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Savory bacon kale frittata

Savory bacon kale frittata   Recipe type: Breakfast Ingredients 1 cup grape tomatoes 8 eggs 1/ 4 cup handful of kale, torn into bite-sized pieces ½ cup onion, chopped 3 slices bacon, chopped into ¼ inch pieces ¼ cup milk ¼ tsp pepper ¼ tsp salt ¼ cup [...]

Confused About Cholesterol?

Confused about cholesterol? Unsure which fats are good and which are bad? Wondering if you can eat eggs? Well, wonder no more. We’ll set the record straight on some of the “facts” and “fictions” about cholesterol and eating for a healthy heart. [...]

Check Your Blood Pressure at Home

All I have to do is sit in my doctor’s office and I know my blood pressure will be high,” a friend of mine says. “I’m a nervous wreck waiting for more bad news!” And it’s true—blood pressure can go up just because you are in your health care provider’s office. This condition is so common, it has a name—“white coat” high blood pressure. This is named after the white coats that some health care providers wear. [...]


If you think your blood pressure is okay because you’ve never before heard the words, “You have high blood pressure,” think again. Take some time to learn about the newest blood pressure guidelines from the government’s National High Blood Pressure Education Program. These guidelines define a new category for blood pressure that is higher than normal. It’s called "pre-hypertension." [...]

Go Green While Taking Care of Your Diabetes

Everywhere you turn, it seems, you hear or read about some aspect of “going green.” If you want to go green with your diabetes care, think about getting back to the basics while cutting down on things you don’t need. It also helps to recycling what you can. [...]

10 Easy Ways to Lower Stress

Do you get stressed easily? Many people do, and it can negatively impact your health. Here are 10 ways to help reduce your stress levels. [...]

What is a “Diabetes Complication”?

Untreated diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, can lead to a health problem, called a "complication". Such health problems include heart disease, eye problems, and nerve damage. Making sure your blood glucose level is in check can help you avoid complications. [...]

Managing High Blood Pressure

About half of all people with diabetes also have high blood pressure. Both high blood pressure and blood glucose play a role in the complications of diabetes, including heart disease and stroke. So, you and your healthcare provider need to take high blood pressure seriously in order to treat and control it. [...]

Peer Partners For Diabetes Care

As you know, your healthcare team can do a lot to help you manage your diabetes. But research shows working with others who have diabetes, or your peers, can also help with your self-care efforts. [...]
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