Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol


If you have been told you have high cholesterol, you most likely want to take action. If you are already on medications to control diabetes, you may be looking for natural options to avoid additional medications.

The good news is that cholesterol, for many individuals, can be managed through diet and lifestyle changes. Although this approach takes some work, in three to six months, you may be thrilled with the changes in your cholesterol levels.

To find out more about this approach to lowering your cholesterol, click here.


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Erin Palinski-Wade, America’s Belly Fat Fighter, is a nationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert who has contributed her expertise to national media outlets such as The Doctors, The Early Show, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, Fitness, Consumer Reports, Chicago Tribune, and Prevention Magazine. She operates a private practice in NJ and frequently serves as a media spokesperson, nutrition consultant, and speaker. She is the author of multiple publications including the “2 Day Diabetes Diet”, “Belly Fat Diet For Dummies”, “Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies” and is the featured expert on the #1 best-selling diabetes iPad App “Diabetes: What Now?”


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