#DiabetesChat: Stay Diabetes- & Heart-Healthy for the Holidays (November 19, 2014)

November 12, 2014 Twitter Party

We’ve packaged the transcript of our November 19, 2014 #DiabetesChat Twitter Chat here for your convenience and reference. We had more of the same fun, learning and great prizes during this event. Hopefully you’ll be able to join us in our future fun events!

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Event Transcript


Nursefriendly Always wondered how #diabetics handled the #holidays, feasts, etc. #DiabetesChat
Cjonescooks Moderation not deprivation is key to navigating the holiday feasts ahead. Small portions are essential. #diabeteschat
Cjonescooks Don’t be embarrassed to say no or leave food on your plate U don’t have to finish everything I just gave u permission not to! #diabeteschat
Cjonescooks I’m all about calorie awareness. Do you know how many calories you need daily? PLEASE find out! Makes counting easier. #diabeteschat
Maureensrn To embrace the importance of tonights topic, latest stats: 29.1 million DM; 86 million prediabetics. Time to take control! #diabeteschat
Maureensrn 9 out of 10 people with prediabetes dont even know they have it. #diabeteschat
Jesschang Bread and pasta are carbs. But so is fruit! Every moment is teachable moment. #DiabetesChat
Maureensrn Prediabetes, left untreated, will most likely develop into diabetes and related complications. Tonight, we take control back #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Weider Red Yeast Rice can help lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk for heart disease #diabeteschat
Cjonescooks Navigating the holidays can be tricky. One smidgen of advice: don’t arrive starving. #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Q1 How many of you are familiar with #diabetesawarenessmonth #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q2 How many of you are hosting people at your own home next week for #turkeyday #diabeteschat #diabetesawarenessmonth #hearthealth
Maureensrn Prediabetes increases your risk of heart disease ad stroke. It may not have any symptoms. Know your numbers! #diabeteschat
Cjonescooks This time of year can be super busy … don’t forget to make daily exercise your priority. #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Numbers-> A1C, B/P and Cholesterol ( ABC’s). Normal A1C below 5.7; preDM 5.7-6.4; DM 6.5% or above #diabeteschat
Amypcampbell @MaureenSRN: A simple blood test can let you know if you have prediabetes or diabetes. Get checked this month! #diabeteschatQ3 How many of you will be a guest at a #thanksgiving meal next week?
Jesschang If on admission glucose is greater than 140, check HgA1c and ask the patient what his glucose is on a day to day basis #DiabetesChat
Maureensrn Why the continued increase in diabetes? Sedentary lifestyle, Higher Body Weights/ BMI, poor quality food/diet. Any others? #diabeteschat
Amypcampbell @cjonescooks: I’ve heard you can substitute cauliflower for potatoes when making mashed potatoes! #diabeteschat
Cjonescooks Traveling? Pack your own food for the flight, train or car! You control the calories and carbs! #diabeteschat
Goodhealthgirl I try to bring a salad to house parties. Guests appreciate it- they don’t realize how yummy salad can be=less junk+more veg! #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q4 Where do you go to find #hearthealth #turkeyday recipes that are best for those living with #diabetes #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q5 What are some ways to avoid food challenges for diabetics over the holidays? #DiabetesChat #hearthealthy 
Maureensrn Q5 Try and stay with your usual eating schedule as much as possible – less room for temptation! #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Simple way to lower risk of prediabetes….eating healthy and being more active. That’s our focus, tonight. #diabeteschat
Nursefriendly @MaureenSRN Think those are the major causes. Probably 90% of #Diabetes is exacerbated by #Lifestyle choices. #Diabeteschat
Barbierd @MaureenSRN 🙂 diabetes affects people of all walks of life differently Individualized patient centered care is so important! #diabeteschat
Amypcampbell Q5: Try and stay with your usual eating schedule as much as possible – less room for temptation! #diabeteschat
Bethrosen Yes always looking for whole-food ingredients, high in protein, low in sugar, grain free @CDiabetesInfo #DiabetesChat @primetimeparent
Maureensrn As mentioned, with regards to DM education, keep it individualized, personalized and culturally sensitive. #diabeteschat
Smnutritionist Walking for 10 min after each meal helps lower #bloodglucose which “rests” the pancreas, helping prevent or control #diabetes #DiabetesChat
Goodhealthgirl Stay hydrated. More alcohol around the holidays so try spritzers instead. #DiabetesChat
Cjonescooks Another buffet tip: Limit second helpings to vegetables and salads. Go light on the calorie and carb dense foods. #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Avoid food challenges: Be physically active, even in small increments. All activity counts. #diabeteschat
Smnutritionist A good night’s #sleep can do wonders for helping normalize #bloodglucose values #DiabetesChat
Maureensrn Experiment to crate healthier version of your fav foods- steamed over sautéed; fat-free or full fat. #diabeteschat
Amypcampbell Use the plate method: aim to fill half of your plate with veggies, a quarter with some carb and a quarter with protein. #diabeteschat
Maureensrn As always, be selective. Quality over quantity, esp during holidays. 🙂 #diabeteschat
look for lower calorie/lower carb count foods; less sugar content. Improve overall health. #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Q6 What impact does body weight play in #hearthealth? #DiabetesChat
Maureensrn Two words: PORTION DISTORTION. Check those labels for serving size! #diabeteschat
Cjonescooks For holiday desserts, make your own to control calories & carbs. Great #recipes in my new book … tasty and light. #diabeteschat
Barbierd Aim to move more on days when you are attending a party or holiday gathering. Burn sugar and utilize insulin #diabeteschat
Jesschang Be specific & clear with medication directions. Have patients teachback. Intellectual ability doesn’t equal health literacy #DiabetesChat
Maureensrn Excess body weight affects all areas of life…reduced energy capacity, les active, less calories burned. #diabeteschat
Amypcampbell Juice has calories and carbs; diet soda has none. But you can dilute juice with seltzer. #DiabetesChat
Brandongrovejr @cjonescooks What’s best…juice or diet soda? #DiabetesChat
Cjonescooks @brandongrovejr @cjonescooks WATER! Try to avoid sweet drinks, esp during the holidays when other sweets are calling. #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Increase weight also causes inflammatory changes; #heart risk, #diabetes risk, #stroke risk #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Increased body weight can affect stress levels, sleep patterns, and more. Slow, intentional wt loss best. #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Q7 Whats the healthiest type of #turkeyday meal for people with diabetes? #DiabetesChat #hearthealth 
Amypcampbell Q7: Focus on the turkey and lots of veggies, with a small amount of stuffing, potato or sweet potato. #diabeteschat
Smnutritionist Need a #pastasubstitute? Here’s my dinner w squash, ricotta, Parmesan #diabeteschat #glutenfree
Maureensrn As tempting as it is, NOW is NOT the time for crash diets. Eat healthy. Stay healthy. Family first. #diabeteschat
Maureensrn For holidays, be cognizant of portions; use smaller plates, drink more H20, eat more veggies, preplan desserts. #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Make your holiday plate “colorful” including lots of veggies, salads, other high fiber foods. #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Most important, remember, holidays are about family, and memories; holiday dinner is ONE meal, not a weeklong event #diabeteschat
Jesschang Diabetes increases length of stay by 2.5 days #DiabetesChat
Cjonescooks FYI: Some stats show the avg American will consume about 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving. Ouch! Most will clock in at 2,500. #diabeteschat
Amypcampbell If your workplace is filled with holiday treats, bring your own fruit, yogurt, nuts or popcorn to snack on. #diabeteschat
Jesschang Diabetes is caused by environmental factors, genetics, and hormonal interplay. You can manage activity and healthy eating #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q8 What nutrients/foods are best for #hearthealth this holiday season? #DiabetesChat #hearthealth
Smnutritionist Watch your intake of #condiments since ketchup, BBQ & other sauces can add up to significant sources of #carbohydrates #DiabetesChat
Cjonescooks One of the leanest part of the Thanksgiving meal is the turkey breast w/out skin: 4 ounces = 153 calories #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Everyone, not just diabetics, needs to have a healthier version on most holiday meals. Increase fruits, veggies, lean meats #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Better holiday meals- increase fluids, stay hydrated. DO NOT mistake thirst for hunger. #diabeteschat
Amypcampbell Oatmeal, beans, nuts, fruits and veggies are great for heart health – and for diabetes, too! #diabeteschat
Maureensrn Limit alcohol intake- causes dehydration, affects blood sugar, and can impede good food choices #diabeteschat
save1person How many calories should one eat daily to stay healthy #DiabetesChat
maureensrn re: holiday meals. Be selective. Don’t feel a need to “sample” everything on a buffet. Portion control important. #diabeteschat
cjonescooks This holiday season, drink alcohol in moderation, esp if you’re diabetic. Save the wine and beer for dinner. #diabeteschat
smnutritionist Each little food, #exercise or #sleep change can synergistically add up to improving #bloodglucose values #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q9 How to fit in exercise for #hearthealth management over the holidays #travelingwithdiabetes? #DiabetesChat
maureensrn Also “try” to avoid the fried/ fast food, processed foods. We tend to be VERY busy this time of year and go for whats easy. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Preplan meals in advance and your be healthier all around. #diabeteschat
jesschang Patients should ALWAYS prime their insulin pen to ensure delivery otherwise dialing it up doesn’t always mean injection #DiabetesChat
maureensrn On a side note, it is very difficult to start a diet during the holidays. Simply maintaining your wt is accomplishment!! #diabeteschat
maureensrn For those traveling, preplan meals, esp with air travel. Bring your foods for plane rides in case of delays. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Have healthy snacks/meals with you for air travel. Most airline food not “healthy” version. #diabeteschat
amypcampbell Break up exercise into shorter segments, like walking for 10 minutes, 3 times a day, or climbing stairs several times a day. #diabeteschat
jesschang Patients should know that insulin is a normal hormone created by their pancreas, not just from the bottle #Diabeteschat
maureensrn I use layover and plane delays as time to walk in airports. Burn calories; improve circulation and “keep calm” 🙂 #diabeteschat
barbierd roasting vegetables can boost nutrition and help you to feel full without increasing blood sugars. add them to everything #diabeteschat
maureensrn I also work with cardiac patients. Please pay attn. to sodium levels in holiday foods. Lots of sodium can affect CHF, B/p #diabeteschat
smnutritionist #healthychickenpotpie made w #cauliflowercrust low in carbs & tasty too! #diabeteschat #glutenfree
cjonescooks How do you get motivated to #exercise during the holidays? #diabeteschat
mylighttrackrd @cjonescooks I motivate myself to exercise during the holidays by signing up for a race for the spring. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Stay healthy, and stay active. Don’t overdue it and stress yourself during the upcoming weeks. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Simple changes in diet, and exercise can make positive impact and start 2015 off right! #diabeteschat
maureensrn Most importantly, keep remembering , the holidays are about family and friends, not food. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Invited to a party? Bring what YOU like. Avoid excess worry about what “might” be there. Control the situation. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Tis the season….to drink in moderation. Stay hydrated with h20; limit alcohol ( empty calories), Avoid high calorie drinks. #diabeteschat
Remember- no time to beat self up if you overindulge. Get moving, preplan, control next meal. Forgive thyself. #diabeteschat
cjonescooks This Thanksgiving start new and healthy traditions that include the whole family. That means kids in the kitchen too #cook #diabeteschat
maureensrn Holidays often represent desserts! Share serving, taste test, make own sugar free versions, scrap off that xtra frosting! #diabeteschat
maureensrn I cannot stress enough to start reading nutrition labels. Many items are “multiple servings”. Don’t be fooled by the visual. #diabeteschat
maureensrn Limit/control sodium intake when possible. 2300mg/daily recommended; 1500mg daily with heart disease. Difficult but doable #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Thanks for joining us and we hope everyone has a #HappyThanksgiving & #HealthyThanksgiving #DiabetesChat #HeartHealth
cdiabetesinfo For those who didn’t win check out Weider Red Yeast Rice available at Costco for $4 off #DiabetesChat #HeartHealth

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