What Patients Who Inject Insulin Need To Know

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When injecting insulin, there are many things you have to manage to make sure your blood glucose is controlled. Aside from your actual insulin plan, you must keep track of your blood glucose to make sure that it isn’t too low, and that your plan is helping you reach your goals. Often, not much thought goes into the importance of how and where the insulin is taken.

Insulin should be injected into a fatty layer, where it is best absorbed. The time it takes for insulin to be absorbed and begin working in your body is important to make sure that your blood glucose is controlled. Insulin won’t be absorbed well if it is injected into muscle or other unhealthy injection sites. Unhealthy injection sites include those with bruising, scars, and lipohypertrophy (lumps under the skin).

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Dr. Robert Ehrman, MD is a Board Certified Emergency Physician. He completed his training in Emergency Medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT and Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL. He always reminds his patients that the more they take care for their health each day, the less likely they are to visit him again in the ER!

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