Shopping at Costco for Better Blood Glucose Control

Do you love shopping, sampling items, and learning about newly released products? If so, a day at Costco may be just what you need! Even better, you may be able to improve your blood glucose control just by walking the aisles at your local Costco warehouse. There are many ways you can lower blood glucose just by stopping in, including:

· Learning about new foods and products that have little to no impact on your blood glucose levels.
· Stocking up on seasonings that can improve blood glucose control.
· Meeting your daily activity goals by walking the aisles.

Learning about new foods and products

Variety is the spice of life, and it can also help you stay on track with a healthy eating plan. Scanning the aisles of Costco for new, healthy products can help you feel excited about eating again. Use the tips from our “Costco Shopping Basics: Decoding the Food Label” article to help ensure that you are buying the healthiest options. And don’t forget to browse the fresh produce section, which is the healthiest section of the store. Choose fresh, in-season produce or try a fruit or vegetable you have not had before to increase the variety in your diet.

Stocking up on seasonings
spices for better glucose controlDid you know that adding certain seasonings to your foods can actually help improve your blood glucose control? In addition, seasonings may help to raise metabolism and even lower blood pressure. Stock your cart with cinnamon to help reduce insulin resistance. Toss in turmeric, which contains the compound curcumin.

This compound has been shown to improve blood glucose levels by preventing insulin resistance. Next, reach for cloves. This sweet and spicy seasoning has been found to reduce blood glucose when eaten regularly for 30 days. And cayenne pepper may just be the best seasoning to stock up on. The capsaicin found in this seasoning has been shown to boost metabolism, lower blood pressure, and even promote better blood glucose control!

Racking up steps
Exercise plays a major role in helping to lower blood glucose levels and insulin resistance. Did you know you can get in low intensity exercise at Costco? Well you can! Briskly walking the aisles before you get started on your shopping adventure can help to burn calories and bring down your blood glucose. To help you track just how far you walk when you are in the store, think about getting a pedometer. A pedometer is a tool that counts how many steps you take. Walking 2,000 steps is, on average, equal to one mile of walking. Put your pedometer on before you enter Costco and set a goal to walk briskly for a minimum of 4,000 steps around the store. To maximize your efforts, put on your pedometer when you first wake up in the morning and leave it on until you go to bed at night. For general health, you should aim to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. If you are looking to lose weight, aim for 15,000 steps or more per day. But remember: no matter how many steps you take, you will be improving your health if you walk more each week.

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