Eating More Veggies Can Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

Eating More Veggies
A good heart healthy meal plan will have plenty of fresh fruit and veggies to ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals you need every day. A new study by researchers at Imperial College London in the UK has shown that eating more veggie-based meals may even lower your risk for heart disease and lead a healthier life.

The study looked at over 450,000 European adults. It was found that those who ate over two-thirds of their calories from plant sources were about 20% less likely to get heart disease than those who had half or more of their calories from animal products like meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. The researchers state that other factors may have led to these findings, since those who were on plant-based meal plans most likely were of a healthier weight, may have been more active, and had more knowledge and resources to help them lead a healthier life. However, past research has shown that you can lower your heart disease risk by eating lots of healthy fats and fiber-rich whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

You do not need to give up animal products completely to be heart healthy. Just replacing some of the animal products you eat with plant-based sources full of healthy fats and fiber can help lower your risk for heart disease.

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