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Low Blood Glucose Can Affect Your Language Abilities

If you have diabetes–particularly type 1 diabetes–you probably already know that low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) is a serious problem. If your blood glucose levels drop too low, you can risk seizures or coma. If your levels are consistently low for months or years, you have a higher risk of [...]

Aerobic Exercise Can Help Improve Your Blood Glucose

Are you one of the 39% of adults with type 2 diabetes who is physically active? If so, congratulations! If not, now is the time to get active! Starting a regular habit of aerobic exercise can be the first step you take in gaining better control of your blood glucose levels. [...]

Diabetes Health Updates

  People with Type 1 Diabetes May Need Different Blood Glucose Goals Low blood glucose (called hypoglycemia) can be especially dangerous for people with type 1 diabetes. If they don’t keep their blood glucose high enough, they can face serious problems like losing consciousness or even [...]

The Future of Checking Your Blood Glucose

Managing your diabetes is hard work. Something that many people do not like doing is checking their blood glucose. The reason is simple—you have to prick your finger with a needle, often many times each day. Is there a better, easier way? For now, unfortunately, the answer is “no,” but [...]

Healthy, Low-Carb Substitutes for Better Glucose Levels

Do you find it hard to keep your blood glucose level in the healthy range after meals? Are you confused about how certain foods will affect your blood glucose? While it’s true that each person with diabetes has a unique blood glucose response after eating, we know that certain foods affect it more than others do. [...]

New Device Helps Doctors Improve Diabetes Care

Your blood glucose meter, as well as the many apps on your phone, can help you track your health progress at home. However, when you visit the healthcare provider, you may not have time to go over all of this data. In turn, your diabetes care may not be as helpful as it could be in preventing low [...]
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