction of the body when it senses danger. Conditions that seem uncontrollable or that require emotional and behavioral changes are usually perceived by the body to be dangerous. These threats cause you to feel stress and can cause blood glucose levels to increase. [...]

What Portion is Your Hunger?

March 16, 2014

Hunger is often thought of as a bad thing, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, this type of thinking can actually make it much harder to change your eating habits. Why? Hunger is a normal and natural body signal and should not be viewed negatively. Physical hunger tells you that it is time to eat. However, the idea of letting your hunger guide food and eating choices may seem too good to be true, especially if you have diabetes. [...]

Can Being Connected Keep You Healthy?

March 16, 2014

As a healthcare provider with a focus on diabetes, I take care of a lot of people who monitor their blood glucose level, blood pressure, and weight at home. And even though we all understand how important these readings are, most of my patients don’t like keeping a written record to bring to me. Many of them don’t know the readings that should concern them, or if their readings are as they should be. [...]

How to Find the Best Olive Oil

March 12, 2014

You ran out of oil. You have your grocery shopping list in one hand and you are armed with knowledge. Olive oil is the cardiovascular health darling. “It’s all I use,” says Magaly, one of my patients diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol levels. “It has no cholesterol,” she adds with an approving nod. Olive oil has once again garnished attention following the results of the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet, the PREDIMED study. [...]

3 Simple Habits for Diabetes Control: Nutrition

March 5, 2014

Dealing with diabetes can be a huge task, but by taking small steps toward simple healthy habits, you can achieve lasting control. Let’s take a look at three key areas of health - nutrition, exercise and behavior - and habits in each of these areas that can help you have better blood glucose control and a better quality of life. [...]

Can Diabetes Medicines Prevent Cancer?

March 2, 2014

If you have been told that you have diabetes, it might seem like the end of the world. You may not be able to think about anything except the bad things linked with the disease. However, researchers have found that (if you are a woman with diabetes) certain diabetes medicines might help lower your risk of some cancers. [...]

Setting Realistic Health Goals the SMART Way

March 1, 2014

Do these goals sound familiar to you? "I’m going to exercise more often," "I want to try to eat healthier," "I’m never going to eat sugar again!" The problem with these types of goals is that they’re too broad and aren’t realistic. [...]

Foods That Can Help Your Heart and Your Diabetes at the Same Time

February 23, 2014

Did you know that foods that are good for your heart health can also be good for your diabetes? For most people, there’s little, if any, need for a diet to help control your cholesterol and blood pressure. The key is eating foods that do “double-duty” in terms of keeping your blood glucose level, cholesterol and blood pressure in check. Let’s take a look at a few of these foods to fit into your eating plan today. [...]

Diabetes Education in China

February 20, 2014

For over 40 years, I have watched diabetes education grow and change in the United States. Quality education has really made a difference in the lives of people with diabetes. I tell my own patients that my job is to give them all the information they need to decide what they are willing and able to do to live better. [...]

Surprising Foods that Can Improve Blood Glucose

February 17, 2014

If your blood glucose level is high, eating more may help bring it down. While that may be the last thing you expected to hear, studies have shown that certain foods and nutrients can actually help your body to better control blood glucose, making it easier to manage diabetes. So before you sit down to your next meal or snack, think of ways to squeeze in these delicious sugar-busters! [...]

What is “Junk Nutrition”?

February 17, 2014

If you’ve turned on your computer, radio or television, picked up a magazine or newspaper, or chatted with a neighbor or family member, chances are you got a dose of nutrition advice. It’s just one of those hot topics. If you’re lucky, it’s reliable. The majority of the time, though, it’s what I refer to as Junk Nutrition. And just like junk food, it is here, there, and everywhere. [...]

Numbers are Just Numbers

February 17, 2014

Numbers are just numbers. But, the way you think about numbers can affect your feelings. For example, many people think the number 13 is unlucky. There's even a fancy term for people who are fearful of the number 13 - it's called Triskaidekaphobia. But the number 13 can also mean something good. For example, when you order 12 of something in a bakery, you usually get 13 of that item. That is known as a "baker's dozen." The point is that however you may feel about the number 13, it is only a number. [...]
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