Heart and Other Diseases that Affect Diabetes

Diabetes during pregnancy may increase heart disease risk

Gestational diabetes, or diabetes you get during pregnancy, can put both you and your baby at higher risk for getting type 2 diabetes later in life.  However, a recent study found that those moms that get gestational diabetes may also be more likely to develop heart disease down the road than those who are diabetes-free during pregnancy.  Those women who had gestational diabetes had thicker neck arteries than those who did not have gestational diabetes 12 years after being pregnant.  Having thicker neck arteries is a heart disease risk factor, therefore it is suggested that gestational diabetes is an early risk factor for heart disease.
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How to stay healthy with diabetes

If you are at risk for diabetes or have diabetes, it is important to keep your blood glucose levels under control. If you do not control your blood glucose levels, you could place yourself at great risk for diabetes-related health problems such as nerve damage, heart disease, vision problems, and foot damage, among other things.  Therefore, be sure to visit your healthcare provider often, eat as healthy as you can, and stay active so you can keep your blood glucose levels within a healthy range.
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Those with diabetes may have lower chance of surviving cancer

If you diabetes, you are more likely to have other health issues such as heart disease and kidney problems than those without diabetes.  Therefore, if you have cancer and diabetes, treating your cancer can get a lot trickier since you have to be sure to keep multiple conditions under control.  A recent study found that those with cancer and diabetes were four times more likely to die from their cancer within a year of diagnosis, and five times more likely to die from their cancer within five years of diagnosis.  Therefore, it is suggested that if you have cancer and diabetes, be sure to visit your healthcare provider often so that you can have the support you need to keep all your health conditions under control.
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A healthy lifestyle may help you see better in the future

You may know that eating healthy and staying active can help you prevent risk of chronic disease.  However, did you know that a healthy lifestyle can also keep your eyes healthy too? It was found that those people who did not drink or smoke and stayed active were less likely to develop impaired vision over a 20-year period of time than those who engaged in such unhealthy behaviors.  The reason for the link between an unhealthy lifestyle and impaired vision is not known, but this study suggests that there are more than enough reasons to create a healthy lifestyle for your mind, body, and sight.
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