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Amy Campbell MS, RD, LDN, CDE (97 Articles)

Amy Campbell MS, RD, LDN, CDE is an experienced health, nutrition and diabetes educator and communicator with more than 25 years of experience within the healthcare sector. Amy has extensive expertise in editing and writing for patients, consumers and healthcare professionals; public speaking, teaching and group facilitation; project and account management; and content and curriculum development.


She is currently the Director for Clinical Education Content Development and Training at Good Measures LLC, a Health Professional Advisor at the Egg Nutrition Center, and a blogger/Writer for Madavor Media.

Five Steps to Your New Start to Living with Diabetes

  A new year has begun! Now is a great time as any to start taking better care of your diabetes. Having a plan can help you succeed and can keep you on track even after everyone else has abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. Step One: Let Yourself Feel Whether you’re new to diabetes, or [...]

Health Benefits of Sprouted Grains

Have you come across “sprouted grain cereal” or “sprouted grain bread” in your grocery store and wondered what it is? Companies that make sprouted grain products claim that they can help improve digestion and provide more nutrients that other grain-based foods. But do they? [...]

CoQ10 Explained In Depth

HOW COQ10 WORKS CoQ10 helps cells make energy for the body from the food we eat. Its job is to make something called ATP, which is a lot like gas for your car. But it does more than just help fuel the body. CoQ10 is an antioxidant, too, which means that it may help prevent some types of [...]

Five Fiber-Rich Foods to Eat More Of

Fiber is one of those nutrients that we know we should be eating, but, for some reason, we tend to fall short on. Fiber isn’t all that exciting, and it’s the butt of many jokes (no pun intended). All joking aside, fiber is an important nutrient that we all need, and not just because it helps to regulate digestion and prevent constipation. [...]

The Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate

Few people can resist chocolate. Eating chocolate can seem like a guilty pleasure, especially for people with diabetes. What’s surprising, though, is that chocolate can actually be good for you! [...]

Diabetes and Gout

Gout is a joint condition that used to be called the “disease of kings” because, traditionally, kings were the only people able to dine on lots of rich, calorie-filled foods. Today, gout affects many people–including women. More than 8 million adults in the US have gout, and it’s on the rise. [...]

Meeting Your Protein Needs Without the Meat

Whether you’re trying to build muscle, lose weight or control your blood glucose levels, making sure you get enough protein in your eating plan is important. Protein is a major nutrient that we all need for good health. Protein is part of every cell, tissue, muscle and organ in the body. In addition, enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals are made of protein. We have to make sure we eat enough of it to give our bodies what they need. [...]

The Good News About Prediabetes

Diabetes is a hot topic these days. It’s often mentioned in the news, and diabetes medicines are advertised on TV and in magazines. This disease even has its own month (November). The chances are good that you know more than one person who has diabetes. That’s not surprising, as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) stated earlier this year that about 29 million Americans now have diabetes. [...]

Frozen Dinners:  Friends or Foes?

Today’s frozen dinners are nothing like frozen dinners of years gone by. Take a walk down the frozen food aisle in your grocery store and you’ll be amazed at the variety of frozen meals that you can choose from. There’s something for pretty much everyone – vegetarian, gluten-free, and even organic. Frozen meals are a billion-dollar industry and at least 70% of Americans eat them. And why not? With so many different kinds and flavors available, it’s possible to eat a frozen meal every day or night of the week and never get bored. [...]

Fall for These Foods

Fall is here! Cookouts, picnics and frozen treats are behind us. Now we can look forward to cooler days and crisp nights. We can also look forward to enjoying tasty – but healthy – foods that nourish our bodies and minds at the same time. Give these three foods a try during the autumn season. [...]

Turn Up the Heat

Hot sauce. Chili peppers. Jalapeños. Indian curry. What do these foods all have in common? They’re hot! If you have the taste buds and the stomach for them, you might want to include them in your regular eating plan, because they offer a whole host of benefits. Here’s how they can help your health! [...]

Reducing Salt And Sugar For Better Health

Salt and Sugar both play very important roles in the body. Sugar provides you with energy. And salt helps balance the fluids in your body. However, many people take in too much salt and sugar, which can be harmful to your health. Sugar is a source of energy found in many different forms in [...]

Breakfast: To Eat or Not to Eat?

The topic of breakfast is once again in the news. In one study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers divided overweight or obese people into three groups. One group was told to skip breakfast, one was told to eat breakfast, and ones was told to follow their usual regimen. After 16 weeks, there was little to no change in body weight among the three groups. [...]

The Scoop on Ice Cream and Diabetes

For many people, summertime and ice cream often go hand in hand. But if you have diabetes, you might be thinking that ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet are all off-limits. While ice cream isn’t exactly a health food, it’s not necessarily a food that you have to avoid, either. The key is knowing how to fit it into your eating plan. [...]
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