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Holly Clegg has used the motto ”Real food, real easy… for real people” to guide her through the creation of her trim&TERRIFIC® cookbook series, which has sold over one million books. For over 20 years, Holly has championed satisfying, everyday recipes that are easy-to-prepare, healthy and family favorites. Her busy lifestyle, yet her desire to feed her own family health-conscious, homemade meals has continuously served as her inspiration through the years.

Video: Broccoli and Pecans with Creamy Horseradish Sauce

As a cookbook author with more than 20 years of cooking experience, Holly Clegg knows just what we need to make our vegetable dishes more interesting. It’s well known how healthy broccoli can be, as it’s packed with vitamins and fiber, but occasionally you might want a change from just [...]

Video: Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Though it has a reputation for being an indulgent dish, Holly Clegg can show you just how to lighten up a sweet and spicy pork tenderloin. It’s great for someone with diabetes or high blood pressure, because pork is actually very low in sodium (salt) and fat. Here, Holly shows us how to make a [...]

Video: Southwestern Shrimp, Corn, and Sweet Potato Soup

Together, Clinical Nutrition Manager Kristen Gradney, RD, LDN, and cookbook author Holly Clegg want to share with you some healthy recipes and the best ways to prepare them. Whatever the occasion, whether a holiday or just a weeknight dinner, this is a healthy, nutritious meal that you can prepare [...]

Video: Red Velvet Berry Trifle

Originally published on Dec 18, 2013 Cookbook author Holly Clegg and Clinical Nutrition Manager Kristen Gradney, RD, LDN, show just what you need to make this easy-to-prepare dessert for a group. It’s especially great if you’re looking for a treat at the end of the week or if you’re following [...]
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