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Weight control important for teens

Now more than ever young adults are becoming obese and getting health problems such as type 2 diabetes. Therefore, it is just as important for teens as adults to lose weight and take control of their health.  A recent report of the Adolescent Weight Registry has found that those teens that lost ten pounds or more and kept it off were more likely to be active, eat more fruits and veggies, and reduce sweets, among other things. It was found that most teens on this registry desired to lose weight to feel better about themselves more than any other reason.  Therefore, if you are a child or teen who is overweight, or are a parent or guardian of one, be sure to visit your healthcare provider to get advice on how you and your family can get healthier to improve the future of your health.
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Low income families get more healthy food choices

Millions of women and children receive food assistance from the government each year in the United States.  Food assistance vouchers have long provided food basics such as milk, eggs, infant formula, cheese, cereal, and bread.  However, with high obesity and diabetes rates in those  with low income status, such food vouchers now include more frozen and fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt, and whole grains.  It is with hope that such changes will help lower rates of obesity in such income groups.
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Could gaming lead to weight loss in children?

Obesity rates in children can lead to early onset diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, it is vital to get kids healthy in any way they will agree to.  A recent study found that active gaming may be the key to getting kids more active and help them to lose more weight.  When compared to children who received family-based weight management alone, those children who also engaged in active gaming each day lost about twice as weight over four months.  Therefore, it is suggested that obese kids that may be ashamed to get involved in team sports can use active gaming to help them be more active and lose weight.
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