DAWN: Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes and Needs

The results of the DAWN2 study suggest that family members
are seeking advice and support in an effort to become more
involved in the care of their loved one with diabetes.

[span9]RESEARCH IN diabetes is about more than finding a cure or better treatments. Research is also done to better understand what it’s like to live with diabetes and to learn about easier ways to manage life with diabetes. An important example of this kind of diabetes research is the DAWN2 Study. DAWN stands for Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes and Needs. The first DAWN study, done in 2001, showed that a large number of people with diabetes struggle with doing all they need to do and that almost half (43%) have had diabetes-related distress. Diabetes-related distress is the everyday anger, fear, frustration, guilt, sadness and anxiety that can occur while managing a complex and sometimes overwhelming illness.

Who took part in DAWN2?

The DAWN2 study was done among 8,596 adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes from 17 different countries, including the United States. Although there were some differences across countries, no single country did better or worse than others. In fact, it appears that people with diabetes the world over are very similar in how diabetes affects their lives.

What did DAWN 2 show?

Not surprisingly, DAWN2 showed that diabetes has a big impact on the lives of those who have it. These rates are similar to the 2001 DAWN study and were similar to more recent studies done in the United States alone.

What do these results mean to you?

Although this study may seem to paint a sad picture of life with diabetes, it also helps shed light on some of the important issues. In addition, the findings of this study may help you feel less alone if you know that others have had similar struggles. Also, it may give you hope to know there are things you can do to make life with diabetes better.

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