#DiabetesChat: Diabetes Busters (April 22, 2015)


For those of you who couldn’t make it to our April 22, 2015 tweet chat event, we were joined by Lori Shemek, PhD (@lorishemek), America’s #1 Fat Loss Expert! Dr. Lori Shemek is the author of a new book, “How to Fight FATflammation!” (HarperOne, April 2015), which shows how to help reverse diabetes naturally, including easing emotions that can prevent you from creating better habits. She is also a health expert for the #1 ABC Show “Good Morning Texas,” and has been named one of the “Top 16 Health and Fitness Experts” by the Huffington Post.

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Event Transcript


diabetesincntrl @LoriShemek Does behavior have any part in the treatment and management of those with diabetes? #diabeteschat #healthyu
lorishemek @DiabetesInCntrl Yes, behavior in terms of healthy choices, Knowledge & consistency. #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Get our FREE e-book with over 50 great diabetes-friendly recipes today, compliments of Costco Pharmacy! #diabeteschat
quartzcrystals @LoriShemek @CDiabetesInfo Good one. Apparently, grandma’s right. What’s good for the brain is best for our body. #DiabetesChat #ENDALZ
diabetesincntrl @LoriShemek What are the most important healthy choices can those with diabetes take? What do you feel is most important? #diabeteschat
diabetesinfl .@QuartzCrystals @LoriShemek @CDiabetesInfo I agree with grandma #diabeteschat #wisewords
lorishemek @DiabetesInCntrl Nutrition is critical! Focus on foods that balance blood sugar such as oats, cinnamon, salmon, veggies #DiabetesChat
snickerdoo2 We have a family history of diabetes . Is it actually hereditary? #diabeteschat
lorishemek Strawberries – pretty low in calories and carbohydrates and are high in fiber and water w/ nutrients that target fat cells. #DiabetesChat
lorishemek Salmon. High in protein and healthy omega 3 fat. Both stabilize blood sugar and reduce inflammation. #DiabetesChat
lorishemek Add nonstarchy vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, and green beans. These foods are high in fiber and low in carbs. #DiabetesChat
bmarketingmaven I think the best is to try and eat right and be sure to exercise #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd And you get a larger portion than other fruits. = low glycemic and filling. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo SAVE on 24-bttl case of Glucerna® Shakes frm Costco Hlps lessn bld sugar spikes #diabeteschat
lorishemek @DiabetesINFL @Snickerdoo2 It can be a heritable condition. The science of epigenetics shows clearly we have 80% control tho. #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @LoriShemek Love green beans! So low in calories and carbs #diabeteschat
lorishemek @PinkHippo13 So do I! High in fiber too! 🙂 #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Costco KS OPTIFIBER Dissolves FAST in hot/cold drinks & soft foods #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @LoriShemek Yes, can’t forget about the fiber #diabeteschat
primetimeparent .@LoriShemek We love strawberries and blueberries #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @LoriShemek Speaking of salmon, my favorite recipe: So delicious and healthy! #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 @LoriShemek @DiabetesINFL we now eat gluten free incredibly aware of our diet. #diabeteschat
primetimeparent @Snickerdoo2 @LoriShemek I went #gfree and never felt better! #diabeteschat #diabetesbusters
cdiabetesinfo Q1: What foods SHOULD you add to help keep your diabetes in control? #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 What are the better fruits to include in our diet #diabeteschat
momishstyle @CDiabetesInfo A1: Greens and foods low in sugar! #diabeteschat
lorishemek Add the spice Cinnamon. A spice that may have insulin-like effects and help reduce blood sugar levels. #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Save on diabetes supplies! Bayer test strips available w/Costco CMPP program. #diabeteschat
themamamaven I’d like to know this too. RT @Snickerdoo2 What are the better fruits to include in our diet #diabetesbusters #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd A1; Whole foods! Fruits, veggies, real whole grains, lean meats, nuts, seeds, avocado. Easy! #diabeteschat
bmarketingmaven I like to try and eat healthy but I do get cravings #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q2. We know water is the best, any suggestions for making it more tasty? #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Add more fiber! Also greens #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd And cinnamon is perceived as sweet so less added sugars/sweeteners needed in recipes. #diabeteschat @LoriShemek
bmarketingmaven My worst craving is dark chocolate #DiabetesChat
diabetesincntrl Speaking of natural remedies for those w/ diabetes, highly recommended this natural neuropathy remedy #diabeteschat
diabetesinfl @BMarketingMaven Yes, we all have those cravings! #diabeteschat
lorishemek Love Oatmeal! it’s slower to digest and it won’t raise your blood sugar as much or as quickly. #DiabetesChat
diabetesincntrl @BMarketingMaven Cravings are hard – try suppressing them by keeping busy such as taking a walk. Beneficial and stops cravings #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Q2 Add lemons, cucumbers or even frozen berries #diabeteschat
themamamaven Q2: Infusing water with fruits like strawberries and blueberries (they have water bottles/pitchers designed for that). #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd A2: Infusing water is wonderful and refreshing: lemons, limes, cucumber, mint, berries, melon- almost anything. #diabeteschat #noaddedsugar
primetimeparent A2. @CDiabetesInfo We add lemon juice and a few frozen blueberries #diabetesbusters #diabeteschat
christyschomp A2: To add flavor, add fzn berries, slices of citrus or cucumber and/or herbs like mint or sage!
cdiabetesinfo Save! 24 bottle case of Glucerna® @ Costco help s minimize blood sugar spikes #DiabetesChat
twicediabetes @CDiabetesInfo @DiabetesINFL squeeze of fresh line &some mint leaves #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @DiabetesINFL @BMarketingMaven Dr. Bernstein recommends Hoodia in his book #diabeteschat sends signal you are full
lorishemek Water is key to #diabetes health! To make it tastier, freeze clementine slices and use as ice cubes. #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd @LoriShemek Important to know that not all oats are equal. Old fashioned much better for blood sugar than instant packets. #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @LoriShemek What about those who are worried about their cholesterol levels, what do you recommend? #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 Love lemon or blueberry in my water #diabeteschat
diabetesinfl .@ChristysChomp that sounds like delicious water# #diabeteschat
christyschomp @LaurenPincusRD @LoriShemek Great point! #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @DiabetesINFL @BMarketingMaven We sell Hoodia @doctorsoption #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Get a FREE TRUEresult blood glucose monitoring system frm Costco pharmacy today! #diabeteschat
lorishemek A healthy diet, high in fiber, healthy fats and lean proteins while reducing excess carbs. @themamamaven @DiabetesInCntrl #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 Could not survive without Costco and the great fruits and veggies there! #diabeteschat
christyschomp @DiabetesINFL My kids call that “fancy water.” Fancy and refreshing! #DiabetesChat
lorishemek It is really about the quality and types of foods you put in your body that count! #DiabetesChat
snickerdoo2 @LoriShemek @themamamaven @DiabetesInCntrl the carbs are what get me. But I do it #diabeteschat
bmarketingmaven In the summer I would like to try and make a frozen treat with all the berries everyone was talking about #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q3. What is the connection between diabetes and inflammation? #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @Snickerdoo2 @LoriShemek @themamamaven Carbs gets to us too. It is touch to reduce, but necessary #diabeteschat
themamamaven I’m snacking on the delicious strawberries I bought at Costco yesterday right now. Nom, Nom #diabetesbusters #diabeteschat
thebikinichef YES! > @LoriShemek: It is really about the quality and types of foods you put in your body that count! #DiabetesChat
doctorsoption @LoriShemek I agree quality food is important. Love the idea of fruits in water, too! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo CinSulin® patented water extract of cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar levels #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Q3 it helps lower blood sugar, and move waste out of the body #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd @themamamaven I’m noshing on my @Costco raspberries 🙂 #diabeteschat @primetimeparent @LoriShemek
primetimeparent .@Snickerdoo2 Saw the best @vitamix demo by Linda @costco this past week and all recipes #lowsugar #gfree #diabeteschat
lorishemek To WANT to drink more water, try this: Tear up some fresh mint leaves and leave to steep in water before drinking. #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q4. How do sugars affect the skin? #diabeteschat
bmarketingmaven I have been dealing with inflammation. Can be painful #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl Often a person can be completely unaware of the symptoms associated w/ high cholesterol. Take the test #diabeteschat
themamamaven @LaurenPincusRD @Costco Yum!! I almost bought those yesterday, but I figured with 4 lbs of strawberries I’d be okay. #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @CDiabetesInfo With type 2 diabetes inflammation is internal #diabeteschat
christyschomp @LaurenPincusRD @themamamaven @Costco @primetimeparent @LoriShemek We love fzn raspberries! Stick in fzr and snack on them:) #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo TRY THE BD AUTOSHIELD DUO™ PEN NEEDLE TODAY! Click here for Free Box Offer:
doctorsoption @CDiabetesInfo obesity and internal inflammation are also related #diabeteschat
lorishemek Have you tried a Water Infusion Bottle for tasty healthy water? It is amazing! You can find them on sites like Amazon. #DiabetesChat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Q4 For me, it causes my face to break out, and get itchy #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @CDiabetesInfo Fat cells can produce chemicals that can lead to inflammation #diabeteschat
lorishemek A3. Circulating glucose and intake causes oxidative stress and inflammatory changes including fat cell inflammation. #DiabetesChat
diabetesincntrl @LoriShemek How do you feel about meditation? Does it help control thoughts during the day that ultimately affect our choices? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q5. Is there a benefit to keeping a health/fitness journal? #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @PinkHippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek skin conditions are common in people with diabetes #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd A3: I explain to patients that having chronic elevated glucose is like having sand in your socks. Irritating to vessels. #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Q5 I think it’s great to track your eating habits & how they affect you #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 @CDiabetesInfo knowing what you eat exercise etc keeping you aware #DiabetesChat
lorishemek Sugar caramelizes & oxidizes the skin tissues, changes the structure = wrinkles & sagging. #DiabetesChat
lorishemek A5: Yes. Studies show just recording what you eat/drink DOUBLES your weight loss! Accountability. #DiabetesChat
bmarketingmaven I sometimes do a form of meditation #diabeteschat
christyschomp A5: It helps keep ppl accountable for what they are doing to self manage diabetes. Journaling can be motivating for many. #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek keeping track of your A1c can help you keep a hold of your blood sugar #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Free shipping on Costco KS Quit2 Gum + quitting tips from a Costco pharmacist #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd A5: keeping records makes you think twice before eating, you may not eat it if you have to record it. #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @LaurenPincusRD Nutrinerve is a natural remedy for different things such as that pain in your feet #diabeteschat
themamamaven @LaurenPincusRD Exactly. Now you can easily keep track of what you eat on your smartphone. Better than the WW food journals. #diabeteschat
bmarketingmaven I need to exercise and I need portion control I like to eat a lot #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @DoctorsOption @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Couldn’t agree more! Testing your A1C at home in only 5 mins! #diabeteschat
primetimeparent A6. @LoriShemek keeping track of water consumption totally helped me lose weight #diabeteschat
melinda74 @CDiabetesInfo A5 yes makes you more aware of whta your eating #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q6. How does exercise impact on #diabetes health? #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @themamamaven @LaurenPincusRD @LoriShemek any good suggestions for phone apps for journaling for diet? #diabeteschat
christyschomp @themamamaven @LaurenPincusRD Lots of gr8 phone apps 4 tracking diet and exercise! I use @Runtastic to track my bike rides. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo 3) FREE OneTouch Ultra®2 or UltraMini® Meter from Costco Pharmacy! #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Q6 I know it helps! Reducing blood pressure, and buring fat #diabeteschat
melinda74 @CDiabetesInfo A6 makes me feel better so I can be more active #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 @CDiabetesInfo keeping sugar levels better #diabeteschat
christyschomp A6: I tell clients exercise can be just as or more effective than meds to help control gluc. Helps w/ insulin sensitivity. #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 Reducing BP as well #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @ChristysChomp @themamamaven @LaurenPincusRD @Runtastic Fitbit is great b/c it tracks your daily progress & you can log meals #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Great prices on Weider® Red Yeast Rice Plus! Proven to help lower cholesterol: #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Clients like MyFitnessPal but need to ignore calorie recs. Need to individualize w a professional #diabeteschat.
christyschomp A6: exercise helps meds work more effectively and together w/ diet, is a SAFE wt loss method! #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @PinkHippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Q6 be sure to check your blood sugar levels around exercising for people w diabetes #diabeteschat
lorishemek @The_Princess_K Fats found in fatty fish such as salmon, nuts, seeds, olive oil, egg yolks & more! #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo PWD -2Xmre likly to devlp gum disease Colgate Total® toothpaste at Costco cn hlp #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @Snickerdoo2 A1C Test tells you what the average blood sugar level has been for the past 2 to 3 months #diabeteschat
quartzcrystals @LoriShemek @CDiabetesInfo what’s the active ingredient in infused water that interacts with #Diabetes except the flavor? #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q7. What are some healthy grains? #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Q7 Brown rice, quinoa, barley too #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo You can also find more information about exercise and #glucose management on the @Cdiabetesinfo website #DiabetesChat
melinda74 @CDiabetesInfo A7 barley #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd So many great ones! Sorghum, farro, quinoa, oats, buckwheat, freekeh. #diabeteschat
casblovable247 @LoriShemek love cucumber & lemon infusion:-) #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q8. How can you get the motivation to move? #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @LaurenPincusRD what do you do with sorghum? what is farro and freekeh?? #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Must schedule your exercise like an appointment with yourself. Set aside the time for self care! #diabeteschat
melinda74 @CDiabetesInfo A8 family help #diabeteschat
christyschomp @CDiabetesInfo #diabeteschat Healthy grains include whole wheat, bulgar, rye, oats, quinoa (technically a seed, but..!) and so many more!
themamamaven Q8: You just have to.. but you can make it fun. Zumba, classes, running. etc.. do things that make you happy. diabetesbusters #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek Q8 What motivating videos, and read stoires too! #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @CDiabetesInfo Best motivation out there? Music! It will inspire you to get up and move! #diabeteschat #ShakeItOff
snickerdoo2 @CDiabetesInfo brown rice #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd @DoctorsOption Here are some recipes I’ve done for the @SorghumCheckoff (#client) #diabeteschat #glutenfree
snickerdoo2 @CDiabetesInfo FitBit helps me #diabeteschat
primetimeparent @DoctorsOption @LaurenPincusRD These sound so interesting #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @CDiabetesInfo Q8 get into a routine & find a fun place to exercise #diabeteschat
difamili_df #KCA #VoteJKT48ID melinda74: CDiabetesInfo A8 family help #diabeteschat
christyschomp Find an activity you love or try a new one! Ask a friend or family member to join you. Take your kids/grandkids along:) #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd @DoctorsOption I just made farro tonight with chicken teriyaki instead of rice. MUCH higher in fiber and protein. #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @primetimeparent @LoriShemek Q8 Watch motivating video, & read stories too #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @DiabetesInCntrl @CDiabetesInfo Nothing inspires me like a gymn full of hot, sweaty men, lolololll #diabeteschat
themamamaven @LaurenPincusRD Do you cook Farro like rice? #diabeteschat
lyfebulb @DiabetesInCntrl @CDiabetesInfo great advice! Find your tunes and get going. #diabeteschat
lorishemek Healthy grains? Oats, brown rice, whole grain barley, quinoa (seed really), wild rice (seed really), teff, whole rye & more! #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd Yes, just like rice, though you don’t need to absorb all the water. Can drain out extra. #diabeteschat
lyfebulb @ChristysChomp great idea- power can come in pairs. #diabeteschat
christyschomp So many YouTube exercise videos to check out and apps like @Nike fitness app, too. #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Has  anyone tried  black rice? Very high in protein, fiber and antioxidants! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q9. How do Omega-3 fats impact on one’s glucose levels? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Save Money on Medicine w/Costco Member Prescription Program #diabeteschat
lorishemek Always go back to your ‘why’ why you wanted health or fitness in the first place. Feel the emotion of it. Reach for as needed.#DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Grab our FREE e-book with over 50 great diabetes-friendly recipes today, compliments of Costco Pharmacy #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @primetimeparent @LoriShemek Q9 Hmm, I’m not sure actually. I know its good for heart #diabeteschat
bmarketingmaven Does the Princess K fats also include coconut oil. I have been trying to bake with it instead of butter #diabeteschat
primetimeparent .@LoriShemek quinoa sushi instead of white rice! #diabeteschat #diabetesbusters
yepezdra @GerardoGarciade tal vez quieras seguir a @LoriShemek quien hoy da un muy interesante #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @ChristysChomp @Nike Also there are some good exercise shows #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q10. Swap this for that? Can you suggest some good exchanges? #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 @CDiabetesInfo I don’t know can’t wait to get the book #diabeteschat
casblovable247 @CDiabetesInfo preferrably non-GMO ones if u can find them:-) …quinoa is delish! #diabeteschat #nongmo
lorishemek Omega 3 fats found in fatty fish such as wild salmon, walnuts or omega 3 #supplements, improve both insulin levels/resistance. #DiabetesChat
diabetesincntrl @ChristysChomp Pinterest has great workouts to search from as well #fitness #diabeteschat #healthyliving
doctorsoption @LaurenPincusRD no, but I’ve tried black bean spaghetti, very interesting texture, not bad at all #diabeteschat
snickerdoo2 @CDiabetesInfo brown rice for potatoes. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Get a FREE OneTouch Ultra®2 or UltraMini® Meter from Costco Pharmacy! #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @LoriShemek @primetimeparent q10 greek yogurt instead of sour cream, unsweeten apple sauce in recipes #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd A10: Swap mayo in tuna or egg salad for plain Greek yogurt. Works wonders and saves tons of calories! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Get a FREE TRUEresult blood glucose monitoring system frm Costco pharmacy today! #diabeteschat
burgersandjeans DiabetesInCntrl: ChristysChomp Pinterest has great workouts to search from as well #fitness #diabeteschat #healthyliving
burgersandjeans DoctorsOption: RT DiabetesInCntrl: ChristysChomp Pinterest has great workouts to search from as well #fitness #diabeteschat #healthyliving
burgersandjeans DiabetesINFL: RT DiabetesInCntrl: ChristysChomp Pinterest has great workouts to search from as well #fitness #diabeteschat #healthyliving
christyschomp A10: @CDiabetesInfo Definitely swap whole grains in place of low/no fiber refined ones. Simple swap! #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd @DoctorsOption @DoctorsOption black bean pasta is great. SUPER high in fiber and protein! #diabeteschat @explore_asian
diabetesincntrl @LaurenPincusRD a touch of olive oil instead of mayo for tuna is delish too! #diabeteschat #healthyeating
cdiabetesinfo Thank you so much @lorishemek for being with us today. Do you have any parting words for us? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Share your #diabetesbusting tips with us on Facebook and Pinterest #diabeteschat
yepezdra @LoriShemek Could you please tell some examples of healthy fat? What about avocados? Coco? What about nuts? Cocoa? #diabeteschat
bmarketingmaven I have tried black rice or muti colored rice it tastes yummy don’t really notice a difference #diabeteschat
twicediabetes cinnamon may help lower insulin resistance slightly, doesn’t have “insulin-like properties” AFAIK. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Continue the conversation & “like” @Cdiabetesinfo on Facebook #Diabeteschat
lorishemek @YepezDra Fatty fish, nuts, seeds, eggs, chia seeds, flax seeds, spinach (yes!), supplements and more! #DiabetesChat
diabetesincntrl The #thyroid regulates metabolism, energy usage, body temperature, weight, & heart rate. Take the test #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Follow & pin us on Pinterest #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd @LoriShemek @YepezDra Hemp seeds are a great source of omega 3 fats too! #diabeteschat
lorishemek Swap mayo with avocado or hummus, milk for almond milk, bread crumbs for rolled oats, sour cream for Greek yogurt. #DiabetesChat
primetimeparent @LoriShemek @YepezDra the makings of a great salad #diabeteschat #hungryforhealthy
cdiabetesinfo Follow us on our instgram #DiabetesChat #dailyinspiration
cdiabetesinfo Keep following us here on Twitter and let us know about your #diabetes needs #DiabetesChat
twicediabetes Med.jnl article re study of omega-3 fatty acids in t2 Ds #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo For past #diabeteschat topics check out our @Cdiabetesinfo’s website
doctorsoption Mini portable electronic scale, with free Calorie King book #diabeteschat
yepezdra @LoriShemek what about sugar substitutes? (I think they aren’t healthy) #DiabetesChat
doctorsoption @YepezDra @LoriShemek Stevia is probably one of the better choices #diabeteschat
quartzcrystals @LoriShemek @YepezDra @CDiabetesInfo hydrating with #Silica works on a cellular level for #Diabetes. Check it out. #DiabetesChat


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