Eleven Tips for Food Shopping With Diabetes

Written By Regina Shirley


Ah, the grocery store. Some love it, most dread it. The sight of flower bouquets and smell of freshly baked bread can wake up your senses. But more often than not, there are no parking spots, long lines, grouchy people, and screaming children throwing juice pouches.

Couple all of that with trying to pay attention to a shopping list while battling low blood sugar, and it can be a small nightmare for someone with diabetes.

Many of us walk into the grocery store without a plan. We often know we have a budget and that we may need essentials, but for the most part, we let our cravings get the best of us. Here is some advice to help you plan for your next trip to the grocery store:

1. Pick your recipes for the week, or at least the proteins you want to eat and two or three of your favorite types of fruits and vegetables. Now make your list of ingredients or items. (If you have a family with children to cook for, I will be providing additional tips in future entries of this series.)

2. Make a separate list of all of your non-food items, such as paper plates, foil, cat food, and cleaning supplies. Often times these items are marked way up at the grocery store because they know you will buy them out of convenience. You can frequently get these goods much cheaper at your local variety or dollar store or online.

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