Great Diabetes Products at Costco


If you’re a Costco member, you can save big on all the necessary diabetes products you use every day. From blood glucose testing supplies to nutritional supplements, you will find everything you need at Costco. Have a look at some of Costco Pharmacy’s best offerings this month:


Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Monitoring System Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Monitoring System  

Many people with diabetes have to check their blood glucose every day. This is an important way to ensure that your blood glucose and A1C levels stay within your target range, to prevent diabetes complications. If you’re a member, you may be eligible for a free Bayer glucose meter. Just ask your Costco pharmacist.


Nature Made VitaminsNature Made Vitamins

Whether or not you have diabetes, it can be hard to get all your recommended daily nutrients from the food you eat. Nature Made vitamins have been shown in clinical studies to help you get the most from your meal plan. Costco stocks a big range of Nature Made supplements, and you can find them in-store or online.


Microlife Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure MonitorMicrolife Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Over 75% of people with diabetes also have high blood pressure. This is a big problem, because hypertension can lead to heart disease, heart attack and stroke. One great way to lower your risk is to keep track of your level with Microlife’s arm blood pressure monitor. It has medical grade accuracy and fits most arms.


Glucerna Nutritional Vanilla ShakeGlucerna Nutritional Vanilla Shake

At just 6 grams of sugar and less than 200 calories, these tasty shakes can help you avoid dangerous blood glucose spikes and keep you feeling full throughout the day. They come in two great flavors–vanilla and chocolate–and can be found at Costco warehouse stores or


trunature Advanced Strength CinsulinTrunature Advanced Strength Cinsulin

Did you know that cinnamon has been shown in recent studies to help control blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity? Trunature’s Cinsulin supplement is made with the highest quality water-extracted cinnamon, to help you keep your blood glucose under control.



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