Quitting Smoking: A Costco Pharmacist’s Story


Robbie Almeida, a Costco pharmacist in Ann Arbor, Michigan, finally quit smoking after 15 years of advising her customers to do the same. This is how she did it.

As a pharmacist, Robbie knew about the health benefits of vitamins and other supplements. She also knew that certain vitamins and supplements would help her quit smoking.

“I take a multivitamin. I take triglycerides. I take flaxseed oil, probiotics and CoQ10. And I take a calcium pill.”

Robbie tells her customers at Costco pharmacy that wanting to quit is the first big step. For Robbie, once she made that decision, the rest followed easily.


Read the full article of “Quitting Smoking: A Costco Pharmacist’s Story” here.


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