Diabetes-Friendly Shopping at Costco


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Diabetes Friendly Costco Tour

I recently shopped at Costco in Boynton Beach, Florida, and I was amazed by the selection! Costco is a great place to get the most value for your money, shop for your family, and choose healthy foods to manage your diabetes. Caring for your diabetes can be expensive. Diabetes medications and supplies and healthcare costs can add up. Healthy foods can also be expensive, but at Costco, you can get ...
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Help for Aging Youthfully With Diabetes

This blog has been compensated by OmniChannel Health Media and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Despite what we might think, aging does not have to bring with it discomfort, poor memory and frailty. The human body is remarkable in its ability to repair itself no matter what the condition.  No longer do we have to put up with feeling crummy. We can take action to age more youthfully. People ...
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Shop Costco for These Simple Diabetes Friendly Recipes

Lauren, one of our Diabetes influencers, recently took a trip to Costco and put together two full days' worth of diabetes-friendly recipes, all with ingredients available at the warehouse. Recipes for breakfast Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Chia Pudding all the way to Salmon with Quinoa and Veggies for dinner were presented. Here's one the recipes she laid out, which, by the way, are all quick and easy to prepare: Lunch: Chicken and Kale Salad: ...
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Diabetes Friendly Shopping At Costco

This past weekend, I visited my local Costco warehouse in the Annapolis, Maryland area for the first time.  After walking through Costco, I realized that it is not just a store for those with large families and bulk shopping needs. With the vast array of healthy food options and wholesale prices of such items, Costco is a great place for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle on a ...
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Dietitian Reviews Costco’s Diabetic Friendly Foods

We recently invited Monica Pelle, RD to participate in our recently-launched Costco Healthy Diabetes Store Tour outreach campaign. Soon after joining us, she wrote about her experience shopping at Costco. Here's the first part of her review: My family and I have been Costco shoppers for many years. Currently, my husband and I shop there for about 80% of our groceries. I find the quality and variety of Costco food streamlines my grocery ...
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Photo of the front cover of the Costco Diabetes Store Tour

Free Costco Diabetes Store Tour!

Get a 40-page guide to shopping for diabetes-friendly products at Costco ...
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Costco Top 7 Healthy Ingredients for Diabetic Cooking

Holly Clegg, author of the best-selling trim&TERRIFIC® cookbook series, including trim&TERRIFIC® Diabetic Cooking with the American Diabetes Association, and her specialized cookbooks, Eating Well Through Cancer and Eating Well to Fight Arthritis has sold over 1 million copies. She is nationally recognized for creating recipes with “real food, real easy… and for real people” and has promoted her easy, healthy recipes on national shows including Fox & Friends, NBC Weekend Today, QVC, ...
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Diabetic friendly shopping: Costco wholesale warehouse stores

Diabetes is often a costly chronic disease to manage. Medications and special dietary restrictions can cost a lot of money. Therefore, I really enjoy finding healthy bargains to share with colleagues as well as my community. I was recently given the unique opportunity to spend the day at my local Costco to see how the members-only wholesale warehouse can provide nutritious, as well as cost effective items relevant to the ...
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Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips When You’re at Costco

Grocery shopping at Costco can be an enjoyable part of your weekly routine. You’ve got your menus for the week’s meals planned out and you are looking forward to feeding you and your family a variety of fresh and healthy options. Now, if this doesn’t sound like you, then you are more likely in the majority of consumers who feel a bit overwhelmed with menu and meal prep. Without a ...
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Diabetic Friendly Foods to Buy at Costco

We recently asked Amanda Hernandez, a registered dietitian, experienced brand partner, recipe developer, and the owner of www.nutritionistreviews.com, to write about her experience shopping for food items at Costco.  For those of you who haven't visited her site yet, The Nutritionist Reviews specializes in product reviews, giveaways, family posts and healthy recipes. Below is the opening paragraph the review she wrote: I love working with different grocery stores exploring the healthy options that they have available ...
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