Be heart health-savvy to stay healthy

Be heart health-savvy to stay healthy

Eating healthy and staying active are great ways to keep your weight in a healthy range and keep your heart healthy and strong.  However, there is more to heart health than just eating right and exercise.  A recent physician report suggests that staying positive, keeping stress levels low, getting screened on a regular basis for risk factors so you know your blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C, are all ways you can stay on top of your heart health.
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Shift workers more prone to unhealthy eating and chronic disease

If you work night shift or have an unusual work schedule, you may be thrown off your daily rhythm and have a hard time fitting in sleep and regular meals.  A recent report has found that shift workers also tend to eat less healthy than those who work regular hours in the day. By looking at the nutrient content of meals of day workers versus shift workers, it was found that shift workers seemed to consume more fat and calories.  This western-style way of eating of the shift workers contained less fruits and veggies and increased their risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.  More studies need to be done, but it is thought that the increased disease risk of shift workers is due to their “inflammatory” way of eating.
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Food prices may affect blood glucose levels

Price of food will always be a factor in the food choices you make, but can it lead to high blood glucose levels?  A recent study found that the more people with diabetes spent on food, the lower their blood glucose levels were, and vice versa.  It is suggested that when a person has less to spend on food, they opt for less fresh veggies and fruit, and instead buy more calorie-dense, processed foods that can raise blood glucose levels  Visit the American Diabetes Association website for tips on eating diabetes-friendly within a budget.
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