#DiabetesChat: Diabetes and Mindful Eating (April 8, 2015)

#diabeteschat Twitter Party on April 8, 2015

Many thanks to writer, speaker, dietitian, and diabetes educator Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD. CDE and everybody who attended our April 8 Twitter chat event for making it a big success!

Megrette showed us how mindful eating can break bad habits and bring us joy and health.

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Event Transcript


mindfuleatingrd #mindfuleating tip #diabetes – wanting to eat due to an emotion means ur human. Pause Breathe Smile #diabeteschat.
suburbanwifedp #win 1 of (5) copies of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat w/Diabetes #diabeteschat 4-8, 8pmET #mindfuleating @primetimeparent
mindfuleatingrd #mindfuleating tip Tune in to what you want #diabetes #diabeteschat. ENJOY vs eating w/guilt.
mindfuleatingrd #diabetes #diabeteschat #midfuleating Learn patterns of thinking so you can live the balanced, vibrant life you crave
cdiabetesinfo We are so fortunate to have Megrette from @mindfuleatingRD with us tonight for #DiabetesChat #mindfuleating
cdiabetesinfo #win 1 of (5) signed copies of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes #diabeteschat 4-8 8pmET#mindfuleating @mindfuleatingRD
cdiabetesinfo Save on diabetes supplies! Bayer test strips available on Costco CMPP program.  #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @MindfulEatingRD How does music or lighting influence how much and how fast we eat? #diabeteschat
amypcampbell Hi everyone! People with diabetes r often given so many food “rules.” Mindful eating can really be helpful! #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Hey all, I’m Lauren a dietitian from NJ- @CDiabetesInfo #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
primetimeparent .@mindfuleatingRD Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD. CDE, is a Writer, Speaker, Dietitian, and Diabetes Educator #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
mindfuleatingrd #diabeteschat, #mindfuleating, #diabetes @amihungry Savor every aspect of eating – yes, even with diabetes
primetimeparent Welcome to #DiabetesChat! What questions do you have for Megrette Fletcher RD @mindfuleatingRD tonight! #mindfuleating
doctorsoption FREE enewsletter for diabetes health educators at #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj Hi Im Erin a dietitian and diabetes educator based in NJ #diabeteschat
sarahjeanrd New and updated edition of Legal Rights of Students with Diabetes Very comprehensive! #diabetes #diabeteschat
eatwhatyoulove Without #mindfuleating having #diabetes can feel like one excruciating long #diet! #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @DoctorsOption Avocados are a good fat! They reduce bad cholesterol and lowers your risk of heart disease #diabeteschat
kjh63 @primetimeparent @MindfulEatingRD I just had a stroke 3 weeks ago what can I do to prevent it happening again? #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
dietexpertnj #Mindfuleating is key to making dietary changes a lifestyle & not a “diet” #diabeteschat
dearjanis Mindful is also the key to effective listening. #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd Eat what you love without guilt or fear of losing control #diabeteschat, #diabetes, #mindfuleating
diabetesincntrl @kjh63 Kelly, having high blood pressure increases the risk for another. Controlling blood sugar & blood pressure is key #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo #diabeteschat You can also follow and tweet to us on Tweetchat. Link below:
cdiabetesinfo Q1: Is it possible to savor every aspect of eating, even living with prediabetes or diabetes? #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj I find clients who master #mindfuleating are the most successful at managing blood glucose and weight #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @StrongerThanT1D Welcome Cayla! Do you have any advice for those who recently found they have diabetes? #diabeteschat
amypcampbell @mindfuleatingRD: What’s a good way to get started with mindful eating? #diabeteschat
kjh63 @DiabetesInCntrl My Bp was high I am fine now but BP is under control #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @DiabetesInCntrl @kjh63 A1C Testing will help you control blood sugar. #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A1: Absolutely! Having diabetes does not mean you cant enjoy your food and eat delicious food! #Diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @CDiabetesInfo Completely! Grab a smaller plate! It takes less to fill it up and you’ll savor the food more #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Costco KIRKLAND SIGNATURE OPTIFIBER dissolves fast in soft foods/hot&cold drinks #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Absolutely. Healthy food can be delicious,& even more enjoyable when it makes you feel better! RT @CDiabetesInfo: Q1: #diabeteschat
primetimeparent @kjh63 #diabeteschat what do you do to keep your BP under control? #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd Explore whether certain emotions trigger you to eat. – #diabetes #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
cdiabetesinfo Q2 How can foods that are incredibly sweet be eaten without guilt or fear of losing control? #diabeteschat
primetimeparent Picking the (2) winners of signed copies of Megrette Fletcher’s book #mindfuleating #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd #diabeteschat #mindfuleating #diabetes. Discover powerful ways of knowing when, what, to eat w/no restrictive rules
doctorsoption #diabeteschat smaller plate bigger appetite!
mandi_smith0319 @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ @LaurenPincusRD @amypcampbell @dearjanis @DiabetesINFL nice to see everyone #DiabetesChat
dearjanis A1: Takes more effort to overcome the guilt. Import to invite yr diabetes/prediabetes to enjoy the food w/you #diabeteschat
kjh63 @primetimeparent I had a bleed on the brain, I am on meds #diabeteschat
amypcampbell Dinner plates these days can be 12 inches in diameter – up 3 inches from the plates from the 1960’s! #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Very small portion, savor each morsel. RT @CDiabetesInfo: Q2 How can foods that are incredibly sweet be eaten without guilt? #diabeteschat
weightlossextr I find clients who master #mindfuleating are the most successful at managing blood glucose and weight #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @CDiabetesInfo Reach for fruit! A deal so sweet you just can’t pass up! #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
dietexpertnj A2: Sweet foods are not off limits with #diabetes – total carbs r key. Portion control is essential #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Grt prices on brand name vitamins at Costco for people w/diabetes & prediabetes #diabeteschat
missstephanieb @amypcampbell everything is so super sized! Gah! I miss mini coffees and real “snacks” #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
primetimeparent @kjh63 So grateful you got the help you needed and things are in control #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd I know. Clients laugh when I show them a 9″ plate. RT @amypcampbell: Dinner plates can be 12 inches in diameter #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Save Money on Medicine with the Costco Member Prescription Program #diabeteschat
kjh63 @primetimeparent Did you know if you catch a stroke in 3 hours, they can reverse it? #diabeteschat
primetimeparent I am also choosing winners by your RTs tonight during #diabetesChat #tweet2win
mindfuleatingrd #diabetes #mindfuleating #diabeteschat – Fear can’t motivate you for long. Enjoyment of food and eating can.
diabetesincntrl You’re prone to eat more when you’re dining with friends. Be mindful when dining out #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
cdiabetesinfo Q3 What are some ways to know when it is time to stop eating, without restrictive rules? #Diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Follow the hunger scale- pay attention. RT @CDiabetesInfo: Q3 What are some ways to know when it is time to stop eating #Diabeteschat
doctorsoption RT @DiabetesInCntrl: You’re prone to eat more when you’re dining with friends. Be mindful when dining out #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
dietexpertnj A3: Eat slowly! It takes almost 20 minutes for the stomach to get the message too ur brain that u are full #mindfuleating #diabeteschat
strongerthant1d @DiabetesInCntrl Just that D is not the end of the world by any means and that it really does get better with tiime. #diabeteschat
kjh63 @primetimeparent I am so glad we are talking about this, since I had my stroke #diabeteschat
dearjanis A2: overcome guilt with reliable info #diabeteschat
beyond32teeth @LaurenPincusRD @CDiabetesInfo #diabeteschat If food is very nutrient dense, so much easier to not go overboard on sweets.
mindfuleatingrd @citymomsecrets #mindfuleating #diabeteschat – OMG! So correct. We fool ourselves into thinking a small is a small. Check in with hunger 1stWed Apr 8 17:20:41 PDT 2015   ReplyRetweetFavorite
laurenpincusrd A3: Eating til full is too much. I tell people, no longer hungry. Need to eat without distraction to notice. #diabeteschat
kjh63 @primetimeparent whats the likely hood if your parent has diabetes, you will as well ? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q4 What is the connection between eating and physical activity and how they both affect blood sugar? #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell A3: Do nothing else while eating – no TV, iPad, laptop, iPhone…focus on what and how much you’re eating! #diabeteschat
mandi_smith0319 A1 for sure having diabetes doesn’t have to damper you enjoying your food #Diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd I actually have clients sign a contract to stop distracted eating 🙂 RT @amypcampbell: A3: Do nothing else while eating #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A4: Exercise reduces blood glucose levels & decreases insulin resistance #DiabetesChat
mindfuleatingrd There are great resources on #mindfuleating at and! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo CinSulin® patented water extract of cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar levels #diabeteschat
amypcampbell @LaurenPincusRD: Great idea and really drives home importance of focusing on eating! #diabeteschat
strongerthant1d A1 Of course. You just need to be sure to count your carbs and be control in what you are eating. Portion size is important. #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @MindfulEatingRD a smart decision in the moment is a smart decision for life! #diabeteschat
primetimeparent Congrats! @mandi_smith0319 @BeatrizVarreila you won the first (2) copies of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes #DiabetesChat
mindfuleatingrd @CDiabetesInfo @DiabetesINFL #DiabetesChat Great resources and ideas on #mindfuleating and #diabetes.
diabetesincntrl Check out Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes University #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj Regular exercise also helps to shed #bellyfat, a risk factor for #diabetes #DiabetesChat tips for burning #bellyfat:
mandi_smith0319 @LaurenPincusRD A3 that is completely true Eat only until satisfied overeating is such a huge problem in society #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q5 Do you find it difficult to monitor blood-sugar when out with friends or in social settings? #Diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd Understand how eating and physical activity affect your blood sugar #mindfuleating #diabetes #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl Just for #diabeteschat A1CNow 10 Pack and FREE pedometer while supplies last.
primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ Can sit-ups help with #bellyflat #DiabetesChat
kjh63 @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent @citymomsecrets I am so bad about eating at night too #diabeteschat
mandi_smith0319 @CDiabetesInfo sometimes yes but you just have to be aware of what you are doing #Diabeteschat
kjh63 @DietExpertNJ @primetimeparent agrees #diabeteschat
amypcampbell A4: Food nourishes the body but can raise BG; physical activity lowers BG while boosting health and strength! #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj @primetimeparent They tone the core, but they dont shed #visceralfat – diet & a combo of resistance & cardio exercise will #diabeteschat
primetimeparent I get so jealous of all the people I see jogging! I really want to start! #DiabetesChat #getfit
dietexpertnj @primetimeparent U can do it- start w small intervals. Walk for 5 minutes, jog for 30 seconds, then repeat & build up #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ Oh yeah! That is a great exercise! Try ‘Russian Twists’ as well! #diabeteschat #fitness #exercise
strongerthant1d A2 Just remember that it is okay to treat yourself sometimes and this is not something you should feel bad or guilty about. #diabeteschat
bethrosen My Dr just told me get heart rate up even 20 min per day @DoctorsOption to save mind and body #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Great prices on Weider® Red Yeast Rice Plus Proven to help lower cholesterol: #diabeteschat
diabetesinfl .@BethRosen What exercise did your doc suggest to do that? #DiabetesChat
diabetesincntrl @kjh63 May sound silly, but set a timer at night! Snacking not allowed after a certain time.. the old school way to train! #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @DiabetesInCntrl @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ Ok, I’ll ask, what are Russian Twists? #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @amypcampbell #diabeteschat so right. The eyes are always bigger than the stomach! #mindfuleating
mindfuleatingrd #diabetes #mindfuleating #diabeteschat Learn the basics of nutrition in clear, practical terms
beyond32teeth @CDiabetesInfo #diabeteschat So many of my pts. don’t realize carbs turn to #sugars. #cavities often heighten me to thoughts of pre-diabetes
doctorsoption #diabeteschat Check out for loads of FREE information on managing diabetes #lowcarb
primetimeparent @DiabetesInCntrl @DietExpertNJ Nothing like a visit to a pool to get a reality check on #bellyfat #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q6. Feeling anxious about diabetes self-management? How to stop the anxiety? #diabeteschat
kjh63 @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent @citymomsecrets I have tried to do this, not hungry mindless snacking #diabeteschat
strongerthant1d A4 I find when I watch what I eat and eat lower carb and exercise more my bgs tend to be better then when I don’t. #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj @DoctorsOption @DiabetesInCntrl @primetimeparent They r a great core exercise: #diabeteschat
bethrosen Love you tips on carbs it’s so confusing thank you @MindfulEatingRD #diabeteschat
diabetesinfl @CDiabetesInfo: #diabeteschat You can also follow and tweet to us on Tweetchat. Link below:
primetimeparent @Beyond32Teeth Holidays can really bring on the carbs if not mindful of healthier alternatives, especially during #passer #diabeteschat
missstephanieb @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @primetimeparent I think it’s purely stress eating! #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
kjh63 @primetimeparent I think the other thing people don’t realize is sleep affects your overall health too #diabeteschat
doctorsoption So True! #diabeteschat
strongerthant1d A5 I do not struggle with this issue. Diabetes is just my normal, and I manage it just like I normally would when w/ other ppl #diabeteschat
missstephanieb @kjh63 @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent agree! I’m hungry right now! Lol #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
mindfuleatingrd @amypcampbell #mindfuleating #diabeteschat. Thanks Amy! Rules are the harsh voices that can zap motivation and desire to change!
diabetesincntrl @primetimeparent @DietExpertNJ Trying on swimsuits in stores is the earliest reality check! #diabeteschat #healthylifestyle
amypcampbell A6: Remind yourself of what’s going “well,” then focus on 1-2 areas to work on. Don’t try to do everything at one! #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj @primetimeparent @DiabetesInCntrl Its not 2 late to lose #bellyfat b4 #swimsuitseason Use my fav tips: #diabeteschat
dearjanis A6: Anxiety is normal. Accept it, give it time to wane, then get back to caring for your needs. #diabeteschat
lml1lfc @DiabetesINFL: .@BethRosen What exercise did your doc suggest to do that? #DiabetesChat” – Holiday in Syria.
kjh63 @citymomsecrets @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent I think so as well #diabeteschat
primetimeparent @amypcampbell It is so important to know how to be mindful #mindfuleating @mindfuleatingRD #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl It’s a marathon, not a sprint! Long-term follow up key to keeping yourself on track. #diabeteschat #fitness #healthylifestyle
missstephanieb @MindfulEatingRD so true. Ill just eat to finish the plate so try 4 smaller plates. I can eat a lot –
kjh63 @MindfulEatingRD @citymomsecrets @primetimeparent I totally agree #MindfulEating #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd #mindfuleating #diabetes #diabeteschat Embrace blood-sugar monitoring with an attitude of curiosity instead of fear
bethrosen Are olives also a good source @primetimeparent &DiabetesInCntrl @DietExpertNJ #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl Diabetes care products – scales, insulin wallets, pedometer & more ON SALE #diabeteschat
mandi_smith0319 @primetimeparent me too I have since lost 70lbs in the last 4 months out of fear for my health but not running yet #DiabetesChat #getfit
mindfuleatingrd @citymomsecrets @kjh63 @primetimeparent #mindfuleating #diabeteschat when 3y/o daughter put me in a time out :>) That worked! Not food
cdiabetesinfo Q7 There are never enough hours in the day, but how to find time for exercise? #diabeteschat
missstephanieb @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @primetimeparent lol no. #mindoverfood #imhungry #diabeteschat
strongerthant1d A6 Just know that all you can do is your best! Also, another huge thing STAY POSITIVE! Attitudes everything with D! #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A7: Its all about priorities- schedule time to exercise just like any appointment. Break it into intervals throughout the day #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd Make an appointment with yourself! RT @CDiabetesInfo: Q7 There are never enough hours in the day, how to find time toexercise? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Find more information about exercise & #glucose management on the @Cdiabetesinfo website #DiabetesChat
dearjanis A7: Make a daily exercise appt with yourself. You are the most important client! #diabeteschat
primetimeparent @DiabetesInCntrl @Dietexpertnj I am so impressed w/the amount of people I see that are fit as well, even moms’ w/babies in tow #diabeteschat
missstephanieb @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @primetimeparent i did just get a @fitbit today though!
cdiabetesinfo Q8. Does the term “medication” make you worry about your diabetes care? Why? #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell Mindful eating shown to be just as effective as traditional nutrition approaches in lowering blood sugars and weight! #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd #mindfuleiating #diabeteschat Food can only fix hunger. It can’t pay the bills or fill us with a sense of love – no matte how much we eat!
dietexpertnj @primetimeparent @DiabetesInCntrl Its all a balance- fit in exercise anywhere- ur baby can be ur workout buddy! #diabeteschat
kjh63 @citymomsecrets @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent @fitbit So great, I have been walking alot to my fav places #diabeteschat #Mindfuleating
primetimeparent @mandi_smith0319 congrats on the weight loss!! #DiabetesChat #mindfuleating
strongerthant1d Q7 that’s where time management skills come into place. Put it on your high priorities must each day and ensure it gets done. #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @DietExpertNJ Once you schedule time daily to exercise, your body will get used to it and will want that exercise! #diabeteschat #fitnessWed Apr 8 17:39:10 PDT 2015   ReplyRetweetFavorite
mindfuleatingrd @citymomsecrets @kjh63 @primetimeparent @fitbit #diabeteschat let me know how it works for you. Gadgets don’t motivate me like curiosity!
dietexpertnj @primetimeparent @DiabetesInCntrl I use my baby as my weight & exercise w him exercises #ontheblog #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @citymomsecrets @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @primetimeparent @fitbit Does the @fitbit help you to keep your diet on track? #diabeteschat
mandi_smith0319 @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent very very very true! #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd #diabetes #diabeteschat #mindfuleating Decrease your anxiety about diabetes self-management
doctorsoption Get a Free Prediabetes Info Kit sponsored by @DiabetesInCntrl on Doctor’s Option #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj Exactly! #DiabetesChat #getmoving
diabetesincntrl Higher #fitness may be linked to a lower risk of incident diabetes #thefacts #diabeteschat
primetimeparent @MindfulEatingRD So important when traveling, can totally bring on the “I am on vacation so I can eat more” mentality #guilty #DiabetesChat
doctorsoption @mandi_smith0319 @primetimeparent Wow, what were some of your techniques? #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @CureT1Diabetes @EatWhatYouLove #diabeteschat – ADA position paper!
missstephanieb @kjh63 @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent @fitbit I try to walk a lot too – much easier with nicer weather! #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
cdiabetesinfo Free shipping on Costco KS Quit2 Gum! & quitting tips from a Costco pharmacist: #DiabetesChat
missstephanieb @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @primetimeparent @fitbit haha it’s purely curiosity to see how active I am everyday! #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @primetimeparent #mindfuleating #diabeteschat So TRUE! We forget the adventure of traveling is the reward – discover something new!
kjh63 @DoctorsOption @citymomsecrets @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent @fitbit it keeps me accountable #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q9 Why is it important to take charge in preventing the complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes? #diabeteschat
missstephanieb @DoctorsOption @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @primetimeparent @fitbit it does have that option! #DiabetesChat
strongerthant1d @primetimeparent @MindfulEatingRD imo during things such as vacation it is okay to not be so strict and treat yourself. #diabeteschat
dearjanis A6: Tools for dealing with anxious patients in my new book. #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @citymomsecrets @kjh63 @primetimeparent @fitbit #diabeteschat FAV!!! It was snowing on my way home! Looking forward to spring!
mandi_smith0319 @CDiabetesInfo my biggest anxiety reliever is walking and I find it really helps in managing blood sugar levels as well #diabeteschat
kjh63 @citymomsecrets @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent @fitbit I love the accountablity factor #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo A9 because it’s easier to prevent than it is to treat! #diabeteschat
primetimeparent Congrats to @citymomsecrets and @kjh63 you won the next (2) copies of Megrette’s book #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
kjh63 @MindfulEatingRD @citymomsecrets @primetimeparent @fitbit where is home? My friend just said it was snowing in NH #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo A8 of course, i worry if it’s a lifelong med #diabeteschat
amypcampbell A9: Diabetes complications can be prevented! Know your “numbers” and steps to take to improve them, if needed. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo FREE OneTouch Ultra®2 or UltraMini® Meter from Costco Pharmacy! #diabeteschat
kjh63 @MindfulEatingRD @citymomsecrets @primetimeparent @fitbit exactly I could not agree more #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo A4 what you eat affects ur blood sugar #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd #diabetes #diabeteschat #mindfuleating Make exercise a “get to” instead of a “have to”
diabetesincntrl @citymomsecrets #DidYouKnow #Fitbit has a glucose logging feature which is great! #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl At home, certified lab testing for diabetes, cardio, thyroid, low-t & more from DiabetesInControl #diabeteschat
kjh63 @primetimeparent @citymomsecrets WOW thanks so much #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @StrongerThanT1D @primetimeparent #mindfuleating #diabeteschat it is ALWAYS okay to be kind and TREAT yourself w/kindness. Not just on vac.
amypcampbell @MindfulEatingRD – I need to work on that – not always easy to do, though! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q10 What are the most important things to remember when wanting to live the most vibrant life with prediabetes or diabetes? #diabetesChat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo q7 normally when cooking, or cleaning. Doing squats, or even wall push ups #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @kjh63 @citymomsecrets @primetimeparent @fitbit Are you out in the woods, with a dog, friends? What works for you? #diabeteschat
mandi_smith0319 @primetimeparent @citymomsecrets @kjh63 congrats! #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
primetimeparent @MindfulEatingRD Your tips are so important for those going on a cruise where it is an eating fest every day! #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
strongerthant1d A8 No because without things such as insulin I would be dead. Insulin is a wonderful thing. #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo A10 take care of yourself daily, and less to destress #diabeteschat
dietexpertnj A10: Diabetes doesn’t define you! A healthy diet & regular exercise is something we should all do regardless of #diabetes #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @primetimeparent #diabeteschat! Wonderful! So happy for you!
cdiabetesinfo FREE TRUEresult blood glucose monitoring system from Costco pharmacy today! #diabeteschat
dearjanis A10: Diabetes/prediabetes is your partner, not your enemy. Care for yourself and yr health, and enjoy a better life! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Share your #mindfuleating tips with us on Facebook and Pinterest #diabeteschat
doctorsoption @MindfulEatingRD @citymomsecrets @kjh63 @primetimeparent Walking the dog is always a good choice, especially a big dog! #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd Find “me” time and make sure your physical and emotional needs are met. RT @CDiabetesInfo: Q10 #diabetesChat
mindfuleatingrd @amypcampbell #diabeteschat – A GREAT POINT! This isn’t just a good idea. It is based in emerging research!
diabetesincntrl @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @citymomsecrets @primetimeparent Now that spring is near, hiking will be a breeze and a joy! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Grab our FREE e-book w;over 50 great diabetes-friendly recipes today at, compliments of Costco Pharmacy #diabeteschat
mandi_smith0319 @CDiabetesInfo @primetimeparent to stay positive and pay attention #diabeteschat
strongerthant1d Q9 Do your best as that’s all you can do. Do not worry about what could possibly happen. That’s not healthy mindset. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Thank you @mindfuleatingRD for being with us today. Any parting words? #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd #diabeteschat #diabetes #mindfuleating Understand why medications may be an important part of your diabetes care
primetimeparent Time for another winner of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes, co-authored by Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD. CDE #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @primetimeparent #LOL! Cruises are floating buffets! #Mindfuleating makes it enjoyable vs guilt provoking! #diabeteschat
doctorsoption FREE Pedometer with purchse of A1c 10 pack just for #diabeteschat while supplies last
pinkhippo13 @CDiabetesInfo @mindfuleatingRD Thanks for chatting with us #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl #diabeteschat FREE enewsletter for diabetes health educators at
cdiabetesinfo Costco savings! 24-bottle case of Glucerna Shakes. Minimize blood sugar spikes. #diabeteschat
primetimeparent @MindfulEatingRD this #diabeteschat about #mindfuleating is so informative! @diabetesinfl #nutrition
twicediabetes @CDiabetesInfo A8 NO! If u r t1 lack of the specific “medication’ called insulin=>death. Insulin is vital all else optional #diabeteschat
strongerthant1d Q10 Take things one day and one blood sugar at a time. Do not focus on the long term, focus on what is happening right now. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Continue the conversation and “like” @Cdiabetesinfo on Facebook #Diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @DiabetesInCntrl @kjh63 @citymomsecrets @primetimeparent #diabeteschat I want to come too! I bet there are loads of friends to join you!
dearjanis Mindfulness and diabetes! RT @StrongerThanT1D Q10 Take things one day and one blood sugar at a time. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Follow & pin us over on Pinterest #DiabetesChat
diabetesincntrl @MindfulEatingRD Hiking with a group is so much fun! Who knew exercising could be so adventurous? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Please follow us on instagram #DiabetesChat #dailyinspiration
missstephanieb @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @primetimeparent @fitbit whaaaaa! I can’t take anymore snow! Finally nice in NYC #DiabetesChat
mindfuleatingrd #diabeteschat A new option for pts: Online #MindfulEating for #Diabetes Program
cdiabetesinfo PWD are 2X more likely to develop gum disease. Colgate Total® toothpaste, at Costco, can help. #diabeteschat
kjh63 @citymomsecrets @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent @fitbit LOL moved from NY to WI NO SNOW #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo & keep following us on Twitter. Let us know about your #diabetes needs #DiabetesChat
missstephanieb @primetimeparent @kjh63 what?! Yay!!!
strongerthant1d @PinkHippo13 @CDiabetesInfo medication is there to help you. It is not a punishment. 🙂 #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd @DietExpertNJ Super quote! #diabeteschat #mindfuleating
missstephanieb @kjh63 @MindfulEatingRD @primetimeparent @fitbit yes! Reminders to be active (and bikini season) help! #diabeteschat #Mindfuleating
doctorsoption Follow @DoctorsOption on Facebook #diabeteschat
mindfuleatingrd No shame – Be proactive at prevent problems w/uncontrolled diabetes #mindfuleating #diabetes #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo For more great ideas check out @Cdiabetesinfo’s website past #DiabetesChat topics
missstephanieb @DiabetesInCntrl no! Just figuring it out now – I’ll look for it! Thanks! #diabeteschat #Mindfuleating
missstephanieb @MindfulEatingRD @kjh63 @primetimeparent @fitbit lots of city walking and people watching! NYC is great! #diabeteschat #Mindfuleating
diabetesincntrl If anybody has any questions outside of the times of these #diabeteschat sessions, msg me and I’ll be sure to answer!
amypcampbell @BrillanteMedia @primetimeparent @Beyond32Teeth You’re right – along with leftover Easter candy! #diabeteschat
missstephanieb @mandi_smith0319 @primetimeparent @kjh63 thank you 🙂 so excited! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Thank you everyone for joining us today #Diabeteschat #mindfuleating
diabetesincntrl @citymomsecrets Not a problem! The Fitbit has so many helpful features #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Hope you’ll join us for the next #diabetes chat April 22, 8-9pm EST w/@drlorishemek #diabeteschat
strongerthant1d There is another diabetes chat with @DiabetesSocMed right now if anyone is interested. #dsma #diabeteschat
diabetesincntrl @MindfulEatingRD Tonight’s chat has been wonderful and so informative, thank you! #diabeteschat
pinkhippo13 @StrongerThanT1D @CDiabetesInfo I do agree, but everything has side effects. #diabeteschat
healthnut_pa @DiabetesInCntrl: You’re prone to eat more when you’re dining with friends. Be mindful when dining out #diabeteschat #mindfuleating

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