#DiabetesChat: Weight Loss After 35 (February 25, 2015)

#DiabetesChat January 25, 2015 Twitter Party Transcript

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Event Transcript

Bethrosen Help needed #diabeteschat breakfast is tough – more protein?@LaurenPincusRD @CDiabetesInfo @primetimeparent
Laurenpincusrd @bethrosen I have many breakfast recipes w protein! Coming up! Help needed #diabeteschat breakfast is tough – more protein?@LaurenPincusRD
Bethrosen Feelings about carbs and sugar in fruits – how to balance #diabeteschat @LaurenPincusRD @CDiabetesInfo & @primetimeparent
Addictingops For weight loss after 35, is walking enough? Is high intensity cardio necessary? #diabeteschat #weightloss
Laurenpincusrd            Gr8 question. Always mix fruit w protein/fat to control bs.@BethRosen Feelings about carbs and sugar in fruits -how to balance #diabeteschat
Laurenpincusrd Looks wonderful! RT @smnutritionist: Here’s my Ricotta Buckwheat #highproteinpancakes #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Q1 Is it true that metabolism slows down after 25 and it is harder to lose weight? #Diabeteschat
Laurenpincusrd            A1: Metabolism slows approximately 5% every 10 years, which can = a 100-calorie daily discrepancy.Over time that=weight gain #diabeteschat
Bethrosen Hormones and gaining weight after 34 – best tips to keep in check #diabeteschat @LaurenPincusRD @CDiabetesInfo & @primetimeparent
Laurenpincusrd            A1: @BethRosen After age 35, you lose .5% of muscle mass each year. Strength training can help preserve your precious muscles. #diabeteschat
Diabetesincntrl            @LaurenPincusRD @BethRosen Try to stay away from high carb fruits #diabeteschat
Smnutritionist How about Plain #Greekyogurt with #healthynutmix on top 4 a #granolasubstitute #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo            Glucerna® Shakes from Costco! Helps minimize blood sugar spikes. #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Q2 How else can metabolism be increased, is it necessary to join the gym? #DiabetesChat
Smnutritionist            #Insulinresistance increases w #againg so we handle less carbos & if the #dietbalance does not shift #weightgain will occur #diabeteschat
Diabetesincntrl            The secret to controlling blood sugars is reducing your carbohydrates Steve Freed, R.Ph CDE Your friend in daibetes care #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo Q2 Eating certains food, cardio, weight training too #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd            Quality of carbs is VERY important. RT @DiabetesInCntrl: Steve Freed, R.Ph CDE #diabeteschat
smnutritionist Limit even “healthy” whole grains since they can increase #bloodglucose readings-test 2 hours after meal 2 to determine amount #diabeteschat
doctorsoption            @DiabetesInCntrl are there any good carbs that we can eat and keep control of blood sugars? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q3 How much food should be eaten and how important is portion control? #DiabetesChat
addictingops @DiabetesInCntrl Great idea! Some low carb yummy fruits include berries, apples, apricots, peaches & more! #diabeteschat #weightloss
laurenpincusrd            Yes, just because wholegrain doesn’t mean unlimited RT @smnutritionist: Limit even “healthy” whole grains-they can increase BS #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo Q3 Smaller meals throught the day are more important I would think, those high in protein & fiber. Low GI too #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q4 Do you need “diet” products to lose weight? Are sugar free foods better? #Diabeteschat #wlafter35
lowcarbrd RT @DiabetesInCntrl: The secret to controlling blood sugars is reducing your carbohydrates Steve Freed, R.Ph CDE Your friend in daibete…
laurenpincusrd A2: A study showed 3-4 cups of green tea/day can increase metabolic rate by appox 4%- that could be 50-100 calories. #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo Q4 I don’t think so. But low sugar foods would be a good idea for blood sugar #DiabetesChat
ranadurham   @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD A3: small meals and yes portion control is necessity #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd A2: Fuel up with water. Most of us are mildly dehydrated and that can slow metabolism. Drink up! #diabeteschat 9 cups women/13 cups men
distherapy @LaurenPincusRD Green tea has become my beverage of choice! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q5 How important is sleep when losing weight after 35? Are midnight snacks out of the question? #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd            A2: Eat #breakfast! Just as your car needs gas, you need to jump start your metabolism first thing in the morning. #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13  @CDiabetesInfo Q5 Very important! Sleep helps control the hugar hormone #DiabetesChat
ranadurham @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD A4: no but I do use alternative sugars like honey, coconuts sugar #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            A3: Use MyPlate as a guide! At meals try making plate 1/2 veggies, 1/4 lean protein, 1/4 whole grain #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            Very important for satiety and blood sugar control @BMarketingMaven #diabeteschat Someone just asked me how important fiber is in your diet
laurenpincusrd            @BMarketingMaven There are tons of naturally high fiber #glutenfree foods:sorghum, quinoa, black rice, GF oats. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q6 Do you find yourself eating when you are bored, stressed, or tired, but not hungry? #diabeteschat
smnutritionist #sleepdeprivation increases #gherlin & lowers #leptin which substantially increases yr #appetite #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            A3: Portion control is everything. Never eat from a bag or box, serve yourself one portion and put it away! #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo Q6 Yes, when I’m stressed I often find myself reaching for bad foods #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            Stick to 1oz. Lowest calorie nut= pistachios. 30= 100 calories RT @DoctorsOption: @ADdictingOps #diabeteschat how many nuts are too many?
Laurenpincusrd            Q4: “Diet” products are often filled with more chemicals than nutrients. Stick with healthy “whole” foods whenever possible. #diabeteschat
Ranadurham @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD A6: no never its hard for me to do that ! My boss thinks its weird that I don’t snack #diabeteschat
Addictingops  @LaurenPincusRD @DoctorsOption Looks like I’ve been eating too many nuts! Time to turn to my fruits & veggies #diabeteschat
Laurenpincusrd            A5: Those sleeping less than 6 hrs/day are almost 30 percent more likely to become obese than those who slept 7-9 hrs. #diabeteschat
Smnutritionist            Rick Mattes’s research at Purdue shows #nuts add #fiber & #satiation & do not contribute 2 #weightgain or rise in #glucose #diabeteschat
Diabetesincntrl            @LaurenPincusRD @DoctorsOption Check to see how many carbs for the different nuts and see how it will fit into your food plan #diabeteschat
Laurenpincusrd            A5: There is evidence that too little sleep can affect hormones and metabolism in ways that promote Type 2 diabetes. #diabeteschat
Laurenpincusrd            A5: Snacking for better sleep? Tryptophan is sleep promoting- find it in dairy, nuts, seeds, bananas, and eggs. #diabeteschat
Addictingops  @LaurenPincusRD Do we sleep less as we age? Do people around or above 35 sleep less or more than a younger person? #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Q7 What are some healthy snack ideas to stay satisfied when losing weight? #DiabetesChat
Laurenpincusrd A7: Stick w/ protein & fiber to control blood sugar & keep you full. Roasted chick peas, pumpkin seeds, fruit w nuts/cheese #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo Q7 Hummus, pears (low GI), baked sweet potato fries, and etc #DiabetesChat
primetimeparent @LaurenPincusRD @cdiabetesinfo I started getting more sleep and it really helped me manage my cravings #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd @PinkHippo13 @CDiabetesInfo Yum, I just made butternut squash “fries” Delish! #diabeteschat
addictingops @CDiabetesInfo I love me some carrots! #diabeteschat #healthysnacking
diabetesincntrl            @CDiabetesInfo Celery and peanut butter #diabeteschat
primetimeparent @PinkHippo13 I just love hummus, my husband makes it from scratch #grateful #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            A7: Snack or protein bars can be packed with calories and sugar similar to a candy bar. Read your labels! #diabeteschat
smnutritionist            Hummus or guacamole with veggies for creaminess, crunch, flavor & #satiation #healthysnacks #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo @CDiabetesInfo: Visit @CDiabetesInfo for savings on diabetes products at Costco #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            Great job, knowledge is power 🙂 RT @mommy3sons: @LaurenPincusRD I’ve been reading labels a lot lately #diabeteschat
doctorsoption            @DiabetesInCntrl @CDiabetesInfo What about those rice cakes? Do they have too many carbs? #diabeteschat
mommy3sons @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD q7 I love almonds & cashews #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q8 Does a lot of stress and worry make it harder to lose weight after 35? #DiabetesChat
diabetesincntrl @LaurenPincusRD One of my favorite snacks is to take a slice of processed cheese and put it in the microwave for 40 seconds #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            My Apple Quinoa Bake can be breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert. #noaddedsugar #glutenfree #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD q8 of course, it increased tummy fact hormones #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd            Recs are 25grams/day women, 38g 4 men RT @BMarketingMaven: My friend who is getting so much fiber says she has so much energy #diabeteschat
smnutritionist            Homemade #nutbutters#CashewButter #AlmondButter are amazing, easy to make – pair w carrots or apple 4 crunch #DiabetesChat #healthysnacks
laurenpincusrd A8: When under stress, there’s an urge to do something to relieve it. Often that is food. And not veggies 🙂 #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl            @DoctorsOption Rice cakes are just like eating rice which has too many carbs #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd And refined carbs with little to no fiber. @DiabetesInCntrl @DoctorsOption #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo You can also find more information about exercise & #glucose management on the @Cdiabetesinfo website #DiabetesChat
smnutritionist            Eating a strong #highproteinbreakfast can set the #bloodglucose tone w lower #stresslevels 4 the day #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd            Breakfast with fiber and protein is important! Chocolate Covered Strawberry Overnight Oats #recipe #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q9 Is it important to speak to a doctor before embarking upon a weight loss regimen? #DiabetesChat #wlafter35
primetimeparent @LaurenPincusRD What is a good #distress #healthysnack #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd This Oatmeal Breakfast Pie #recipe is so versatile. Toppings are endless! #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd A9: Yes. Some “diets” are not appropriate for people w/ certain medical conditions.Get OK from your MD & see a dietitian! #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD Q9 I believe so, you could have a problem that doesn’t allow you to exercise too #DiabetesChat #wlafter35
mommy3sons @CDiabetesInfo q9. Yes #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl            What do you think a good A1c result is? #diabeteschat
amypcampbell @CDiabetesInfo Yes – to make sure it’s safe! Weight loss can affect medications that you take, too. #DiabetesChat
smnutritionist #nutcrackers & #seedcrackers like #skinnycrisps & #wheatfreecrusts w cheese & #nutbutters are great 4 #healthysnacks & #fiber #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @RanaDurham @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD yes, it’s important, you should get a weigh in and have your blood checked #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            Has anyone tried powdered peanut butter? 5g protein for 50 calories. Life changing! #diabeteschat Nut butters r healthy but 100 cals per Tbs
cdiabetesinfo Q10 What are some meal plans or recipe ideas to get started on the right path in losing weight after 35? #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo @ADdictingOps has great tips on healthy eating. Browse our magazine for healthy #diabetes living #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd A10: Pump up the veggies: In a study, diners served casseroles made w/ added puréed vegetables ate 200-350 fewer calories/meal #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD Q10 More meals with fish like salmon, and steamed veggies too #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd            A10: 7 Low-Carb Dinner Recipes for #Diabetes via @joybauer #diabeteschat
ranadurham @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD A10: salads and soups #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd            Soups are great! Filling and easy to get extra veggies. RT @RanaDurham: @CDiabetesInfo @LaurenPincusRD A10: salads and soups #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo @CDiabetesInfo: Free shipping on Costco KS Quit2 Gum! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo @CDiabetesInfo: CinSulin water extract of cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Check out @Cdiabetesinfo’s website for great #wlafter35 tips for #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd            So easy. Try w chocolate protein pwdr for a mocha RT @primetimeparent: I want to make the Protein Packed Skinny Vanilla Latte #diabeteschat
primetimeparent Check out @Cdiabetesinfo’s website for great #wlafter35 tips for #DiabetesChat


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