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Plant-based meal plans can improve the health of obese children

  The number of obese children in the United States is growing every day. Obesity puts children at a high risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that over two-thirds of obese children have at least one risk factor for heart disease, such as [...]

Nutrition Experts Call For Fewer Restrictions On Fat, More On Sugar

  Recently, healthcare providers and health researchers have suggested a few big changes to the eating guidelines they give to Americans. For decades, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans have suggested limiting foods with a lot of cholesterol, including: Egg yolks Red meat Butter, lard, and [...]

Fasting May Lower Inflammation

If you keep up with health news, you may know that inflammation is often at the root of metabolic problems, like high blood pressure, obesity, high triglycerides, high blood glucose, and type 2 diabetes. Inflammation is a process in your body that helps you heal from wounds and other urgent issues, [...]

Moderate exercise can improve women’s heart health

A recent study in the journal Circulation has shown that engaging in moderate exercise like walking, gardening, or cycling two to three times a week can lower heart disease risk in women. Researchers from Oxford University looked at over one million British women around the age of 56 years with [...]

Diet And Exercise Are Not Enough To Reverse Obesity For Most

  People who struggle with obesity (BMI over 30) are often told to eat less and get more physical activity to achieve a healthy weight. But according to researchers at the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center at Columbia University Medical Center, these lifestyle changes do not help 80% [...]

Heart Healthy Updates

  Stress May Make It Harder To Recover From A Heart Attack You may know that eating a balanced meal plan and staying active are important to keeping your heart healthy. But one part of a heart healthy lifestyle that seems to be forgotten is controlling stress. A recent study published in the [...]

Smoking While Pregnant May Raise Infant’s Diabetes Risk

  Smoking during pregnancy can have a severe, negative impact on the health of both the mother and her child. Past research has shown that smoking while pregnant raises the baby’s risk of: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Lung problems Birth defects Premature birth Brain problems [...]

Weight Loss Surgery May Not Help Very Obese People With Diabetes

  If you have a high BMI (Body Mass Index) and other metabolic problems, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or high triglycerides, your healthcare provider may suggest weight loss surgery to you. Though there are not many long-term studies on weight loss (bariatric) surgery yet, [...]

Heart Healthy Updates

Alcohol raises stroke risk When you have stress in your life, you may feel like your blood pressure is rising by the moment. In order to lower stress, you may reach for comfort food, or perhaps a glass of wine. You may think that by drinking alcohol you are working to lower your blood pressure and [...]

Diabetes Updates

Added sugars raise diabetes risk How much added sugar do you take in every year? Keep in mind that sugar is added to sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks, sauces, baked goods, candies, fried foods, and even salad dressings. According to a new study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the average [...]

Diabetes Health Updates

Intensive care for type 1 diabetes may lead to longer life Caring for diabetes can be a daily challenge. No matter what kind of diabetes you have, you have to watch what you eat, get regular exercise, take medicines as prescribed, and get regular checkups with your healthcare providers. Now, a new [...]

Heart Health Updates

It’s best to focus on weight loss before chronic disease A recent report in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism looked at the Endocrine Society’s guidelines for treating obesity with various medicines. Instead of focusing on prescribing medicines for the conditions related to [...]

Heart Healthy Updates

    Sitting Can Cut Years From Your Life Being active most days of the week is key to optimal heart health, and can help you keep your weight within a healthy range. A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that sitting too much can actually raise your risk of heart [...]

Heart Healthy Updates

  New Programs Help Low-Income Communities Get Heart Healthy A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association examines low-cost methods for low-income communities to get heart healthy and prevent chronic disease.  A 40-year study of Franklin County, a low-income area in [...]
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