Tips To Help Defeat Depression

depressed woman
We know that people with diabetes have about twice the rate of clinical depression as those without diabetes. And depression seems to hit people with diabetes with a double-whammy. They miss more days from work and report a much poorer sense of everyday well-being and health than people with either depression alone or diabetes alone. The fear of getting diabetes complications, or living with them once they appear, increases the risk for depression. The anger or guilt related to complications can cause a person to become depressed if he or she does not express these feelings or learn to cope with them. If you believe you may be depressed, a good place to begin your search for a mental health worker is to talk with your diabetes healthcare team. Ask if they know someone who works with people who have diabetes and understands the issues you face. You also need to check with your health insurance company to see if there are any therapists in your network.

Choosing A Mental Health Professional

The first step is to choose a mental health professional. You can see a social worker, psychologist or a psychiatrist. Social workers talk with people and their families about their emotional or physical needs and help find financial and other support services. Psychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology.


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