Coping With Complications

Bayer CONTOUR® NEXT Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Bayer CONTOUR® NEXT Blood Glucose Monitoring System

THINK BACK to when you first found out that you had diabetes. How did you feel? Most people with diabetes have a strong emotional response to finding out they have diabetes.

Having feelings of anger, fear, sadness and guilt is perfectly normal. And the good news is that, over time, most people learn how to cope with those feelings, just as they learn to cope with diabetes. How? They figure out how to fit diabetes care into their day-to-day lives. They’ll have days when they struggle and other days when they get frustrated, but most of the time, they are able to cope with their feelings. They learn to manage their feelings and still do what they need to do to take care of themselves.

Hearing that you have a complication from your diabetes can upset this balance. You may find that you have many of the same feelings as when you were first diagnosed. You may feel scared that you are now at risk for other complications, or you might be angry that you now have another problem to manage. Some people feel guilty or ashamed that they were not able to prevent the complications and that others will judge them for not taking care of themselves.

All of these feelings are common and very real. Although there is no magic formula that works for everyone, there are some things you can do to handle these feelings so you can live life to its fullest.

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