The Health And Humor Show, July 26, 2015


This special edition of The Health and Humor Show features an interview with Dr. Karin Hehenberger, founder of, which is a platform for patient empowerment.

The Health and Humor Show is a weekly podcast with regular features such as the lame joke of the week, national and international health news and issues, Maureen’s Diabetic Corner, as well as segments featuring strange and crazy news from around the world. Some of this week’s highlights are more than just chicken, don’t sleep on the train tracks, not your money, separated by a common language, and lions and gators and bears (and bison) oh my!

New episodes of The Health and Humor Show are posted here each Sunday. The show is hosted by Maureen Sullivan, who is a Registered Nurse, a diabetic educator, and a humorist. Check out her website at The show is sponsored by and

Link to the episode:

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