#DiabetesChat Twitter Chat November 12, 2014 Transcript

November 12, 2014 Twitter Party

We’ve packaged the transcript of our November 12, 2014 #DiabetesChat Twitter Chat here for your convenience and reference. As you will see, it was a fun event, with lots of great prizes and a ton of things to learned by everyone who joined us.

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Event Transcript


maureensrn 29.1 million w/ #Diabetes. Join the twiter party, #DiabetesChat @ 8p EST tonight! Great info & prizes. See you there!
maureensrn 86 million w/ #Prediabetes– join #DiabetesChat @ 8p EST to learn ways to reduce your risk!!
kymnasium Join in Tweeties! #DiabetesChat Twitter Party TONIGHT 8PM EST!
curet1diabetes @MaureenSRN I’ll have to have a column open for #veganfoodchat and another for #diabeteschat at 8 🙂
fordummies If you’re interested in diabetes and nutrition you can chat live with Dummies author @DietExpertNJ #DiabetesChat 8-9pm EST
cdiabetesinfo Check out the #prize package 10 lucky ppl will be getting for participating in tonight’s twitter party #diabeteschat
maureensrn Arriving early for the #DiabetesChat Twitter party! 🙂
cdiabetesinfo It is so easy to win #prizes tonight, just join in on the #DiabetesChat as much as you can and #tweettowin
primetimeparent .@MaureenSRN here with my #healthyhelpings and ready for #DiabetesChat @CDiabetesInfo @DietExpertNJ @DiabetesINFL
cdiabetesinfo Hi everybody, who’s ready to chat about #diabetesawarenessmonth with @DietExpertNJ @Cdiabetesinfo @DiabetesINFL @maureensrd #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo @DietExpertNJ @DiabetesINFL @maureensrd waving hello awesome to meet n tweet you all. #DiabetesChat
maureensrn 29.1 million #Diabetics; 86 million #Prediabetics. Knowledge is power. #DiabetesChat @ 8pm EST. Be there. #diabeteschat
primetimeparent .@CDiabetesInfo @DietExpertNJ @maureensrd #DiabetesChat here and ready to help spread #diabetesawarenessmonth
cdiabetesinfo With us tonight are Erin Palinski Wade RD @DietExpertNJ and Maureen Sullivan RN, CEN, CDE @maureensrd #DiabetesChat #healthylivingexperts
cdiabetesinfo We will be giving away a lot of great prizes this entire hour, so please stay with us until 9pmEST #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Make sure you are following @primetimeparent so she can DM when you #win 1 of our great prize packages #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo @primetimeparent fabulous & helpful prizes! good luck all! #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Welcome to Natl Diabetes Awareness Month, everyone! #diabeteschat
amypcampbell Hi everyone – glad to be joining in to tonight’s chat! #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Tonight’s #DiabetesChat is co-hosted by @primetimeparent and she has a lot of prizes to #giveaway #win
dietexpertnj Great way to celebrate by increasing knowledge! RT @MaureenSRN: Welcome to Natl Diabetes Awareness Month, everyone! #diabeteschat
kymnasium @DietExpertNJ @MaureenSRN so agreed! very important topic to get tweeting about #DiabetesChat We all can help to save & promote lives.
cdiabetesinfo 2 prize packages like these will have Costco Gift Cards worth $25.00 each, sponsored by trunature® #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Would like to welcome our sponsors tonight, #Cdiabetes, #Cinsulin, and suppoters, #Colgate, #Costco, #CalorieKing, #TruNature. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo The 10 #prize packages each contain 4 Bottles of trunature® Advanced Strength CinSulin®, 170 Capsules #DiabetesChat
primetimeparent .@CDiabetesInfo we have so many great prizes and a ready to #fightdiabetes #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Also in the prize package we have a Portable Power Bank, sponsored by trunature® Cinsulin #DiabetesChat
cinsulin Such a scary number of estimated #prediabetic! Are there any symptoms or signs that would lead a person to be tested? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo All of tonight’s prize packages also contain #Colgate Total Advanced Whitening TP tubes + 360 Toothbrushes #DiabetesChat #tweettowin
maureensrn 86 million #prediabetes adults; more than 1 in 3. What can we all do to reduce our risks? #diabeteschatWed Nov 12 17:07:50 PST 2014   ReplyRetweetFavorite
maureensrn 9 out of 10 people don’t even know they have #prediabetes! #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj Obesity, strong family history of diabetes, & inactivity can increase risk of prediabetes @CinSulin be screened annually #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo #givingaway 10 Copies of The Popular 2015 CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter by Allan Borushek, RD #DiabetesChat
maureensrn #Prediabetes is a higher than normal glucose level (101-125). 126mg/dl = #diabetes #diabeteschat
amypcampbell @CinSulin – also, get checked for prediabetes/diabetes if age 45 or older #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo We are also giving away 5 copies of @DietExpertNJ’s book, Belly Fat for Dummies #DiabetesChat, now for some questions…
cdiabetesinfo Q1 How many of you are familiar with #nationaldiabetesawarenessmonth #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q2 Where is everybody tweeting from tonight #diabeteschat #diabetesawarenessmonth
maureensrn Our sponsors and prizes for tonight are ALL related to better health and reducing the risk of #Diabetes #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj #nationaldiabetesawarenessmonth is a great time to know ur numbers & ur risk- fasting glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo A1 I knew of it didn’t know it was this month. Party bonus to join in today! #DiabetesChat #DiabetesAwarenessMonth
maureensrn Better living, healthy behaviors can reduce the risk of diabetes and improve overall health! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Reply to @Cdiabetesinfo and @dietexpertnj with #DiabetesChat in your tweets #tweettowin #howtowin
dietexpertnj Having a parent w type 2 diabetes increased ur risk by 15% and by 75% if both parents have the disease! #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Increasing activity ( even simple walking!) can lower your risk factor for #Diabetes #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q3 Where do you go to learn the best ways to live with diabetes #diabeteschat #diabetesawarenessmonth
primetimeparent A1. @CDiabetesInfo I only learned about #diabetesawarenessmonth from a post on # instagram #diabeteschat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj A2 Aloha i’m tweeting from the beautiful 50th state of Hawaii today. #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj Absolutely! Even just a few minutes/day! RT @MaureenSRN: Increasing activity ( even simple walking!) can lower ur risk factor #diabeteschat
mommy3sons @CDiabetesInfo @primetimeparent A1. I have heard of it #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Losing 5-7% of your weight ( if overweight) can lower your risk of #Diabetes by 58%. Lets do it!! #diabeteschat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo A3 I’ve learn by joining in diabetes programs & talking to my doctor. @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell Cutting out sugary drinks (sodas, fruit juices, sports beverages) can also lower diabetes risk #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Now let’s see what @DietExpertNJ and @Maureensrn can share about blood sugar levels #DiabetesChat
primetimeparent @kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj #diabeteschat A1 so nice I am in New York #diabeteschat
maureensrn #Prediabetes– left untreated- can become #Diabetes in 15-30 % of people within 5 years! Time to change habits! #diabeteschat
cinsulin @DiabeticTalks @DietExpertNJ do you mean if the parents had diabetes during pregnancy and birth? #diabeteschat
kymnasium @MaureenSRN I exercise & added in evening walks and that helps so much to keep the sugar levels down too. #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @primetimeparent @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj beautiful wish I was there this time of year is wonderful there too. #DiabetesChat
primetimeparent Who is ready to win our first 2 #prizes #diabeteschat #tweettowin #diabetesawarenessmonth #fightdiabetes
eatingsoulfully @MaureenSRN I tell my patients eat less and move more!! #DiabetesChat
curet1diabetes Professionals discussing pre-diabetes ought to distinguish between types of #diabetes – not use generic term. #DiabetesChat
diabetictalks @amypcampbell So True!!! ##diabeteschatWed Nov 12 17:15:23 PST 2014   ReplyRetweetFavorite
cdiabetesinfo Q4 What nutrients tend to make blood sugar the hardest to manage? #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo @DietExpertNJ @Maureensrn very important as a caregiver too, this info will help young & our elders.#DiabetesChat
maureensrn You need to KNOW YOUR ABCs ( A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol) to reduce your risk of #Diabetes complications. #diabeteschat
eatingsoulfully @CureT1Diabetes I agree!! #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj A4: Refined carbohydrates and simple sugars spike glucose levels the most and can increase insulin resistance #DiabetesChat
maureensrn A1C levels of 5.7% to 6.4% = #prediabetes; 6.5% or above = #diabetes #diabeteschat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo A4: sugar and process food! make the sugar go cray cray! @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
silver_palate A1: We are proud to offer diabetic friendly products! @CDiabetesInfo #nationaldiabetesawarenessmonth #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj @CinSulin @DiabeticTalks Gestational diabetes increases future risk, but either parent having the disease does as well #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo a4 high carby foods make blood sugar go crazy. @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
maureensrn #Diabetes is chronic, but manageable. We have abundant information to share tonight. Everyone will leave here healthier! #diabeteschat
amypcampbell A4: There’s also thinking that too much saturated fat can increase insulin resistance, thereby raising diabetes risk. #diabeteschat
kymnasium @MaureenSRN love we can help each other with this very important 411 today! @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj Diet high in saturated fats and fatty animal products as well as inflammatory foods can also elevate blood sugar #DiabetesChat
maureensrn High blood pressure is a risk factor for #Diabetes. Know your numbers. Lower salt intake, exercise. Reduce your risk! #diabeteschat
curet1diabetes @Silver_Palate @CDiabetesInfo What are “diabetic friendly products” exactly? #diabeteschat
kymnasium @MaureenSRN yes and caring for our teeth too is a big one helps all around big healthy smiles. @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj Weight management and decreasing ur waistline can improve blood glucose levels #DiabetesChat #bellyfatdiet
maureensrn Give a shout out to #MicrolifeDeluxe, providing a b/p monitor tonight. Kudos!! Knowledge is power indeed. THANK YOU! #diabeteschat
diabetictalks @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj Check out an awesome party at #DiabetesChat going on NOW! You could win a prize too.
cdiabetesinfo Look for great #livingwithdiabetes tweets from @dietexpertnj and @maureensrn #DiabetesChat #bloodsugar
dietexpertnj Aim for a waist circumference under 35 inches for women and under 40 inches for men to lower risk of heart disease & diabetes #DiabetesChat
primetimeparent .@kymnasium @diabetes_month congrats! You won first 2 #prizes #diabeteschat@CDiabetesInfo
maureensrn A shout out to our sponsor, #TruNature, providing #Cinsulin product tonight. Natural way to lower blood sugar levels! #diabeteschat
kymnasium @primetimeparent @diabetes_month woohoo I’m so thrilled & excited! Many awesome thank you’s! @CDiabetesInfo #DiabetesChat
cinsulin @MaureenSRN So happy to give people a tool to improve health!#DiabetesChat
kymnasium @MaureenSRN woohoo I’m interested in #TruNature love companies that love us back! @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell From the Journal of Medicinal Food – cinnamon can help lower fasting blood sugar by 3 to 5%. Not bad! #diabeteschat
curet1diabetes @MaureenSRN Product states it helps maintain normal healthy blood sugar? Does #Cinsulin claim to “lower” blood sugar? #diabeteschat
cinsulin @amypcampbell Very true, but using the right species of cinnamon that has been water extracted is important! #diabeteschat
curet1diabetes @amypcampbell Is that a peer reviewed journal? Were RTC trials run? #diabeteschat
silver_palate YUM! Add to our oatmeal! RT @amypcampbell:Journal of Medicinal Food – cinnamon can help lower fasting blood sugar by 3 to 5%. #diabeteschat
amypcampbell @CinSulin – can you explain what “water extracted” means? #diabeteschat
cinsulin @CureT1Diabetes @amypcampbell The human clinicals and meta-analysis can be seen here #diabeteschat
maureensrn A shout out also to #Costco. Check them out for all your #diabetes supplies. Also, Again, knowledge is power. #diabeteschat
curet1diabetes @amypcampbell Is that a peer reviewed journal? Were RCT run? #diabeteschatWed Nov 12 17:25:01 PST 2014   ReplyRetweetFavorite
cdiabetesinfo Q5 What impact does body weight play in blood sugar management? #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q6 Whats the healthiest diet for people with diabetes? #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @MaureenSRN I love @Costco they always have all my diabetic needs. @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj A5: A diet to manage diabetes is just a healthy, well balanced diet that everyone should follow #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj A5: The healthiest diet for glucose management involves choosing whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats & fresh produce #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell @CureT1Diabetes: Journal is peer reviewed – need to check on RCT. #diabeteschat
cinsulin @amypcampbell water extraction is the process of removing the fat soluble components from cinnamon, resulting in 10x stronger! #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A5: Aim to fill half your plate with vegetables, ¼ with lean protein, and ¼ with whole grains #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo a6 balanced meals, veggies, fruits & small portion starch & 4oz or less meats. #DiabetesChat
shybookworm81 @CDiabetesInfo how does stress affect blood sugar? #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Don’t forget to reply with #DiabetesChat in your tweet so it is easier for us to pick the winners of our great prizes
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo A6 I did lose 60lbs with the atkins diet but I did make sure not to just eat meat. @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj @shybookworm81 @CDiabetesInfo Physical and emotional stress can raise blood sugar- manage stress w exercise/meditation #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Not sure what to feed somebody with #diabetes? Look for tweets from @dietexpertnj and @maureenrsn #DiabetesChat
curet1diabetes @MaureenSRN enhances insulin function, what about for a person w/t1 #diabetes – I am skeptical at best about these claims #diabeteschat
primetimeparent I have 2 more #prizepacks to giveaway so reply to @DietExpertNJ now to win #diabeteschat #tweettowin #diabetesawarenessmonth
dietexpertnj A5: Excess body weight can increase insulin resistance making glucose levels harder to manage. #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo a5 alot if your weight is out of control so is your blood sugar or atleast has the very strong chance to be #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj A5: Just losing 5-10% of ur body weight can increase insulin sensitivity #DiabetesChat
cinsulin @DietExpertNJ @shybookworm81 @CDiabetesInfo this is an AMAZING ted talk about handling stress: #diabeteschat
maureensrn Re: Dental care in the #Diabetic person. Dental disease causes inflammation/infection. Proper dental hygiene (brush AND floss) #diabeteschat
maureensrn Special thanks to #Colgate for providing gifts for tonights important party as well! #diabeteschat
mommy3sons @DietExpertNJ great info tonight #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj @mommy3sons Thank u! #DiabetesChatWed Nov 12 17:29:49 PST 2014   ReplyRetweetFavorite
cdiabetesinfo Foods can impact blood sugar levels, thanks to @dietexpertnj and @maureensrn for helping us learn more about this #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q7 What nutrients/foods can positively impact blood sugar levels? #DiabetesChat #bloodsugar
dietexpertnj Take care of ur whole self to manage blood sugar- healthy diet/exercise/maintain a healthy weight/manage stress #DiabetesChat
kymnasium wow didn’t know this. RT @DietExpertNJ: A5: Just losing 5-10% of ur body weight can increase insulin sensitivity #DiabetesChat
mommy3sons @CDiabetesInfo A7 veggies & fruits #DiabetesChat
mommy3sons @CDiabetesInfo A5. We need to eat healthy #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj A7: Lean proteins & healthy fats create a minimal rise in glucose levels. Seasonings like cinnamon may also improve BS #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo a7 veggies always has a great health impact for all types of dieases. @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell A7: Add legumes (beans) to your eating plan. They can help improve blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol! #diabeteschat
mommy3sons @CDiabetesInfo A6 eating lots of fruits veggies, nuts, whole grains #DiabetesChat
kymnasium I agree so important, food can be life saving! RT @mommy3sons: @CDiabetesInfo A5. We need to eat healthy #DiabetesChat
primetimeparent Congrats to our #prizepack winners @Silver_Palate @mommy3sons please follow and DM so we can get those prizes out to you asap! #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj A7: Make healthy & easy substitutes to ur diet- swap plant based proteins for fatty animal proteins, whole grains for refined #DiabetesChat
mylighttrackrd @CDiabetesInfo. A7: High fiber foods such as whole grains, fruits, and veggies can help stabilize blood glucose levels. #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A7: Flavor foods with less salt & use seasonings such as cinnamon, cayenne, & turmeric which have health benefits #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell @DietExpertNJ:Cinnamon can be used as a rub for meat and poultry! #diabeteschat
mommy3sons @primetimeparent @Silver_Palate thanks & congrats! #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @amypcampbell awesome I love @Beanitos perfect snack for diabetics too. @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @amypcampbell @DietExpertNJ i like to add a pinch of cinnamon in my tomato dish brings out the flavor. @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
txlnghrnz55 @CDiabetesInfo From the Great State of Texas #DiabetesAwarenessMonth #DiabetesChat
diabetictalks @DietExpertNJ Some may be thinking it decrease insulin resistance? @CDiabetesInfo #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj If u don’t like cinnamon or dont use it often, a product like @CinSulin may be helpful #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Once diagnosed, routine care becomes paramount. #Diabetes is manageable, but takes dedication. Recommendations to follow: #diabeteschat
cinsulin @DiabeticTalks @DietExpertNJ @CDiabetesInfo human clinical trials addressed the amount of mg needed to impact on glucose #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q8 What role does exercise play in glucose management? #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo You can also find more information about exercise and #glucose management on the @Cdiabetesinfo website #DiabetesChat
cinsulin @fejister @DietExpertNJ more info about the product at! #diabeteschat
mommy3sons @kymnasium @primetimeparent @Silver_Palate thanks & congrats to you! #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Annual dilated eye exam. #diabeteschat
curet1diabetes Any studies in humans w/T2 #diabetes wearing a continuous glucose monitor using cinnamon proving efficacy lowering bg? #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A8: Exercise helps to make cells more sensitive to insulin, helping to improving glucose #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo a8 exercise plays a huge key role to me weight lost, controls blood sugar and I feel awesome! @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj A8: Exercise can help u to achieve & maintain a healthy body weight, decreasing the risk of diabetes and helping u manage it #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Daily self monitoring of blood glucose level ( per MD advisement) #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A8: Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise most days (always get approval from ur doctor before exercising first!) #DiabetesChat
cinsulin @CureT1Diabetes studies did not specify how glucose was monitored, #diabeteschat
amypcampbell @CinSulin: Does CinSulin contain cassia or Ceylon cinnamon? Just curious! #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A8: Exercise can increase ur risk of hypoglycemia, so always test glucose levels before and after & carry fast acting carbs #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Annual (MD) foot exam, and daily foot checks. Keep those feet healthy! #diabeteschat
amypcampbell A8: I like the idea of splitting up your exercise into smaller segments, like 10 minutes of walking, 3 times a day! #diabeteschat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations:A1C testing 2-3 x a year. Knowledge is power. Is there room for improvement? #diabeteschat
mylighttrackrd @CDiabetesInfo @DietExpertNJ Exercise can help keep blood glucose levels down and help you manage your weight. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Get educated! Diabetes Self Management Classes are encouraged. #diabeteschat
primetimeparent This party is flying, time to pick 4 more #winners #diabeteschat RT your top tip from @Maureensrn #tweettowin #diabetesawarenessmonth
kymnasium When I found out I had diabetes I thought end of life kind thing but you come back better & smarter! @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Join a support group. #Diabetes can be mentally exhaustive. Engage family and friends to help #diabeteschat
curet1diabetes A low A1c may also indicate that there were too many low blood sugars over the months – so it’s not necessarily the panacea #diabeteschat
cinsulin @amypcampbell it is Cassia in CinSulin! #diabeteschat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccines are recommended. Discuss options w/ your MD. #diabeteschat
primetimeparent .@kymnasium that is the best attitude to have and you can encourage others too #diabeteschat #fightdiabetes #diabetesawarenessmonth
laurenpincusrd A6: Many of my diabetic pts forget it’s important to balance fruit with protein/healthy fat like nuts or lowfat cheese. #diabeteschat
kymnasium @primetimeparent thank you! it’s a struggle but we can all do it together that makes it so much easier. @dietexpertnj #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Stop smoking ( easier said, than done). Smoking affects overall health. Cessation is doable. #diabeteschat
mommy3sons @sassy_bbpinktaz join in the #DiabetesChat to win prizes going on now 🙂
dietexpertnj @CDiabetesInfo U have the power 2 manage ur diabetes & improve ur health- focus on small, simple steps everyday #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell @LaurenPincusRD Eggs are good protein choice, too! #DiabetesChat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo @dietexpertnj @maureensrn I thank you for the time & info shared today! Together we can manage our #diabetes #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Get moving! Any increase in activity- go slow- will improve overall health ! You can do it! #diabeteschat
geniusindesigns #KimKardashian is giving everyone a big #Sugarrush.#DiabetesChat #glazeddonuts #Marketing #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine #Candy #HAM
laurenpincusrd Yes! A fave of mine! RT @amypcampbell: @LaurenPincusRD Eggs are good protein choice, too! #DiabetesChat
curet1diabetes @CinSulin @DiabeticTalks @DietExpertNJ @CDiabetesInfo What were the limitations of those studies? #DiabetesChat
bebetobee @DietExpertNJ @CDiabetesInfo this is quite true! It doesn’t have to be a huge change and feel like life is over #diabeteschat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Find ways to lower your stress levels. #Exercise, #Mediation, #Yoga, #Swimming. You choose. #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj @LaurenPincusRD @amypcampbell Love them & #cottagecheese– two fantastic & versatile proteins! #DiabetesChat
cinsulin @CureT1Diabetes @DietExpertNJ @CDiabetesInfo I’m not sure what you mean by limitations. Definitely not a health expert.. #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj Every healthy change u make, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction to healthy glucose levels #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Preventive Care recommendations: Limit alcohol consumption. It can affect glucose level and interact with many meds. #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd I add cottage cheese to any meal or snack for protein! RT Love them & #cottagecheese– two fantastic & versatile proteins! #DiabetesChat
irinadelanoceh RT @DietExpertNJ: Every healthy change u make, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction to healthy glucose levels #DiabetesChat
bebetobee @MaureenSRN yoga is amazing and also helps with stress which can cause high glucose levels #diabeteschat
kymnasium @CDiabetesInfo I’m telling my friend & family about the FREE e-book! compliments of Costco Pharmacy! #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj Yes! And may increase hypoglycemia risk in some! RT @MaureenSRN: Limit alcoholit can impact glucose and interact w meds. #diabeteschat
primetimeparent Congrats to @bebetobee @danielofnycw @DiabeticTalks @ranlernerdesngi for #winning the #prizepacks please DM @primetimearent #DiabetesChat
dietexpertnj Yes & a great low impact option! RT @bebetobee: @MaureenSRN yoga is amazing and also helps with stress #diabeteschat
maureensrn From an Educator standpoint, seek out good #diabetes education. Do not let the disease own you. It is manageable. #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj Great advice! RT @MaureenSRN: seek out good #diabetes education. Do not let the disease own you. It is manageable. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Please check out our sponsor website, lots of great articles on all facets of #diabetes. You are not alone. #diabeteschat
kymnasium @DietExpertNJ @MaureenSRN lots of useful advice to get anyone started or stay on the road to controlled blood sugar. #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell Don’t forget to make time for YOU every day. Nurture yourself! #diabeteschat
primetimeparent Now, giving away some of our major #prizepacks, share your fave tip from @DietExpertNJ to win #DiabetesChat #diabetesawarenessmonth
maureensrn Special shout out to #CalorieKing booklets-also gifts tonight- great overview of food content. Got my own copy. #diabeteschat
kymnasium @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ my fav: seek out good #diabetes education. Do not let the disease own you. It is manageable. #diabeteschat
maureensrn So much information and time moving so fast. I also want to give more sites to check out. #diabetes knowledge #important #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Self care is SO important and easy to forget! RT @amypcampbell: Don’t forget to make time for YOU every day. Nurture yourself! #diabeteschat
maureensrn The more you know, the better you can control #Diabetes and not let it control you! #diabeteschat
kymnasium @primetimeparent my fav tip from @DietExpertNJ Get educated! Diabetes Self Management Classes are encouraged. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Continue the conversation and “like” @CDiabetesInfo on Facebook #DiabetesChat
kymnasium knowledge is power! RT @MaureenSRN: The more you know, the better you can control #Diabetes and not let it control you! #diabeteschat
mommy3sons @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ love this “Every healthy change u make, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction” #DiabetesChat
maureensrn for data on latest international #diabetes findings. Check them out. #diabeteschat
kymnasium @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ fav tweet Exercise helps to make cells more sensitive to insulin, helping to improving glucose #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Keep following us on Twitter and let us know about your #diabetes needs #DiabetesChat
mommy3sons @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ so much great info! #DiabetesChat
maureensrn for FREE diabetic education. Share these sites until everyone knows their risk factor! #diabeteschat
kymnasium @primetimeparent tip @DietExpertNJ Aim to fill half your plate with vegetables, ¼ with lean protein, and ¼ with whole grains #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Follow and pin us over on Pinterest #DiabetesChat
primetimeparent .@mommy3sons I am a huge fan and this is so true..small steps #DiabetesChat #diabetesawarenessmonth
curet1diabetes Be careful of products making health claims. Professionals should be especially mindful before promoting possible snake oil #diabeteschat.
mommy3sons @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ “focus on small simple steps each day” #DiabetesChat
thescramble Hi, I’m Aviva of The Six O’Clock Scramble meal planner, writing a meal planning cookbook 4 ppl w/diabetes & pre-d #DiabetesChat
curet1diabetes @thescramble What type(s) of diabetes Aviva? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Check out @Cdiabetesinfo’s website for great #healthyrecipes for #thanksgiving #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell @CureT1Diabetes: I’ll add that one should always check with his/her healthcare provider before taking any kind of supplement. #diabeteschat
kymnasium agreed! RT @mommy3sons: @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ “focus on small simple steps each day” #DiabetesChat
curet1diabetes Professionals should reveal if they are paid to promote products too. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Time to #giveaway our #DiabetesChat #grandprize package containing a Microlife® Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure Monitor along w/ other great items
kymnasium @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ tip Weight management & decreasing ur waistline can improve blood glucose levels #DiabetesChat #bellyfatdiet
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cinsulin @CureT1Diabetes I agree! #diabeteschat
maureensrn The important take away tonight is you are not alone in treating this chronic disease. Seek help; get educated; take control. #diabeteschat
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dietexpertnj TY so much for having me! RT @MaureenSRN: I want to make sure and thank Erin, Esti and everyone who joined us. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Shout outs as well to #DiabetesInFl for coming together as a team to help tackle this global epidemic. ((Applause to all)) #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo You won’t want to start #thanksgiving prep without our co-hosts for next week’s #DiabetesChat @cjonescooks @caloriecookbook #healthyholidays
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maureensrn Ladies and gentlemen, November is #DiabetesAwarenessMonth. I hope you got some good info tonight to improve your health #diabeteschat
cinsulin Remember to check for information on Cinnamon’s positive effect on blood glucose! #diabeteschat
primetimeparent Congrats @pdailyprsse you won the #grandprizepack, please follow @primetimeparent so we can get your deets and send that out #diabeteschat
amypcampbell Great chat and excellent information shared tonight! #diabeteschat
maureensrn Im honored to have spent the time with you. Take care, stay healthy, and get educated. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Kudos to ALL who joined, and special thanks to #Esti and #Erin……great team effort! #diabeteschat
primetimeparent .@kymnasium @DietExpertNJ @MaureenSRN thank you and join us next week for another #diabeteschat #diabetesawarenessmonth
dietexpertnj Thank you all for a great #DiabetesChat! Knowledge is power and small changes r the keys to big success!
primetimeparent .@MaureenSRN thank you:) #DiabetesChat #diabetesawarenessmonth
primetimeparent .@DietExpertNJ thank you for making #livingwithdiabetes better #diabeteschat
healthycompton Latinos (9.5%) and African Americans (12.6%) account for the highest rate of LA residents diagnosed with #diabetes #diabeteschat (2/4)
kymnasium @MaureenSRN @DietExpertNJ @primetimeparent so agree! loved the convo & info tonight. Hope we made a huge impact! #DiabetesChat


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