An Easy Way To Take An Insulin Shot

NO ONE ENJOYS taking insulin shots, but skipping them is not a wise or healthy option. Your heart, blood vessels, eyes and kidneys are at risk if you do not care for your diabetes well. If you can’t control your blood glucose with increased movement, good food choices and pills, you may need to inject insulin. Insulin can’t Be taken as a pill. But, you don’t have to take insulin as a shot. An insulin pen can work just as well as a syringe, and can be a lot less painful.

The Research

Studies show that people with type 2 diabetes who take mealtime insulin prefer to use a pen, not a vial and syringe. Many healthcare providers also suggest that people try an insulin pen when they are just beginning to use insulin.

About 400 people with type 2 diabetes took part in this study, which compared two ways to take insulin. They were divided into two groups:

  • Group 1: took insulin using a vial and syringe for the first two weeks, and then switched to an insulin pen for the next two weeks.
  • Group 2: took insulin with a pen for the first two weeks, and then switched to a vial and syringe for the next two weeks.

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Dr. Robert Ehrman, MD is a Board Certified Emergency Physician. He completed his training in Emergency Medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT and Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL. He always reminds his patients that the more they take care for their health each day, the less likely they are to visit him again in the ER!

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