Eating Right while Eating Out

Lately, it is becoming more common to see restaurants offering heart-healthy menu options. Subway offers subs and meals approved by the American Heart Association; Applebee's offers a Weight Watchers section on their menu; and TGI Fridays lists "better-for-you" options to guide diners to better choices. However, fast food menus are less likely to provide healthy options, and this can make eating out harder for those trying to follow a heart healthy lifestyle. [...]

It’s Not Just What You Eat, But How You Eat That Matters

Old habits die hard. You may have a healthy meal plan, a fridge full of healthy foods, and a new exercise program in place. It may seem like you are on the road to success in getting your weight and diabetes under control.But just one stressful day could make you reach for the ice cream. Eating habits can be hard to change, and can get in the way of healthy progress if you are not careful. [...]
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