Participating in a Twitter Chat

Here is an excellent article on “How to Participate in a Twitter Chat” from

This should help you if you haven’t been a part of one of our Twitter chats before.

Being a part of a Twitter-based online discussion is easy.  Just click on this link to get on Tweet Chat:
For our upcoming Twitter party (November 12), you should follow the appropriate hashtag. We will be using #DiabetesChat.
For newbies: A hashtag is the words that follow the # sign, and if you put the party hashtag into your new Tweet Chat where it says “Hashtag to follow” you’ll be able to read everything everyone is saying at the party (it will automatically group together all the tweets so it is easier to follow and if you want to say something during the party (you’ll have to use less than 140 characters!), it will automatically put in the hashtag for you!).
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