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Percent of Body Fat May Affect Insulin Function

Could your body fat be hurting your blood glucose control? It is known that being overweight or obese can increase your risk of getting diabetes and other chronic diseases. Recent research has found that an increased percent of body fat, no matter how much your total body weight, may affect the way insulin works in your body. It was found that the higher your percent of body fat, the greater your risk of insulin not working well enough to manage your blood glucose.

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Could There Soon be an End to Insulin Shots?

Could taking insulin soon be easier to swallow? One in four people with diabetes need insulin to help them manage their blood glucose level. Insulin shots can be hard to give yourself and can cause pain in the injection site. Recent research has shown that in the near future, there may be an insulin pill that can help your diabetes with no stings attached!

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More Sleep for Better Blood Glucose Control

Sleep can be hard to come by with busy schedules at work, taking care of loved ones, and finding time to work out.  But a healthy amount of sleep may be just as vital for keeping your blood glucose levels where you want it as eating right and staying active. A recent study found that a lack of sleep, along with aging, may cause damage to cells in the pancreas that help manage blood glucose levels.

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Care for Your Glucose Meter so it Can Help You Care for Your Diabetes

Is your blood glucose meter being cared for? Keeping a clean and up-to-date blood glucose meter can affect how accurate your blood glucose readings are. A blood glucose meter that is not cared for could be sending the wrong data to you and, in turn, could affect your diabetes care. Therefore, be sure to take care of your blood glucose meter so you can best care for your diabetes!

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