Pre-Diabetes & Moms: Who is at Risk?  Podcast & Twitter Chat

talkie-awardsJoin us tonight, Monday June 2, 2014 from 8-9pm EST for a live Twitter Chat to discuss Pre-Diabetes with our Diabetes Expert, Maureen Sullivan, Registered Nurse and Diabetes Educator.  Join the chat by following the hashtag #DiabetesChat on Twitter .

When you tweet using the #DiabetesChat hashtag you are entered to win one of 5 cases of KindSnack bars – the healthy snack choice for moms and their families. This twitter chat is sponsored by Kind Snacks and hosted by Maureen Sullivan and

Listen to a live Podcast hosted by Maureen Sullivan, of the award-winning ‘The Health and Humor Show’ right here on The internet podcast, recipient of the 2014 ‘Talkie Award’  for Best Health Talk Show, combines health information with humorous news and stories.

In the latest installment of The Health and Humor Show released on June 1st, Maureen Sullivan interviews Nancy Johnson Horn, otherwise known to her legions of followers as The Moma Maven. As a mom of three kids, Nancy has also been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes.  She’s not alone; in fact, there are 80 million Americans who have been diagnosed with Pre-diabetes. As a Mom Blogger for the last 7 years, Nancy shares her life with her readers, including her efforts to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle for herself and her family.

In her interview, Nancy shares an insightful look into establishing family-centric healthy habits. Focusing primarily on physical activity and healthy eating, the key is involving the whole family in forming healthy lifestyle across the board. Nancy sees from her own kids that even after sitting in school, they’re quite content to turn to the television or video games during their free time.

America has evolved into a sedentary society, but it’s time to educate ourselves on what’s needed to teach the next generation. Early treatment and prevention is key for lowering risk of diabetes.

To learn more, listen to the podcast and join our Twitter chat tonight at 8pm EST using #DiabetesChat hashtag. And you might just win a case of those delicious and low-glycemic Kind Snack bars.

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