#DiabetesChat: Head Over Heels with Heart Healthy Nutrition (February 11, 2015)

#DiabetesChat Twitter Party February 11, 2015 Transcript

If you were wondering what to prepare for your special someones, this chat would have been a great one to attend, as we talked about healthy foods and recipes. Not to worry if you couldn’t attend though, there are more chat events to come.

We hope you can join us next time!

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Event Transcript

Cdiabetesinfo Q1 What diet can improve weight, blood pressure & cholesterol? #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q2 Name 3 cooking oils that are high in monounsaturated fats. #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q3 Name 3 heart healthy seeds to include in your daily diet? #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q4 What seed with a 1-ounce portion has twice the omega-3s (in the form of ALA) than 4 0z of salmon? #DiabetesChat
Peekababy @CDiabetesInfo @primetimeparent q3 chia seeds, hemp seeds & flax seeds are all pretty heart healthy #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Did you know that heart health and diabetes, when treated with love, can improve overall health? #DiabetesChat
Peekababy @CDiabetesInfo @primetimeparent q4 chia seeds! #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Q5 Omega-3s in fish oil help decrease clotting in blood vessels. Can you name 3 good fish sources of omega-3s? #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q6 How does oat beta-glucan reduce blood cholesterol? #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Not sure what to feed somebody with #diabetes? Look for tweets from @2busy2diet and @Diabetesinfl @cdiabetesinfo #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q7 What is the red wine phytochemical that aids in heart health? #DiabetesChat
Peekababy @CDiabetesInfo it is thought that beta-glucans might help prevent stomach & intestines from absorbing cholesterol from good #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q8 Why is fiber important in heart health? #DiabetesChat
Peekababy @CDiabetesInfo q7 resveratrol #DiabetesChat
Peekababy @CDiabetesInfo q8 soluble fiber helps lower bad cholesterol #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo You can also find more information about exercise and #glucose management on the @Cdiabetesinfo website #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q9 Where is the majority of sodium in the diet found? #DiabetesChat
Peekababy @CDiabetesInfo q9 processed bread #DiabetesChat
Cdiabetesinfo Q10 Drinking what beverage may improve heart health? #DiabetesChat
Primetimeparent A3 @CDiabetesInfo @2Busy2Diet 3 good fish sources are salmon, trout, and sardines #diabeteschat
Primetimeparent RT @2Busy2Diet: @CDiabetesInfo Black/green tea have been shown to improve heart health #diabeteschat
Cdiabetesinfo Check out @Cdiabetesinfo’s website for great #healthyrecipes for #valentinesday #DiabetesChat
2busy2diet @CDiabetesInfo Catechins possess anti-inflammatory effects on plaque formation in blood and arterial walls #diabeteschat
2busy2diet @CDiabetesInfo Plant based diets improve weight, blood pressure, & cholesterol #diabeteschat
Primetimeparent RT @2Busy2Diet: @CDiabetesInfo Fiber helps in lowering cholesterol and aids in providing a sense of fullness to help in weight loss #diabe
Primetimeparent RT @2Busy2Diet: @CDiabetesInfo Catechins possess anti-inflammatory effects on plaque formation in blood and arterial walls #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Thank you again to @2busy2diet for #givingaway their cookbooks and #lovelyadvice tonight #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo RT @primetimeparent: If you missed some of the tweets from tonight’s #DiabetesChat follow @2Busy2Diet @cdiabetesinfo


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