Transcript: #DiabetesChat Twitter Event, October 7 2015



cdiabetesinfo Good Evening. Welcome to tonight’s chat w/@cdiabetesinfo #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn Welcome, EVERYONE! #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl Good Evening. Welcome to tonight’s chat w/@cdiabetesinfo #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo We are so fortunate to have @MaureenSRN @dentistmel @LaurenPincusRD with us tonite to discuss “Healthy Living with Diabetes” #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd Thanks so much! Excited to talk about healthy shopping with diabetes! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo We will also be joined by @SandraArevaloRD @amypcampbell and @tobyamidor for tonight’s #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel THis should be a very informative chat tonight and hope you all will join us! #DiabetesCHAT ad
maureensrn Delighted to be among the crowd tonight! #DiabetesCHAT
techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL @MaureenSRN @dentistmel @LaurenPincusRD hello everyone #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn @Techtembo888 Hello, and welcome! #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo All participants will receive a free 40 page ebook “Healthy Shopping with Diabetes”. Download it now: #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl Before we begin, introduce yourselves? Where is everyone from? #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo You’ll also be entered for a chance to win a $25 Costco gift card #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel @Techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL @MaureenSRN @LaurenPincusRD Thanks for joining us! #DiabetesCHAT ad
diabetesinfl Remember to reply to @cdiabetesinfo. Use the hashtag #DiabetesCHAT in your tweets and A1, A2, etc. to show what question you’re answering
maureensrn Recent relocation- greetings now from Murfreesboro, TN #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @DiabetesINFL I am from Rhode Island! The tiny state! #DiabetesCHAT ad
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo Thank you! Will read up on this #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd Hi all! I’m Lauren, an RD from NJ, specializing in Diabetes/prediabetes and weight loss at #diabeteschat #ad
techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL @CDiabetesInfo ok #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo Great to have you all here .@Techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL @MaureenSRN @dentistmel @LaurenPincusRD #diabeteschat
mandi_knowles @DiabetesINFL Philadelphia #DiabetesCHAT
diabetesinfl Ok let’s get started #Diabeteschat
amypcampbell Hi everyone, I’m from Massachusetts! Home of the Superbowl Champions! #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo Thanks, here to learn #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo Remember to reply to @cdiabetesinfo. Use the hashtag #DiabetesCHAT in your tweets and A1, A2, etc. to show what question you’re answering
luvmykids1014 @dentistmel @DiabetesINFL Hi my name is Latoya Maiden. I’m from Pittsburgh! #diabeteschat
maureensrn @LaurenPincusRD Great to see you again, Lauren! #DiabetesChat

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ameslaw84 @DiabetesINFL Texas #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel @amypcampbell Wahoo! Go Pats! #DiabetesChat ad
cdiabetesinfo Q1. What are some vitamins and supplements, helpful for people with diabetes, that can be found at Costco? #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @mandi_knowles @DiabetesINFL Love Phili! #DiabetesCHAT ad
sarahjeanrd @CDiabetesInfo Sarah here, CDE/RD and blogger from Michigan- and a lover of diabetes technology #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd You too! RT @MaureenSRN @LaurenPincusRD Great to see you again, Lauren! #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @ameslaw84 @DiabetesINFL One state I want to visit. #diabeteschat ad
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo A1: diabetes health packs #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn I did a Costco store tour; Nature Made vitamins in stock. #DiabetesChat
tobyamidor @MaureenSRN I like Nature Made too #diabeteschat
maureensrn A-1 Nature Made brand had vitamins, minerals , fish oil and more. #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd A1: There are lots of quality vitamins and supplements at @Costco– speak w your MD or RD to determine what’s right for you. #diabeteschat
luvmykids1014 @DiabetesINFL Zinc is a great one. #diabeteschat
dentistmel @Techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo Very useful for those with diabetes. #DiabetesCHAT ad
amypcampbell A1: Check out Kirkland’s brand of vitamin C, especially with cold season coming on! #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @tobyamidor @MaureenSRN I like Nature Made vitamins too. #DiabetesChat ad
maureensrn A-1 Check with the pharmacist to most cost effective, quality supplements & vitamins. #DiabetesChat
ameslaw84 @DiabetesINFL A1 Zinc, Vit D #DiabetesChat
mandi_knowles @LaurenPincusRD @Costco Great answer, I agree #diabeteschat
maureensrn A-1 Always have up to date list of all your meds, OTC and herbal supplements on hand. Safety first. #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell @LaurenPincusRD @Costco Agree – find out what supplements are right for you. Your dietitian or pharmacist can help. #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo .@luvmykids1014 @dentistmel @DiabetesINFL thanks for joining Latoya #diabeteschat

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cdiabetesinfo Q2: Will any of them interfere with my diabetes medications? #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd Thanks Mandy and Amy RT @mandi_knowles @amypcampbell @Costco #diabeteschat
koshereye Good evening all! Are Nature Made vitamins Kosher certified? Does anyone know. #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @MaureenSRN @amypcampbell will do! #DiabetesCHAT
diabetesinfl #DiabetesChat Two other products that can help PWD
techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL A2 I don’t think so but it’s good to consult with the physician first #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo .@SarahJeanRD Welcome Sarah and thanks for joining us tonight #diabeteschat
dentistmel Make sure you check which supplements to take by first checking with your pharmacist, doctor, and dietitian. #DiabetesChat ad
rql222 Glucerna Shakes are designed for people with diabetes #Diabeteschat
maureensrn A-1Have your med list available for your MD/RD/CDE to review for possible side effects with combinations #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @koshereye Thanks for joining us! I am not sure that answer. #DiabetesChat ad
luvmykids1014 @CDiabetesInfo yes I believe the cranberry pill can interfere with diabetes medication #diabeteschat
amypcampbell A2: Some supplements could interfere with your diabetes meds and other meds. Check with your Costco pharmacist to find out! #DiabetesChat
maureensrn A-2 Check labels. Some vitamins/supplements may have added sugars which might affect glucose level. #DiabetesChat
mrs_swann42 @DiabetesINFL @dentistmel A1zinc #diabeteschat
koshereye I review my med/supplement list 4 interactions as well. I ask pharmacist, but also check Internet & keep a running list. #Diabeteschat
techtembo888 @MaureenSRN great advice! #DiabetesChat
sarahjeanrd @CDiabetesInfo A1- I recommend “food first” if/when that’s not an option then yes I have an extensive list to reference #diabeteschat
rql222 A1 Glucerna Shakes are designed for people with diabetes #Diabeteschat
luvmykids1014 @CDiabetesInfo @dentistmel @DiabetesINFL thanks for having me. #diabeteschat
amypcampbell @koshereye Great idea! #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @RQL222 I didn’t know these existed, good to know #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @dentistmel yes, always make sure jsut in case #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q3: What are some of the healthiest ingredients for diabetic cooking? #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd A3: @Costco offers tons of fruit, vegs, whole grains, lean meats, beans, nuts, & lowfat dairy to make healthy meals. #diabeteschat
rql222 A2Glucerna can be used in conjunction with diabetes meds Talk to your HCP for guidance on use as part of your DM meal plan#diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo .@koshereye Sounds like a good way to keep informed #DiabetesChat
sarahjeanrd A2 @CDiabetesInfo yes some supplements can interfere with meds or contraindicated based on Med hx (black potash and breast CA) #DiabetesCHAT
rql222 Q3Fresh fruits & non starch vegetables. Whole grains rich in fiber. Find ingredients that won’t spike your blood sugar #Diabeteschat
maureensrn A-3 Costco offers lean meats, fruits & vegetables, low sodium, RTD meal replacements. #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell A3: So many to choose from! Nuts, beans, seeds and veggies are at the top of the list! #DiabetesChat
luvmykids1014 @DiabetesINFL fresh vegetables. Salt free seasoning. Sugar free products. #diabeteschat
maureensrn A-3 As with any healthy eating, learn label reading, and portion control. #DiabetesChat
mandi_knowles @CDiabetesInfo A2: CLA can possibly cause insulin resistance. Would caution #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd A3: For ideas, check out my blog: Shop @Costco for Simple Diabetes Friendly Recipes #diabeteschat @cdiabetesinfo #ad
amypcampbell A3: Season your foods with turmeric, ginger and cinnamon – great anti-inflammatory spices! #DiabetesChat
ameslaw84 @DiabetesINFL Veggies and lean protein #DiabetesCHAT
mrs_swann42 A3 lots of fresh fruits and vegetables #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Great prices on Weider® Red Yeast Rice Plus at Costco! Proven to help lower cholesterol #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo A3 I’d say oatmeal is great for fiber and curbing appetite #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn A-3 Costco offers low glycemic, vegetarian, vegan products. Check out the Store Tour pdf!! #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo .@RQL222 That sounds so wonderful Rachel #diabeteschat #hungry
diabetesinfl You can download the Costco diabetes shopping guide now: #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @amypcampbell I would like to give tumeric a try #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd Great flavor suggestions Amy! #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @LaurenPincusRD @Costco @CDiabetesInfo Thanks! This is helpful #DiabetesCHAT
amypcampbell @DiabetesINFL This is an excellent guide from Costco! Download it now! #DiabetesChat
mandi_knowles @CDdiabetesinfo A3: Spice are great to add flavor – cinnamon, cumin #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo .@Mrs_Swann42 always great to stock up on fruits and veggies #diabeteschat Shelly
techtembo888 @MaureenSRN A3 we like their sardines, great for Omega3s, heart and brain #DiabetesCHAT
sarahjeanrd @CDiabetesInfo A3- Costco offers a variety of veggies, fruit, and whole grains, as well as lean proteins and <3 healthy fats #diabeteschat
dentistmel @Techtembo888 @amypcampbell Turmeric is very good. I cook with it a lot. #DiabetesChat ad
cdiabetesinfo Q4: What do you as a health professional, buy at Costco to make sure your family eats a healthy diet? #DiabetesCHAT
ameslaw84 @CDiabetesInfo A3 Veggies and lean protein #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd A4: My @Costco cart is filled with fruit, veggies, milk, chicken, fish, pistachios, yogurt, chia seeds, PB, hummus, popcorn #diabeteschat
danielskisandy A3 Costco has great fresh & frozen salmon – love the Kirkland Frozen Atlantic Salmon #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @CDiabetesInfo @Mrs_Swann42 That is a must! My house is always full of fruits and veggies. #DiabetesChat ad
bmarketingmaven Late but NYC here. #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo @RQL222 I’ve been checking sugar content, and if it’s double digits we stay away #DiabetesCHAT
rql222 Q4 Low glycemic foods Whole wheat pasta, wild rice, citrus fruits, berries, yogurt(no sugar added) almonds, wild salmon#DiabetesChat
amypcampbell And give tofu a try! It’s very tasty and an excellent source of protein. Great in a stir fry with veggies. #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo .@mandi_knowles Spices are great in everything from salad dressing to soup Mandi #diabeteschat
dentistmel @DanielskiSandy Oh yes and salmon is so good for you! #Diabeteschat ad
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat whole grain breads, cereals, crackers
maureensrn A-4 I found Costco to offer a huge variety of healthy options……. #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL A4 soy for protein and A lot of vegetables #DiabetesCHAT
rql222 fish rich in omega 3 fats #DiabetesChat
mandi_knowles @CDdiabetesinfo if costco ever discontinues the sweet kale salad I will go into serious withdrawal #diabeteschat
maureensrn A-4 Costco offers vegan, gluten free, low glycemic, vegetarian, fresh food options across the board. Worth a shopping trip!! #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @DanielskiSandy we love salmon! I’ve been meaning to try this #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat fat free broth and wine can be substitued for cream and half & half
sarahjeanrd @CDiabetesInfo Just remember with ANY supplement/vitamin/mineral you take to share with any doctor/surgeon- like a medication #DiabetesCHAT
bmarketingmaven I use the Cinsulin from Costco and I do feel that it helps. #diabeteschat
maureensrn @mandi_knowles Duly noted 🙂 🙂 #DiabetesChat
koshereye I spend WAY too much $$ each trip to #Costco. Great prices, reat products, much #healthy & kosher! Love that store. #Diabeteschat
dentistmel @RQL222 Very good omega 3. I eat Salmon at least three times a week. #DiabetesChat ad
amypcampbell A4: I love their fruits and veggies – especially their blueberries and avocados. Blueberries – excellent for brain health! #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Always remeber: “83 is sugary”: 8 or more grams of sugar and sugar or sugar word is in top 3 ingredients
laurenpincusrd A4: Add chicken & extra veggies to the @Costco Sweet Kale Salad for a complete meal. #KaleDay2015 #diabeteschat
dentistmel @mahodorowicz I never tried that. Thank you! #Diabeteschat ad
maureensrn A-4 I found Costco staff very willing to “tour the store” with you and guide you to your food preferences. #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo .@mahodorowicz definitely plenty of those items in store Mary Ann #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q5: There are so many choices at Costco! As someone with diabetes, what should I stay away from? #DiabetesCHAT
managediabetes Newly diagnosed with diabetes? Read our quick-start guide: #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd A5: Muffins the size of your head are not the best choice for diabetes 🙂 #diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat And EVERY savory dish tastes better with onions and garlic!!!
maureensrn A-4 The Costco store I visited did a lot of onsite cooking class demos…..quite helpful for the non-cooks in the audience. 🙂 #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo .@koshereye Thank you and we agree #diabeteschat
mandi_knowles @LaurenPincusRD @Costco I eat this salad EVERY day! Addicted!! #diabeteschat
rql222 A5Limit foods with little nutritional value that can spike blood sugars, such as soda, candy & sugary desserts#DiabetesChat
amypcampbell A5: And look out for other bakery foods – delicious but full of fat, sugar and calories! #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo A5 sodas! #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo .@mahodorowicz Thank you for sharing Mary Ann #diabeteschat
techtembo888 A5 candy, soda, high in sugar and starches #DiabetesCHAT @CDiabetesInfo
bmarketingmaven I also use Quinoa and the Chia Seeds that I get in Costco in both Sweet and Savory recipies #diabeteschat
dentistmel @CDiabetesInfo High fat foods, high sugar foods. #DiabetesChat ad
maureensrn A5 No food is truly “off limits”. Learn to read labels/portion control….and most foods can somehow be incorporated. #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @Techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo Yes soda. Terrible for your teeth too. #Diabeteschat ad
techtembo888 @LaurenPincusRD A5 the cheesecakes and cakes!!! they’re enormous #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd I use the cranberries/pumpkin seeds to top oatmeal/yogurt/cottage cheese too RT @mandi_knowles @Costco #diabeteschat
tobyamidor @LaurenPincusRD I like to make my own muffins and fill the muffin tins 2/3rds the way up. Perfect muffin portion. #diabeteschat
rql222 Limit processed foods & refined foods such as white bread and white rice#DiabetesChat
nyadach @DiabetesINFL Q5 No foods off limits! Eat, bolus, bang in a few hundred miles. I’m T1, I have no boundaries! #diabeteschat
dentistmel @amypcampbell That is always the hardest part. Costco does have a great bakery:) #DiabetesChat ad
maureensrn A-5 Ive met people that “cant live” without a certain food….RD/CDE are great to help find the balance in the diet! #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo .@BMarketingMaven That sounds so good, can you share the recipe with us? #diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat I make my own salad buffet: cut up veggies, chix, cheese olives; put in small containers and oput containers in larger one
amypcampbell @MaureenSRN Right – no need to give up foods you love – RDs can help you learn how to fit them in! #DiabetesChat
koshereye Is gestational diabetes a precursor to adult diabetes? #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Q6: What are some good healthy snack options at Costco? #DiabetesCHAT
dpmerritt0215 If carb counting, if there are more than 3 grams of fiber in a serving you can deduct the fiber grams from the carb number. #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn A-5 dietary guidelines to keep sodium under 2300mg/daily ( under 1500mg in certain cases)#DiabetesChat
tobyamidor @amypcampbell absolutely! Diabetics can have delicious food and still control their blood sugar! @MaureenSRN #diabeteschat
amypcampbell @koshereye Yes, increased risk for type 2 diabetes. #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd A6: Gr8 snack options at @Costco: popcorn, veggies w hummus, guac or Greek yogurt dip,apples w almond butter or nuts #diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat BUT: every food can “FIT”…as long as it fits your carb budget at meal and eatne in moderation!
rql222 Q6 Glucerna shakes are healthy snack options with the right kind of carbs to help minimize blood glucose spikes#DiabetesChat
maureensrn A-5 Dietary guidelines to aim for 25-35 grams of fiber a day! #DiabetesChat
tobyamidor Q6. Those mini packs of hummus are a great snack with some veggies #diabeteschat
sarahjeanrd @CDiabetesInfo My cart is always filled with protein, veggies, fruits, nut butters; olive oil (when needed), and moz cheese #DiabetesCHAT
bmarketingmaven Quinoa in a chocolate coconut cake and use coconut oil instead of butter and date water I make for the sugar #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @dentistmel @CDiabetesInfo I’ve switched to tea and coffee #Diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Eating sweets occasionally is OK! Not realistic to deprive yourself of life’s goodies!
maureensrn A-6 “Explore your store” to learn what Carb & Calorie controlled options are available. #DiabetesChat
rql222 Try popcorn (no added fat), berries, nuts and yogurt(lite)#DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @mahodorowicz @CDiabetesInfo ok, this is great info #Diabeteschat
dentistmel @DiabetesINFL nuts, fruits, low carb bars. #Diabeteschat ad
danielskisandy Costco has great deals on different kinds of nuts #DiabetesChat
bmarketingmaven Then quinoa salads with vegetables yum. #diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Bakery is God’s gift to mankind!!
amypcampbell A6: Try some of the lower-fat brands of popcorn! Did you know popcorn is a whole grain? #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @Techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo That is good. Just don’t add too much sugar. #DiabetesChat ad
diabetesinfl Only Glucerna® shakes have CarbSteady® clinically proven to minimize BS spikes. Get it at Costco #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd Did you know you get 30 pistachios for 100 calories? Great diabetic friendly snack! #diabeteschat #pistachiopower
maureensrn A-6 Low carb bars, RTD products, fruits and nuts help when the “craving” hits. Keep well stocked. #DiabetesChat
rql222 protein and fiber rich food can help manage hunger #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @mahodorowicz I always have something sweet everyday but in the smallest portion. #DiabetesChat ad
cdiabetesinfo Only Glucerna® shakes have CarbSteady® clinically proven to minimize BS spikes. Get it at Costco #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @mahodorowicz So true! #DiabetesChat ad
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Use whole grain flour to make your own baked goods: adds LOTS of fiber and great texture!
maureensrn A-6 Be sure to download the Costco Store Tour pdf….so much info available. Youll love it. #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell @DanielskiSandy Nuts make an excellent snack – stir them into Greek-style yogurt! #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @amypcampbell I did not know that. Thank you! #DiabetesChat ad
nyadach @DiabetesINFL Q6 I’m a sucker for berries, blueberries even more so. Can easily destroy a box in no time #DiabetesCHAT
dpmerritt0215 Which low carb bars would you recommend? #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Can use applesauce in place of fat in many of your bakery recipes. Yummers! Really works!
bmarketingmaven used Chia Seeds with things like cooked blueberries or other berries and it makes a sort of pudding dessert or snack healthy #diabeteschat
maureensrn A-6 air popped popcorn with SPICES, not butter, is a great snack option. #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Q7: I’m on a low carb diet to manage my diabetes, so I don’t eat many packaged foods. What are some good options? #DiabetesCHAT
amypcampbell @Nyadach @DiabetesINFL I’m with you on that one! #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd I do that all the time! #diabeteschat
maureensrn A-7 Keep reading the labels. Lots of carb controlled products available. #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Use fat free non-dairy whipped topping mixed with sugar-free pudding powder instead of frosting on a cake. GREAT!
amypcampbell A7: Hard boiled eggs make a great high protein, low carb snack – and so portable! #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd A7: Packaged food is fine as long as you read the label and ingredient list. Understand what’s in your food. #diabeteschat
maureensrn A-7 Keep food options carb controlled and nutrient dense, when possible. #DiabetesChat
rql222 Q7 veges are a great low carb snack#DiabetesChat
sarahjeanrd @CDiabetesInfo A5- Conc sweets (unless needed to replenish “hypoglycemia stock”) – juices, pop, & other sugar sweetened drinks #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo A7 use vegetables instead, switch to gluten free #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn A-7 I give every client a set of measuring cups….reality is “portion distortion” is quite a problem. #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Add healthy nuts to your cold cereal formore crunch, protein and heart healthy fat.
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Did you know that red wine is heart healthy???
dentistmel @mahodorowicz I add nuts to my cereal almost every morning. #Diabeteschat ad
cdiabetesinfo Q8: What are the benefits of shopping at Costco for diabetes care products like blood glucose meters? #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Red wine as reservatrol that is heart healthy.
maureensrn A-7 Be sure to discuss your “low carb” diet choice with HCP…..critical differences with low/no carb and missing nutrients. #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @MaureenSRN I am not a big carb lover. I focus on protein and healthy fats such as avocado. #DiabetesChat ad
dentistmel @mahodorowicz Yes! I drink a glass nightly! #DiabetesChat ad
weddinggownslim Q4: Tons and tons of fruit and veggies. Only buy at Costco! #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @dentistmel @mahodorowicz I should try this more often #DiabetesChat
maureensrn A-8 Costco diabetic supplies are very cost effective; pharmacy on site to help guide choices. #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd A7: I saw these portion plates and measuring spoons at #FNCE– SO cool! #diabeteschat
amypcampbell A7: Individually-wrapped cheese sticks can also be a good snack choice – plus they’re portion-controlled! #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat I love FIBER ONE bars. Especially chocolate ones!
dentistmel @DiabetesINFL I don’t love packaged foods. I find they have so much sodium. #DiabetesChat ad
dentistmel @weddinggownslim Fruits and tons of vegetables! #DiabetesChat ad
techtembo888 @MaureenSRN any recommendations for diabetics to hand out on Halloween? So they’re not stuck with a bunch of candy? #DiabetesChat
maureensrn A-8 CMPP- Costco Member Prescription Plan- check it out- a member benefit. #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl Save on your diabetes supplies! Bayer Contour® test strips are available on the Costco CMPP program. #DiabetesChat
lorishemek @CDiabetesInfo Q5: Sugar & excess carbs are not #diabetes friendly. #DiabetesChat
dpmerritt0215 I like to stir fry veggies with pineapple, and extra firm tofu #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo Save on your diabetes supplies! Bayer Contour® test strips are available on the Costco CMPP program. #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell A8: Costco has excellent pricing on diabetes supplies, as well. #DiabetesChat
tobyamidor @Techtembo888 How about some non-food items instead? @MaureenSRN #diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Crush up FIBER ONE bars and mix into fat free non-dairy whipped topping and put on fresh berries or angel food cake. YUM!!
maureensrn A-8 Costco website also has dedicated website for diabetes, including education & coupons. Check it out. #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell @DPMerritt0215 Sounds delicious! #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd Playdoh, tattoos, stickers, raisins, gift certs, pretzels… #healthyhalloween #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo A8 they can accurately measure and it’s inexpensive at Costco #DiabetesCHAT
gloriarmulloy I just bought a threadmill from Costco to help me keep a healthy body weight and therefore control my blood glucose #diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Low carb option: baby carrots with spinach dip.
dentistmel @DPMerritt0215 So yummy! Tofu is amazing! #DiabetesChat ad
dentistmel @LoriShemek @CDiabetesInfo They are just not good for you around. #DiabetesChat ad
cdiabetesinfo Q9: There are so many brands of diabetes care products. Who at Costco can help me find the right one for me? #DiabetesCHAT
dpmerritt0215 Sugar free gum for Halloween #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd Your Costco pharmacist is your best resource! #diabeteschat
maureensrn @Techtembo888 I did the store tour at Costco in my area. Across the board items for every aspect of home life. #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Costco has great wine selection, esp. red. Good for you in moderation.
sarahjeanrd @CDiabetesInfo Depending on one’s ability to match carbs to insulin – no foods need to really be off limits #DiabetesCHAT
amypcampbell @dentistmel @DPMerritt0215 Right – give it a chance if you haven’t tried it yet! #DiabetesChat
nyadach @DiabetesINFL Contour Next is the best meter going. The whole “Oliver” please sir, give me more blood is a great feature! #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn A-9 On site pharmacy is your go-to dept for guidance on supplies. #DiabetesChat
rql222 kids were given snack packs of goldfish one year #DiabetesChat
danielskisandy A8 Costco Produce & Meat is always fresh #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Crack a fresh egg into half an avocado and bake in oven…top with grated low fat cheese!
maureensrn A-9 Costco pharmacy can work with your HCP or insurance company to assure best cost/choice on products. #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @LaurenPincusRD good ones! thanks for the ideas #DiabetesChat
laurenpincusrd That’s delicious! #diabeteschat
sarahjeanrd A7- again no foods need to be off limits provided you read and understand the label, & ingredients list (& moderation) #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel @mahodorowicz That sounds delicious! #DiabetesChat ad
amypcampbell A9: The pharmacist at Costco can help you and answer ?s about diabetes care products. #DiabetesChat
techtembo888 @mahodorowicz @CDiabetesInfo will opt for red more often #DiabetesChat
tobyamidor @mahodorowicz oooh yum! #diabeteschat
sarahjeanrd A7- Although to mix it up I love hummus in a HB egg or just a HB egg 😉 #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat It;s now apple season. Baked apples with sugar sub, almond extract and cinnamon is great as dessert, snack. High fiber.
cdiabetesinfo Q10: How do Kirkland brand products compare to the name brands? #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel @mahodorowicz Oh that sounds heavenly! #DiabetesChat ad
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat I get my cat food at Costco. Anybody else?
dpmerritt0215 Check manufacturer website for your meds. Many have discount cards which leave you $10, $20, $25 to pay instead of $100+. #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel @Techtembo888 @mahodorowicz @CDiabetesInfo I am guilty of white sometimes. Bad. Everything in moderation though. #Diabeteschat ad
mandi_knowles @Cdiab avocadoes and eggs are in my costco cart all the time #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd @MaureenSRN My Apple Quinoa Bake had no added sugar! #diabeteschat
laurenpincusrd A10: Kirkland & other store brand products are typically high quality yet more affordable than brand name products. #diabeteschat
maureensrn A-10 I have to give a shout out to Kirkland Weight Loss Shake- 180 calories, 10G protein, 26 grams of CHO, and 5 grams fiber. #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Don’t forget toothpaste and dental floss for good oral health. Important for people with diabetes.
techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL @CDiabetesInfo A10 same quality and maybe better too! #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell A10: Kirkland brand products are of excellent quality! And you can’t beat the price! #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Gum disease can lead to a heart infection! Yikes! Floss those teeth every night!!
sarahjeanrd @DiabetesINFL a9- your @Costco pharmacist is an excellent resource for products and any interaction with medications #DiabetesChat
maureensrn A-10 Kirkland brands -> great quality; Costco- great prices-> Win Win! #DiabetesChat
cdentist1 Visiting the dentist for preventive maintenance 3-4 times/year #DiabetesChat
dentistmel Yes! As a dentist, there is a direct correlation between diabetes and oral health. It is vital to keep up w/oral hygiene. #DiabetesChat ad
diabetesinfl CinSulin® patented water extract of cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar levels, at Costco! #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel @CDEntist1 That is awesome to hear!! #DiabetesChat ad
cdiabetesinfo CinSulin® patented water extract of cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar levels, at Costco! #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Buy the electric toothbrushes at Costco for MUCH improved teeth cleaning. Stock up on extra toothbrush heads as wear out.
cleverlychangin My daughter is a vegetarian diabetic and I’m trying to come up with a menu for her birthday party. #diabeteschat
dentistmel @mahodorowicz It sure can! I have seen it happen before my own eyes. Flossing, brushing, and mouthwash is vital. #DiabetesChat ad
diabetesinfl Any last questions for @cdiabetesinfo or any of our experts? #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn A-10 Cant emphasize it enough…be sure to check out Costco website for a store near you. Worth the trip! Bring the family. #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Don’t forget body lotion for dry skin..can be issue for some people with diabetes. Lotion up!
cdiabetesinfo Any last questions for @cdiabetesinfo or any of our experts? #DiabetesCHAT
valerieagyeman yogurts, fruit, & granola are always a go to! Gotta love the bulk! #diabeteschat
cleverlychangin I love @costco_online‘s organic section. #DiabetesChat
amypcampbell Don’t forget about beverages: stock up on water, seltzer water, tea and coffee, too! #DiabetesChat

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techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL @CDiabetesInfo are bagels the worst things for diabetics? #DiabetesCHAT
laurenpincusrd Yes! Try not to drink your calories/sugars. #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @ValerieAgyeman their whole grains and oatmeal are great #DiabetesCHAT
cleverlychangin What are some kid friendly low carb dessert options? @DiabetesINFL @CDiabetesInfo #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Don’t forget your slippers for around the house. Don’t go barefoot if you have diabetes! Costco has great selection!
koshereye @DiabetesINFL I have never been disappointed with @kirklandbrand products @diabeteschat #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @amypcampbell what are some good liquids with electrolytes for diabetics? #DiabetesCHAT
amypcampbell @koshereye @Techtembo888 Large bagels – full of carbs and calories. Go for the whole grain, smaller ones. #DiabetesChat
dentistmel @LaurenPincusRD Agree. I am a big fan of seltzer. #DiabetesChat ad
dentistmel @Techtembo888 @DiabetesINFL @CDiabetesInfo Everything in moderation is fine! #DiabetesChat ad
amypcampbell @Techtembo888 Give coconut water a try – has electrolytes without all the extra sugar found in sports drinks. #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl Remember you can download our free diabetes store tour from @Costco here: #diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Low fat granola cereal is good topping for low fat ice cream or pudding.
techtembo888 @amypcampbell @koshereye thanks for that tip #DiabetesCHAT
amypcampbell @dentistmel @LaurenPincusRD Me too! Can’t get enough of it! #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Keep following us on Twitter and let us know about your #diabetes questions @cdiabetesinfo #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel @amypcampbell @Techtembo888 I am a huge coconut water fan. Tried it for the first time in Thailand a few years back. #DiabetesChat ad
maureensrn Re: bagel question. Portion control and most any food is acceptable… foods are the “worst”- learn calories/CHO counts. #DiabetesChat
cleverlychangin @costco_online has a great produce section, which I buy from often. #DiabetesChat

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cdiabetesinfo All participants will receive a free 40 page ebook “Healthy Shopping with Diabetes”. Download it now #DiabetesChat
cdentist1 #DiabetesChat 1/2 of a pumpernickel bagel with bolus dose 20 minutes prior to eating (30-35 gr carbs @ Big Apple Bagel)
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Seltzer water is carb and calorie free and has lots of great fizz. Mix with a little juice to flavor it.
diabetesinfl Keep following us on Twitter and let us know about your #diabetes questions @cdiabetesinfo #DiabetesCHAT
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo thanks, got a lot of info tonight #diabeteschat (=
cdiabetesinfo .@ValerieAgyeman Great to get a lot of the yogurts, fruit, and granola #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl All participants will receive a free 40 page “Healthy Shopping with Diabetes” ebook and a chance to win a $25 Costco gift card #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo We’ll choose the winners and notify you via DM if you’ve won a $25 Costco gift card. #DiabetesCHAT
techtembo888 @dentistmel @DiabetesINFL @CDiabetesInfo got it (= #DiabetesCHAT
nutrition4lifee Had to repost this pic from May “this is what happens when u go 2 #costco hungry” #diabeteschat
techtembo888 @dentistmel @amypcampbell it is tasty! #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat White foods are NOT bad foods!! Can fit into carb budget for meal! Any food can fit for people with diabetes!!
dentistmel @Techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo Thanks for your comments and questions. #DiabetesChat ad
cdentist1 #DiabetesChat I love the dentists tweets!
diabetesinfl All Gift card winners will be notified via Twitter #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo Thank you to @MaureenSRN @dentistmel @tobyamidor for your expertise on Costco “Healthy Living with Diabetes” #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat If doctor says to take baby aspirin, can buy at Costco.
dentistmel @CDEntist1 Thank you! #DiabetesChat ad
tobyamidor @mahodorowicz I do that too! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo We are so grateful that @sandraarevaloRD @LaurenPincusRD and @amypcampbell joined to share their tips as well #DiabetesCHAT
maureensrn A great hour of education. Thank you, everyone, for your input. #DiabetesChat
cdiabetesinfo .@Nutrition4Lifee Allison, that is a great picture, thanks for sharing #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Alcohol free mouthwash is a MUST for good oral health…get at Costco.
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo @MaureenSRN @dentistmel @tobyamidor thank you!!!! I had a great time #DiabetesCHAT
dpmerritt0215 Thank you for providing this! #DiabetesCHAT
tobyamidor @Techtembo888 Thanks so much! @CDiabetesInfo @MaureenSRN @dentistmel #diabeteschat
amypcampbell Excellent chat tonight! Thank you all! #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl A very special thank you to @MaureenSRN @dentistmel @tobyamidor for your expertise on Costco “Healthy Living with Diabetes” #DiabetesCHAT
diabetesinfl Check out @Costco ‘s West Coast A1C screening schedule #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl Thank you also to our sponsors Weider, Glucerna, Bayer, Cinsulin and Costco and especially to @DanielskiSandy and @RQL222 #Diabeteschat
techtembo888 @CDiabetesInfo @SandraArevaloRD @LaurenPincusRD @amypcampbell thanks for all your tips tonight! #DiabetesCHAT
cdiabetesinfo Thank you also to our sponsors Weider, Glucerna, Bayer, Cinsulin and Costco and especially to @DanielskiSandy and @RQL222 #Diabeteschat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Green tea is high in antioxidants which are a must for people with diabetes. They reduce oxidation which causes call damage.
laurenpincusrd Always a pleasure! #diabeteschat @CDiabetesInfo @DiabetesINFL @costco #ad
gloriarmulloy Great chat. Thanks for organizing it!!! #diabeteschat
cdiabetesinfo Check out @Costco ‘s West Coast A1C screening schedule #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl We are so grateful that @sandraarevaloRD @LaurenPincusRD joined to share their tips on Costco “Healthy Living with Diabetes” #DiabetesCHAT
dentistmel Thanks for joining us tonight. Very informative!! #DiabetesChat ad
cleverlychangin @DiabetesINFL The DR reminded me today that my daughter should take a multi-vitamin. @Costco is a great place to buy vitamins #diabeteschat
sarahjeanrd Any foods CAN fit! The main thing to stay away from is portion distortion #DiabetesChat
diabetesinfl Good night everyone and thank you for participating #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Apple everything now. Tis the season. Great fiber, crunch, sweetness! Bake away!
cdiabetesinfo Good night everyone and thank you for participating #DiabetesCHAT
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Don’t forget to pumpkin up in Oct. and Nov. Pumpkin puree and filling can be variety of ways. VERY healthy + antioxidants!
maureensrn Have a healthy, and happy week ahead. Stay safe. #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Vitamin-mineral water is good for electrolytes. Has natural flavors and no sugar.
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Make wine sprtizer with vitamin-mineral water or seltzer water. Moderation is key with liquor.
cleverlychangin Let me know about the next #diabeteschat. My daughter is newly diagnosed and I’m trying to help her live normally and make good choices.
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Don’t be afraid of diabetes! It is controllable! So many healthy choices at Costco!
cdiabetesinfo .GloriaRMulloy thank you so much for joining us tonight! #DiabetesChat
clapperla1 Thank you #DiabetesChat
mahodorowicz #DiabetesChat Vitamin-mineral deficiency increases cardio-metabolic risk! Eat lots of fruits and veggies to get those nutrients!
maureensrn The #Twitter chat party is over. Check out the transcript under #DiabetesChat on #Twitter. Then head over to…

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