Researchers Make Skin Patch to Heal Diabetes Foot Ulcers


Researchers Make Skin Patch to Heal Diabetes Foot UlcersPeople with diabetes are at a high risk for certain complications, including heart disease, stroke, nerve damage and blindness. Diabetes complications are now less common than they used to be, because we have better ways of testing for and preventing them. However, it is still important to see your healthcare providers regularly, and to do daily self-checks to manage your condition. One of these is a foot check, where you look at your feet to make sure there are no cuts or sores. This way, you can prevent diabetes foot ulcers, which are hard to control and may lead to serious infections or amputation.

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have found a possible new treatment to help foot ulcers heal more quickly. It is a skin patch that delivers medicine right at the source of the problem. The researchers also think it could be helpful at preventing future foot ulcers. However, so far, this skin patch has only been tested in mice. It will have to be studied on humans before healthcare providers will be able to prescribe it to their patients.

If the skin patch is found to be helpful for humans, it could make foot ulcer treatment easier and more effective. The patch allows the medicine to go deep into the foot and treat the problem before it gets worse. The study also found that higher quality skin was regrown after the skin patch healed the ulcers. This means that the skin patch might be able to make daily cuts, scrapes and sores less dangerous for people with diabetes, and prevent more hospitalizations. Until it is tested more and available to the public, however, regular self-checks are very important. If you notice anything wrong with your feet, talk to your healthcare provider as soon as possible.




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