10 Easy Ways to Lower Stress

Reviewed by Robert Ehrman, MD



Do you get stressed easily? Many people do, and it can negatively impact your health. Here are 10 ways to help reduce your stress levels.

1. Create a to-do list

Jot down all the tasks you have to do in order of their importance. This will help you take care of the most important items first. If worrying about these details keeps you awake at night, place some paper and a pen on your nightstand and scribble down any concerns that come to mind. Once you’ve placed your thoughts on paper, you should have an easier time returning to sleep.

2. Listen to a happy tune

Pull out a favorite CD and enjoy some relaxing music. It can help calm you when things become overwhelming.

3. Get moving

Physical activity helps relieve stress. Search for ways to increase your movement throughout the day. While shopping at the local mall, stroll around an extra time. Wherever you go, park your car farther away from the door to get yourself to walk a bit more.

4. Take a warm bath

Put on some music and head to the tub for a soak.

5. Surf the web

Running in and out of stores can be stressful. Many people do their shopping on the Internet, even for groceries. You can, too.

6. Call a friend

A chat with a good friend or family member can brighten your day.

7. Spend time with those you love

When things get hectic, connect with the ones you love. Take a walk, go for a bike ride or enjoy a romantic dinner.

8. Delegate

If you feel overwhelmed, share your duties with others around you. Most people like to do something meaningful, so invite your loved ones to help you out.

9. Schedule a break

Set aside sometime each day to sit and relax with a cup of hot tea, decaf coffee or a low-calorie hot chocolate. Sip and enjoy.

10. Take a sip

If your doctor approves, enjoy a daily glass of heart-healthy red wine. Just remember that alcohol can cause your blood glucose level to drop rapidly, so be sure to eat something along with your drink to slow the alcohol’s glucose-lowering effect. If you do not drink alcohol, enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage.

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