Great Reasons to Stay Active

160689933Overcome your fears of fitness

Getting fit and staying active can seem like a challenge. You may have a busy schedule that barely gives you enough time to get through your daily tasks, let alone exercise. There’s no need to fear your fitness routine, though, since there are many simple ways you can add exercise into your day. Getting up earlier, squeezing in short bursts of walking and working out throughout the day, and recruiting friends and loved ones to do fitness classes with you are just some ways you can overcome your fear of fitness and keep your body healthy and strong!

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Walk your way to healthier meals

You may be so busy during the day that you are not sure how you will prepare of your meals and snacks from scratch, let alone find time to exercise. What if you added walking to your meal routine for a double dose of healthy living? Experts suggest walking to local restaurants when eating out instead of driving, or walking before or after meals, to as enjoyable ways of staying active.

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Power up your workout by learning to run

Any way you can stay active each day is a great benefit to your health. Walking, swimming, biking, aerobics, dancing, or just cleaning your house are all wonderful ways to exercise. And, recent study showed that running can boost your workout greatly and turn you into a calorie-burning machine! The study found that, of people trying to lose weight, those who jogged or did sprints lost up to 90% more than people who only walked.

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