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Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE WOCN CFCN (10 Articles)

Joy Pape, MSN, RN, FNP, CDE, WOCN, CFCN, FAADE is a registered nurse, board certified in diabetes education and foot care nursing. A high incidence of heart disease in her family led her into the field of nursing where she has spent her life helping people with their health concerns.

Diabetes and Arthritis

Both diabetes and arthritis are chronic diseases. As you age, your chances for having chronic diseases increases. As we get older, most of us also tend to get heavier. This extra weight can put a lot of stress on your joints. [...]

Your Heart and the Doctors Who Care For It

When Bill, who has diabetes and a family history of heart disease, had chest pain, he was told to see a special type of heart doctor—an “interventional cardiologist.” Like other heart doctors, he treats problems of the heart and blood vessels. Bill wondered what this specialty is and what an interventional cardiologist does. You, like Bill, might have seen these terms and wondered the same thing. [...]

Las 10 Estrategias para Cuidar Mejor de su Diabetes

  Es verdaderamente sorprendente cuántas excusas ponemos para evitar cuidarnos. Las personas con diabetes y quienes tienen tendencia a padecerla tienen mejores posibilidades de mantenerse sanas si se cuidan. Muchos estudios muestran que uno también puede ayudar a prevenir los problemas a [...]

Video: Walkable Communities

Brian Pape, green design architect and historic preservationist, interviews diabetes educator Joy Pape to discuss how cultivating a healthy walking lifestyle can be very good for people with diabetes. Both Brian and Joy Pape are advocates of walking, and discuss in this video how Americans [...]

Video: Dental Care Tips For Diabetes

An Interview with Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE WOCN CFCN by Jonathan Jarashow. Johnathan Jarashow, publisher of, talks here with Joy Pape about the importance of good dental care for people with diabetes. It’s known that not maintaining good dental health can cause diabetes complications. [...]

Video: Tips for Getting More Active

An Interview with Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE WOCN CFCN by Jonathan Jarashow Many Americans find that becoming more active is one of the most difficult parts of establishing a healthier lifestyle. If you find yourself one of these people, there is good news for you. Registered nurse Joy Pape shows you [...]

Video: Tips for Taking Insulin

An Interview with Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE WOCN CFCN by Jonathan Jarashow. Many people find that taking insulin can be stressful or confusing. In this video, Joy Pape talks about how to overcome some of the emotional difficulties that come with taking insulin as part of you diabetes care routine. [...]

Video: Blood Pressure Monitoring Tips

How often do you check your blood pressure? Many people only get it checked at the doctor’s office. If you’re one of them, you might be missing important changes your healthcare provider needs to know about. Have a look at this video to learn some tips for monitoring your blood pressure at [...]

Video: Foot Care Tips

  Joy Pape, a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator, talk to us about the importance of good foot care and gives some surprisingly simple advice on what people with diabetes can do to ensure that their feet stay healthy. This can help you avoid many diabetes complications. More [...]

Can Being Connected Keep You Healthy?

As a healthcare provider with a focus on diabetes, I take care of a lot of people who monitor their blood glucose level, blood pressure, and weight at home. And even though we all understand how important these readings are, most of my patients don’t like keeping a written record to bring to me. Many of them don’t know the readings that should concern them, or if their readings are as they should be. [...]
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