Is Belly Fat a Sign of Diabetes? Twitter Chat

bellyfatIs Belly Fat A Sign of Diabetes? Are you wondering how to get rid of your extra Belly Fat? Need to Burn it fast for bathing suit season? We answer all these questions and more during our Costco Healthy Living with Diabetes,, #DiabetesChat on Twitter on Thursday, May 15, 2014 from 12:00-1:00PM EST.  The #DiabetesChat discussion will be on the “Top Ways to Fight Belly Fat for Bathing Suit Season” by the belly-fat expert Erin Palinksy-Wade.  

Participate by following #DiabetesChat hashtag as well as @CDiabetesmag.  We will be giving away 2 FREE copies of Erin Palinsky-Wade’s best-selling “Bellyfat Diet for Dummies” book! Here are some of the questions we will be discussing.  Make sure you chime in to win and learn how to burn bellyfat in time for bathingsuit season!

Q1.      Why is belly fat dangerous to my health #DiabetesChat?

Q2.      How do I know if I have too much belly fat #DiabetesChat?

Q3.      What are the biggest factors that cause belly fat to accumulate #DiabetesChat?

Q4.      What nutrients play a role in decreasing belly fat? #DiabetesChat?

Q5.      What are your top foods for fighting belly fat #DiabetesChat?

Q6.      How does stress impact belly fat #DiabetesChat?

Q7.      What type of exercise is best to reduce belly fat #DiabetesChat?

Q8.      What foods increase belly fat the most #DiabetesChat?

Q9.      What beverages help reduce belly fat #DiabetesChat?

Q10.     Does belly fat play a role in diabetes risk #DiabetesChat?

Remember, join by following @CDiabetesmag on Twitter on Thursday, May 15, from 12-1pm EST.

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