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Could Corn Oil Be The Key To Heart Health?

If you are trying to eat healthy or lose weight, you probably think that you shouldn’t have oil in your meal plan. After all, oil is full of fat, and fat is bad, right? Well, it turns out that not all oil is bad for you, and you actually need good oil in your heart healthy eating plan. Research has shown that corn oil may actually lower cholesterol levels even more than olive oil, the oil popularly known for being “healthy.” [...]

Can An Apple A Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?

A healthy meal plan can help you control your weight, which can go a long way towards preventing some chronic diseases. Some of the healthiest foods to eat are fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other important nutrients needed for good health. [...]

Be a partner in your own healthcare

Do you want to be healthy? Who is in charge of keeping you healthy? Is it you or your healthcare provider, or both of you? Maybe you believe that you are in charge of your own health and that no one will take better care of yourself than you will? Or perhaps you like the idea of putting your health into someone else’s hands. So, which is the best approach? [...]

Pharmacists are Among Most Trusted Professionals, Finds New Survey

If you or a loved one has diabetes, you know it can take a variety of healthcare providers to control the condition. Many people with diabetes regularly see doctors, nurses, dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators. But did you know that your pharmacist is also an important part of your healthcare team? [...]
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